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Убивая Еву God, I'm Tired (2018– ) HD online

Убивая Еву God, I'm Tired (2018– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: God, Iu0027m Tired
Director: Damon Thomas
Writers: Phoebe Waller-Bridge,Luke Jennings
Released: 2018–
Duration: 43min
Video type: TV Episode
Villanelle's mission is proving anything but straightforward, forcing her to take drastic measures. Meanwhile, Eve makes a shocking discovery, which leads her right to Villanelle and an electrifying confrontation from which neither will emerge unscathed.
Episode complete credited cast:
Jodie Comer Jodie Comer - Villanelle aka Oksana
Yuli Lagodinsky Yuli Lagodinsky - Irina
Sean Delaney Sean Delaney - Kenny Stowton
Sandra Oh Sandra Oh - Eve Polastri
Andrei Zayats Andrei Zayats - Concierge
Kim Bodnia Kim Bodnia - Konstantin Vasiliev
Fiona Shaw Fiona Shaw - Carolyn Martens
Susan Lynch Susan Lynch - Anna
Aaron Vodovoz Aaron Vodovoz - Prison Guard 3
Tatiana Gurin Tatiana Gurin - Woman with Pram
Kirby Howell-Baptiste Kirby Howell-Baptiste - Elena Felton (voice)
Ana Maria Bercu Ana Maria Bercu - Air Hostess
Sonia Elliman Sonia Elliman - Madame Tattevin

Villanelle purchases a bed-cover by Liliana Rizzari after learning the designer's name from her Italian target. There is a scene showing her placing it on the bed. However, the bed-cover has now reverted back to white/ ivory.

This episode introduced us to to Villanelles Paris landlady whom happens to be another operative for the 12.

Reviews: [20]

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    Lost Python

    A totally ridiculous end to an enjoyable series. Very disappointing.
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    At this point Eve has confronted Villanelle 3 or 4 times? What do you want? To kill her? Put her back in jail? Have sex? The obsession is silly without an end game. But I guess we need a reason for season 2
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    After being glued to this season this last episode was unsatisfactory and ridiculous. As others have said: a disappoing end to what had been an enjoyable show.9
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    I am utterly baffled by those that have slated this concluding episode, it was absolutely bonkers, wild, and it defied the rules, which is exactly what the previous episodes did. What's been so refreshing about this series is that it's dared to challenge convention, the usual format for what passes as drama is turned on its head, and Killing Eve concludes with a worthy episode. Plenty of action, lots of intrigue, and a scenario where hunter and hunted meet, but don't quite know what to do I'll admit the final scenes were totally bizarre, I didn't expect that one bit, fortunately a second series is pending.

    It was always going to be a case of expect the unexpected, bravo Phoebe Waller-Bridge. If awards don't follow for Comer and Oh, there simply is not justice. 8/10
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    It's a relief to read other reviews that represent my own feelings about the last episode and the series as a whole. It just went downhill after the second episode, with my incredulity increasingly being strained. Were we meant to take it seriously? In particular, how could any organisation trust such a loose cannon as Oksana?

    I had to make a bit of an effort to stay with the last episode and don't feel too bothered about watching the second.Looking back, the most commendable aspects were the settings, including the prison interiors, and Jodie Comer's performance.

    Nowadays too many films and TV dramas try to be clever - and end up with their audiences becoming disillusioned.
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    While I think that the first episode of Killing Eve was by far the best one, this finale was satisfying, unpredictable up until the last minute, and well executed. Oh and Comer give strong performances, and I really liked the direction, how the script kept us guessing throughout the episode, and the atmosphere created by the music in the background. 7 out of 10.
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    Cherry The Countess

    This episode sucked. I have really been enjoying the series although I've wondered about the casting of Sandra Oh. Jodie Comer is ver good though.

    I sense the writers have borrowed heavily from the Luther formula, which will work for maybe another season, but viewers will lose interest without some sort of closure.
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    This episode had a bit too much silliness. Not as good as the other episodes by far.
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    The worst Episode of Season 1. The writer trashed his series with a very silly and poor finale. Making his heroine "Eve" a complete lunatic and then a criminal killed the series for me. Stabbing Villanelle, not in self defense, is a criminal offense. Eve crossed the line with this act. She is no longer a good citizen fighting for a good cause, she is now a common criminal. I do not think I will watch season 2.
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    I think some people have maybe expected something a bit different from this last episode than was actually likely.

    The show was never meant to be a really serious show - like a lot of other shows around these days.

    To me this show was always a fast-paced, unrealistic, funny, show, with quirky likeable characters and a funny script.

    The plot was pretty cool, allowing for some pretty outlandish writing, but also definitely not the main thing.

    And whenever things are that way around, I generally find that final episodes (or the final section if it's a film) tends to be a bit less fun, as things need to be tied up and things often need to be a bit serious to a bit.

    Also, an important thing to take into account I think, is that a big focus of this show was the relationship between Oksana and Eve.

    This focus was carried to the end, and while some might have wanted more from other things - like more one 'the 12', or what Eve's boss's deal was in the end - I thought it was right that the show just stayed focussed on the two of them - and how that was to come to a head.
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    I am appalled by the last scene of this season finale. I fully understand the creative desire to keep "ramping it up", but the writers (including the utterly amazing Phoebe Waller-Bridge) just flat blew it. I feel I've wasted my time watching several well-crafted episodes that I presumed/hoped were leading to a juicy, satisfying finale. I feel betrayed. I hope the second season/series does well, but I won't be watching.
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    Nothing to add really - enjoyable blackish comedy etc. Descended into nonsense.
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    DIssapointing, this word perfectly sums up this episode. All that hype goes down the drain as the characters degrade to silliness and ultimately we're right there where we started from.
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    They ended it lik this jus because ???? they think surely we would not be approved with this.. Jus playing with us..they could closed it before last 5 mins....

    The writters are such a villanelles
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    There have been a couple of BBC shows recently that got plenty of praise, but generally I find myself watching shows I'm many seasons into, rather than dropping into new ones which are probably one-offs anyway; this is how it was with the much-hyped Bodyguard and Killing Eve. Despite this I started Killing Eve and quickly got taken in by the superficial slickness and sense of violent fun that it had. The brisk pace that is has is consistent across all aspects of the show, from the look, the music, the writing, and the performances - it is very well put together.

    While it doesn't move much below the surface, it fills that level out well with characters and relationships that we engage with - or at least engage with to the extent that we invest in the show, even if we don't so much in the characters. The performances support this, and there are a lot of strong performances in here. Comer has a lot of fun, which is what her character is all about in this season; lots of wardrobe changes and cool sequences. Oh, on the other hand, has a tougher job as she has to balance the drama and the dark comedy - essentially she has to make us believe in her character and the wider world in which she lives. She does this really well in an excellent performance that enables no end of silliness to have that anchor is something stronger; Comer gets all the hype and press coverage but it is Oh that holds it all together. The supporting cast are strong too, which helps - with Bodnia, Boyd, Haig, and others rounding out the cast. Direction and general presentation is slick and very well packaged, which again is all part of the consistent style and approach of all the other parts too. I noted at the end of the season that the showrunner Waller-Bridge won't be leading for season two, which does make me wonder if it can repeat that consistency again, but we'll see.

    It is all fluff to a certain degree, but it is consistently good in what it does, gets it mix of tones just right, and flows well across all of it. Not as important as some would have you believe but certainly very entertaining.
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    First of all I have to say that I did enjoy this episode. although I found it confusing at the end to find that our heroine stabs her evil counterpart while in bed with her. Is that some kind of lesbian metaphor? I don't really know nor do I care to analyze it but it does seem out of place in this cop chases criminal to The bitter end, ala "The French connection". Okay maybe I have my movies mixed up but if you've seen this episode you kind of get my drift. I think Eve should have broke down and cried after stabbing Villanueva, as people often do after the end of very emotional case or chase in this case. There's something wrong about that last part of the episode that does not bode well. Perhaps it was because it was too serious or perhaps it was the dialog sounded a little too confusing for two enemies to say to each other after coming face-to-face with each other. The poor dialogue, I guess it is what it is, reminds me more of a bad comic book then I'm a TV show or a serious movie or reality for that matter. I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that this show does not stay with either serious or comedy but tries to mix it up in a twisted way. I did enjoy the bad character escaping therefore saying "come back and see us next season".
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    Enjoyed the start of this series. As it kept going however I just started to find the characters more annoying. So many chances to end this by eve and none taken. Just annoying.
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    I expect more profound insights.

    it just try to give a comic laugh to people. it is my mistake to think more k
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    So series one comes to an end in its own twisted bizarre fashion.

    Villanelle is on the run but she has taken Konstantin's daughter, Irina has a hostage. Irina is bright but can also be annoying. Villanelle needs to get hold of some money, passport and complete her assignment. That is kill Konstantin.

    Meanwhile Eve keeps upsetting her boss and keeps getting fired.

    The eventual showdown between Eve and Villanelle was never going to go down as expected. It did threaten to go down a sapphic route but Eve pulls off a surprise.

    The obsession between the two characters and the way they treat other still has unanswered questions.

    It has been a darkly humorous whipsmart series. I did think that the final episode ran out of gas. I was certainly impressed with Kim Bodnia's performance the most in the finale. He showed Konstantin as a man of more layers and he never slept with Villanelle.
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    Of course it is fun to watch, but logic is missing too often in this story, it is almost sci-fi.

    Significant part of series is taking place in Russia, but characters that supposed to be native in Russian are so bad in it, it sounds awfully unnatural (and I'm not even Russian myself, not from there, my grandpa was, it is second language for me). At least they could hire Russian-speaking actors to vocalize Russian lines for British actors, it is not so hard to make voices sound similar. Seriously, Susan Lynch playing Russian teacher is SO Irish, I don't know how could it possibly work good. Girl Irina, daughter of Konstantin, is probably an only person whose Russian sound convincing among major characters, probably it's her native or second, or she's really talented in this stuff. Villanelle "don't want" to speak Russian because she sounds like a British girl that trying to speak Russian for the first time after reading scripts (but at least she is convincing as a psychopath). I'm not saying that they should cast Russian actress and that language is worst part in this series, it is not main reason of my rather low rating, but for sure this is something that could be done much better without significant changes.