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Striker's Passing (2000) HD online

Striker's Passing (2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Strikeru0027s Passing
Director: Jeremy Mayhew
Writers: Jeremy Mayhew
Released: 2000
Duration: 50min
Video type: Movie
A poetic and powerful portrait of the New England harpoon swordfisherman and his fate in the modern world. Centering the film around his father, one of the last swordfish strikers on the East Coast, Mayhew presents a personal documentary sharing rare insight into the beauty and frustration of a life dependent on the sea and its resources, facing extinction in the wake of the current fishing industry's industrial-scale harvesting methods.
Credited cast:
Louis Larsen Louis Larsen - Capt. Louis Larsen (as Capt. Louis Larsen)
Benjamin 'Skipper' Mayhew Benjamin 'Skipper' Mayhew - Benjamin "Skipper" Mayhew
Eileen Mayhew Eileen Mayhew - Eileen Mayhew
Gregory Mayhew Gregory Mayhew - Capt. Gregory Mayhew (as Capt. Gregory Mayhew)
Jonathan Mayhew Jonathan Mayhew - Capt. Jonathan Mayhew (as Capt. Jonathan Mayhew)
Todd Mayhew Todd Mayhew - Todd Mayhew
James Morgan James Morgan - Capt. James Morgan (as Capt. James Morgan)
Dominique Penicaud Dominique Penicaud - Dominique Penicaud