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Syndicate (2012) HD online

Syndicate (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Action / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Syndicate
Writers: Alix Lambert,Richard Morgan
Released: 2012
Video type: Video Game
Set in the year 2069, the narrative revolves around Miles Kilo, an agent of EuroCorp, one of the world's largest corporations. As an agent, Miles must help EuroCorp to eliminate important personnel from rival corporations; in the process, he discovers the evil, secret practice used by EuroCorp to recruit agents. The game features a large variety of weapons;


Cast overview, first billed only:
Kath Soucie Kath Soucie - Dart (voice)
Rosario Dawson Rosario Dawson - Lily Drawl (voice)
Brian Cox Brian Cox - Jach Denham (voice)
Michael Wincott Michael Wincott - Jules Merit (voice)
Maria Aceves Maria Aceves - Additional Voices (voice)
David Babich David Babich - Additional Voices (voice)
Sugar Lyn Beard Sugar Lyn Beard - Additional Voices (voice) (as Stephanie Beard)
Tim Beckmann Tim Beckmann - Additional Voices (voice)
Mark Mark Mark Mark - Additional Voices (voice)
Daniel Betances Daniel Betances - Additional Voices (voice)
Steve Blum Steve Blum - Additional Voices (voice)
Artt Butler Artt Butler - Ben Lee / Additional Voices (voice)
Joe Cappelletti Joe Cappelletti - Additional Voices (voice)
Beth Chalmers Beth Chalmers - Additional Voices (voice)
Chris Andrew Ciulla Chris Andrew Ciulla - Commercial Announcer / British Pilot / Additional Voices (voice)

There are several references to cyberpunk movies in the game. Examples of this include a gun manufacturer called 'Kusanagi', who produce two of the weapons in the game, and the Bullram revolver. The 'Kusanagi' weapons manufacturer is a reference to Major Motoko Kusanagi, from the Ghost in the Shell franchise, and the Bullram is modeled after the revolver Harrison Ford uses in Blade Runner (1982)

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    great ant

    This is my very first review btw. So, the game had the potential to be very, very awesome. The gameplay is sick, there are awesome weapons and the bosses, the other syndicates, are so much fun to fight with. The graphics is very good as well. I personally loved the soundtrack. To be fair this is the only reason I got the game. The main soundtrack of the game is by Skrillex, but some songs used are by Nero and Flux Pavilion. I love dubstep and since I heard that the soundtrack of the game is by these producers I knew I had to play it. The very big problem of the game is that it is way too short. To be fair this seems to be the main problem of most games nowadays. If the game was longer, so much more details around the plot could have been covered. That's why I gave it an 8. Pretty fun though.
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    I can't stop being annoyed by Starbreeze for this butchering of one of the best games of all time, the only reason I haven't created a voodoo dolls of the Starbreeze team is because they created the incredible Riddick Games. When I first heard about the remake of Syndicate I couldn't wait and then I put it in and disappointment is an understatement. It's a FPS not a great one but ok , it wants to be Deus Ex minus the great script and superior level design. If you want ok , this game is for you , if you want to play a remake of the incredible Syndicate game from Bullfrog , this is not it. Don't hate the developers two much for showing this lack of respect for Peter Molyneaux classic as they should be forgiven because the did create the Riddick games after all. Now if they do a remake of Dungeon Keeper as a sports game , the voodoo dolls will definitely be out.
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    Okay, I was around 15 or 16 at the time, back in 2012. I have just finished one of my favourite games - The Darkness. I found out that they're making a new game called Syndicate but this time I couldn't get my hands on it no matter what I did. I found it about a few months ago at a used video game store and I seized my opportunity to buy it (because I found it harder to find games on the PS1) and... It is disappointing.

    In the year 2069, corporations are literally at war with each other, having more power then The government. You are one of the assassins who tries to do what your boss (Brian Cox) tells you to do, maybe alongside a fellow Agent (Michael Wincott). However you soon begin to doubt your allegiance with Eurocorp as a scientist tries to show you that you are more then a tool.

    Well the plot works in theory but in order to get to the point of "Wait a minute! What we're doing is... bad!" comes about three or four hours before the end. So what you're left doing over and over is that you go to a place that's important to a rival company, you walk in - shoot everyone and then maybe face a faceless boss, you then go back where Eurocorp congratulates you - then you have to do it again! And on this it's not hard to question your decisions when you are FORCED to watch your in-game FRIEND shoot up a train full of innocent people.

    Oh and the graphics... they usually are pretty good, except in the lighting. This game has by far and away the worst in-game lighting I have ever seen, It's so bad. Usually it's extremely bright, giving the whole game an ugly look. So, naturally you may ask "Why don't you just lower the settings" because unless you are about half-way across in both brightness and blackness level (and believe me when I say you WILL want to turn it down to the lowest it can go) then you will sometimes face areas so dark you'll barely see anything.

    Oh and I have to say something because I hate it every time I see it - silent protagonists. I get the whole "It's meant to be you!" that made Doom popular but this is a story where offering the lead character's insight to what he himself is going through would add a whole lot more in depth.

    So what do I like about this game. Well I do like the plot once it gets going (just be patient) and also despite the silent protagonist. I also think the gun play and the tutorials on the abilities you're given work well too. Basically the whole game-play, while for the most part generic - it does make the game fun when you use your abilities, harming your enemies from 30 feet away.

    So do I recommend this? Well I haven't played the original Syndicate but I know it's not an FPS. I think if what you're looking for is a literal turn off your brain video game then this is perfect. I just thought after playing The Darkness that Starbreeze would make a game probably just as good or even better. I did like it but it was disappointing in comparison with what it could have been.