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Frontline Spying on Saddam (1983– ) HD online

Frontline Spying on Saddam (1983– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary
Original Title: Spying on Saddam
Writers: Darius A. Kamali,Stephen Talbot
Released: 1983–
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
In the wake of the first Gulf War in 1991, United Nations weapons inspectors, backed by the UN Security Council, moved aggressively to uncover and destroy Iraq's hidden arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, and to stop Saddam Hussein's nuclear development program. The film recounts the dramatic confrontations between UN inspectors and the Iraqi regime, and highlights key moments when the Iraqi regime's secrets were exposed. But as time goes on, and the world turns its attention elsewhere, the UNSCOM inspectors find themselves more isolated. The Iraqi regime thwarts ongoing inspections and by the end of 1998 they expel all the inspectors, leaving the world in a quandary about what WMD remnants may remain and whether Saddam might be able to reconstitute a nuclear bomb program.
Episode credited cast:
William Arkin William Arkin - Himself
Richard Butler Richard Butler - Himself
Barton Gellman Barton Gellman - Himself
Khidhir Hamza Khidhir Hamza - Himself
David Kay David Kay - Himself
Will Lyman Will Lyman - Narrator (voice)
Scott Ritter Scott Ritter - Himself