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Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (2011) HD online

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Family
Original Title: Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
Director: John Schultz
Writers: Kathy Waugh,Megan McDonald
Released: 2011
Budget: $20,000,000
Duration: 1h 31min
Video type: Movie
Third grader Judy Moody sets out to have the most thrilling summer of her life.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Jordana Beatty Jordana Beatty - Judy
Parris Mosteller Parris Mosteller - Stink
Janet Varney Janet Varney - Mom
Kristoffer Ryan Winters Kristoffer Ryan Winters - Dad (as Kristoffer Winters)
Garrett Ryan Garrett Ryan - Rocky
Preston Bailey Preston Bailey - Frank
Jaleel White Jaleel White - Mr. Todd
Ashley Boettcher Ashley Boettcher - Jessica Finch
Taylar Hender Taylar Hender - Amy
Cameron Boyce Cameron Boyce - Hunter
Jenica Bergere Jenica Bergere - Rocky's Mom
Heather Graham Heather Graham - Aunt Opal
Jackson Odell Jackson Odell - Zeke
Doug MacMillan Doug MacMillan - Trey-Paul Nevreby
Dean Cameron Dean Cameron - Animated Reporter / Town Hall Official

The animation in Judy's imagination is both claymation and stop-motion.

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    Judy says it also.

    Thus, this movie is just amazing entertainment ! In the soup that's American TV (see « errand of angels » for more details), the advantage is that highly original movies just stand out easily !

    So, when i was zapping channels in my hotel room, I spotted it immediately and my first impression lasted until the final credits. As « Max Keeble's Big Move », the movie is great as it really grasps what's to be a child ! Here, it's about the summer vacation and it's true that for all the kids who stays at home, this time can be dull and that finally school is better ! It's also accurate as it tells that the world seen trough child's' kids is just a endless source of thrills, surprise and fun ! You rejoice absurd club with your friends, everything can happen in your bedroom, your garden turns into a jungle and the city is a faraway country ! The movie also benefits from an amazing young cast, totally into their characters and the story ! I don't know if « Judy Moody » is an adaptation but the movie gives me interest to read her adventures so and i'm waiting for another screen adventure in Paris as they told us !
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    Freaky Hook

    I really enjoyed watching this Fantastic successful family movie,it was great fun and never got bored with it.The acting was brilliant and the kids were so cute and so funny that I wished I had kids like them,this is not exaggeration at all.

    Judy Moody is a cuddly kid in 3rd grade and this exceptional year she plans her extraordinary summer vacation with her best cute friends Rocky and Amy.So Judy packed all her things with her including candy,toys and kids stuff and invited her friends to accompany her in this outstanding Summer Vacation.Unfortunately for Judy Her first friend Rocky is going to circus camp to learn to tame lions,determined Judy didn't despair she talks to Amy who is also busy this summer but in something else traveling to Borneo with her mom to save a lost tribe. Alas for the lovely Judy she could not help but stay home with her troublesome little brother Stink and second best friend Frank Pearl.

    Poor little beautiful girl Judy while she was dreaming of having a whale of time swimming in the sea,having fun ,eating ice cream & playing with her best friends,things turned out quite the opposite for her.

    But this is not the end of the world for the gorgeous Judy,she suddenly hears that her parents will spend the Summer Vacation in California and Judy can go with them & stay with her Aunt Opal, whom she has never even met!

    Nevertheless beautiful, smart,strong and cute Judy went To California but what she doesn't know is that she has to face there one of the most pleasant and unexpected surprises she has never ever seen which will positively change her mood in a funny mysterious way you'll detect its splendor in this masterpiece Guaranteed entertaining family movie.
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    In spite of a mediocre reception, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer is a thoroughly delightful children's movie that brilliantly captures the spirit of the best-selling Judy Moody books. What must be taken into consideration is that this is not a "Mass Audience" movie, but a movie for fans of the book series and for anyone who is tired of seeing the same cookie-cutter family film with the same cookie-cutter jokes as the last twenty summer family films.

    Jordana Beatty shines as the spunky, red-haired Judy who is determined to not have a bummer summer, aided by quirky little brother Stink and eccentric Aunt Opal. It is an admittedly simple plot, but an enjoyable one, complimented by great acting (a breath of fresh air for anyone who is a bit tired of the Disney Channel style of child acting) and wonderfully whimsical visuals.

    In short, Judy Moody is a children's movie, not a surprise when one considers that it is based on a children's book series. In an age when so many "children's" movies contain off-color jokes and inappropriate content that might amuse the adults but mean very little to children, it's nice to find a children's film that can truly be called a children's film. It's a thrilladelic movie for a "non-mass" audience!
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    Nine-year-old, Makai Weber Colvin, a KIDS FIRST youth film critic reviewed the new "Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer" movie and couldn't have been more glowing in her comments: I liked this movie because it has a lot of fun and action in it. The super-silly mix of animation and live action, is the perfect way to tell this story, it makes you feel like you're actually there having fun with the characters. Jordana Beatty plays the part of Judy Moody, a young girl with a really wild imagination. When her summer plans get turned upside down, Judy starts a "Thrill Contest" with her three best friends. Unfortunately, all Judy's thrills get spoiled, until she joins her brother Stink on the hunt for Big Foot, who's been seen around their town. I really liked Aunt Opal, played by Heather Graham, because she's like a kid in a grown-up body. She makes every scene exciting. Judy's teacher, Mr. Todd, (Jaleel White), is every kid's dream – he's charming and makes learning a joyful adventure. If your summer is getting boring, or if you want to make it even more fun, check out "Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer" when it comes to a theater near you. I suggest this movie for kids of all ages and even most parents will like it. I give it five-out-of-five stars. Catch Judy Moody to make your summer a "Not Bummer."
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    The main reason I was interested in this movie is because of Heather Graham; I know this is a children's movie but you know children don't go to the theaters by themselves and don't buy tickets by themselves so I assumed filmmakers would keep in mind that adults are going to be in the theater as well; unless I suppose it's aimed at the DVD market.

    The manic energy that comes from kids is there but really nothing more. The movie centers around Judy Moody who decides to quantify the quality of her summer break with points for doing daring things only to find that her friends are racking up more points by virtue of exotic locales and exotic camps. Aunt Opal (Graham) is there for the summer to look after the kids and she's a guerrilla artist (and let's leave it at that).

    The setup does promise an interesting look at various things like friendship - the cool friends who aren't there against the not so cool friend who is there; the relationship between the free-spirited Aunt Opal and Judy; or Judy's relationship with her brother who she seems to detest or the fact that their parents can't afford to get her to expensive camps and trips. But, unfortunately, it really doesn't do any of that - it just consists of kids of running around clumsily enacting one part after another of the story. This is where the adults would be annoyed - the story, characters going absolutely nowhere for an hour in the middle of the movie.

    If you're going to see this with your kids, there is some redemption at the ending and have to brave through the middle parts. As for Heather Graham, I wish she was more in the movie; she barely even registers among all the chaos.
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    I had a free pass which ONLY could be used for this movie; otherwise, its gag-inducing trailer might have kept me away. (Hollywood's goal for ALL its comedy previews these days seems hell-bent on making viewers barf, perhaps with the hope that they will blame it on a virus or food poisoning, rush home without seeing the movie they paid for--or getting a refund, and then come back and PAY AGAIN for the movie they wanted to see in the first place. Well, if most Americans are THAT stupid, then maybe Owen Wilson SHOULD be president!) Though Jordana Beatty as JUDY MOODY is not really the cutest or most entertaining girl on the block (the Fanning sisters qualify as today's Shirley Temples), BUMMER SUMMER could perhaps pass as DIARY OF A WIMPY KID for the short female set. When all the gross sight gags crammed into the preview are spread out through 91 minutes, its sort of like a farmer fertilizing his field: not so bad (if you don't get caught downwind). And with Heather Graham as Judy's Aunt Opal, this kid pic kind of gets my sympathy vote. Oh, what Roller Girl's stooped down to!
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    Just because a film is made for children does not mean it needs to be childish; just because a film stars Heather Graham does not mean it has to be awful; just because a film attempts to salute the nostalgic summers of our past youth does not mean a person should want to put a gun in their mouth.

    But all of the above-mentioned things crossed my mind many times while viewing "Judy Moody and the Not-Bummer Summer," a picture that by its very title betrays an experience so abysmal, so stupefying, so devoid of any comedic relationship that it makes other movies of this genre, including "Shark Boy and Lava Girl," "Shorts," "Nanny McPhee" or ANYTHING on the current Disney Channel line-up (with the possible exception of "iCarly") seem like "Citizen Kane" by comparison.

    Director John Schultz ("Aliens In the Attic," "The Honeymooners"), should be aware that there are at least a half dozen states for which such an assault on a person's sensibilities commands a capital charge, yet after his big screen retelling of the classic Jackie Gleason/Art Carney sitcom, he is still allowed to walk about on our streets and produce even more noxious waste.

    Now before anyone out there accuses me of beating a dead horse by complaining so much about a kid's picture, bear in mind I am also a parent. Also realize that I take my own children to these kinds of films and "Judy Moody" was no exception. Three of my kids and two of their friends attended a Saturday night showing and only TWO other people were in the theatre - and that was a young couple - with NO moppets.

    The youngsters barely registered a chuckle on the Laugh-O-Meter while I did my best to come up with even the slightest smirk. The reason is painfully obvious - there is not one funny line or situation in the entire effort. Even dropping myself down to the level of what would normally make tykes giggle and trying as hard as I could to find something - ANYTHING - to laugh at was like discovering something politically valuable about Sarah Palin or Barak Obama.

    Here, Jordana Beatty plays Judy Moody (the last name is more than appropriate as her character spends most of the picture in a sullen, sad-sack demeanor) trying to convince her friends, Rocky (Garrett Ryan), Amy (Taylar Hender) and Frank (Preston Bailey) to forgo their own summer plans to compete in a lame series of "thrill point" challenges to determine who will have the "coolest summer ever."

    The first two kids are obviously more intelligent than the hapless, Harry Potter-looking Frank, as they already have plans (although Rocky's attendance at a "circus camp" is as doofy as Judy's nonsensical intentions). Broken-hearted over this development, the red-haired protagonist is hit with equally bad news when it is announced her Aunt Opal (Graham, who lit up the silver screen with her performances in "Bobby" and "Austin Powers, the Spy Who Shagged Me") will babysit while her parents jet off to California (hey, with a kid this depressing, I'd take a flight to the West Coast, too).

    Promising to spend the rest of the summer in her room (where the writers and director should have been sent to, as well), she also has to deal with a creepy little brother, Stink (Paris Mosteller), who dreams of capturing Bigfoot and needs an international translator to be understood.

    And while her two absent buddies are involved in fun activities and collecting "thrill points," Judy and Frank fail at everything in an effort to have fun, including falling off a tightrope, barfing on a roller-coaster, having a bird poop on their picnic lunch and being thrown out of a horror movie. Aunt Opal is little help, either, being the dumbest blonde in existence and sleeping most of the time (just like the audience).

    Picture finally concludes - thankfully - but not without a sequence featuring that one construction worker guy from "City Slickers" chasing Bigfoot through town in an ice cream truck. To further compound the pain, Jaleel "Urkel" White appears as a teacher/ice cream vendor who "entertains" his class by playing the banjo (where's the toothless cretin in "Deliverance" when we need him?).

    Add to this completely unnecessary snippets of badly-drawn and poorly- conceived animation (that make the artwork in "Hoodwinked" look like Pixar effects) and words written across the screen (for SOME reason) at random intervals, and you have one profoundly ridiculous enterprise and one terrible time at the cinemaplex.

    Parents, if you love your children, then, in the name of all that is holy, please do not take them to see this film. I only hope my offspring have the kindness to forgive me - one day
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    Sometimes things like the economy, gas prices, apocalypse theories, and local news reports can get you down. If you need a pick-me-up, sometimes it helps to see a kid's or family movie. The vision of reckless adventures and colorfully spirited humor can give a person a nostalgic view of the past. Yeah, that works with some kid's movies. This one, on the other hand, made the gas prices look like nothing. Not only were there serious problems with the title, poster, character names and personalities, and overall conflicts of the storyline; but the movie itself sucked too. Anyone who says that the audience wasn't massive enough, or that this movie didn't get enough credit, is horribly wrong. I saw this film with my nephew, who is 8, and he gave up and left the theater after about 30 minutes. And kids love going to the movies. He spent the remaining hour of the film walking around the movie theater lobby eating popcorn. Bottom line, This is definitely the worst theatrically released film of the summer. No questions asked. The writers of this film deserve every poor review and every lost cent. I don't personally believe in 2012, but after seeing this movie, I'm starting to seriously reconsider.
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    I used to LOVE these books as a child. When i say i read Judy Moody i mean several times to the point i could maybe recite the lines by heart. Obviously now im older but I always had this view of how judy moody would be if they did make a movie (which i never needed bcs the books were more than enough). I say this to say i really know this character and therefore what im going to say.

    I haven't seen this movie but the trailer tells me enough. The actress is definitely not one to play Judy's character. I find to have cast her well you would need a girl who really looks and acts tomboyish because her character was always like that in the books. This kid they got to play her didn't suit it one bit. Come on when you cast a main character of a series of books get it right!

    The plot and storyline of this doesnt seem like a Judy Moody book where there is adventure in the slightest things. It seemed like any old stupid movie. The ratings say it all to me.
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    Early Waffle

    One of my favorite quotes of all time was one that not only bashed this "movie", but also adequately summed it up.

    "Though it may entertain some very young viewers, Judy Moody is likely to be a garish sensory onslaught for anyone with a normal attention span." -Rotten Tomatoes, June 2011

    Quite honestly, this one is the most accurate (and witty) yet. I was forced to go with my little cousins to see this, and I'm not surprised at all that they didn't enjoy it either. Probably even for them, constant puking, drooling, cotton candy spewing, hands glued to strange places, and "poop picnics" were disturbing and not really clever enough to stand out. This is the first movie that I have cared so little that I sat in the very back row, by myself, and texted people. Go ahead, call me names, but quite honestly I don't think anyone else in the near empty theater noticed or cared. Anyway, from what I heard and saw between texts, its nothing more than an overly garish overload of just about everything except anything worth mentioning. I may be a teen, but I can tell when a film needs a deeper storyline and maybe a little something to thrill EVERYONE, not just 5 year old kids. Sorry.
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    This is just a cute family movie that me and my family just love watching together it's filled with adventure lots of laughter and fun.
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    As the title concludes, this is a film supposedly meant for summer fun, but I can say it is a pretty bad one at that. I had strong reasons not to watch this in cinema, two of which being the majority of negative reviews and unpleasant comments from people I know. Now that I have finally got my copy and seen it, I am so glad that I decided not to get dragged to watch this.

    The story is about how a preteen girl spends a summer with a plan to score "thrill points" and how it goes all wrong. Well, the idea is not that bad, not at all.

    But the movie just fails to deliver anything as a whole. I personally find Judy Moody a bit creepy, and the way she acts and looks simply does not "fit in" to the group compared to other kids. A younger actress would be a lot better. Well, maybe it's just me.

    A nice story with some fun moments would have made up for that creepiness anyway. Sadly that is not the case. I cannot really say the plot has anything unfitting and fatally incorrect in it. It is just nothing special and nothing fun. This summer is really a bummer for the kids.

    There are loads of kids movies out there to learn from, to borrow ideas from. The story can be simple and fun, in the typical style of kids movies, and adults can be happy to see that their kids have fun while having something to learn from in the end. But no. There is absolutely nothing in this for kids to learn from, let alone have fun.

    It's probably not the worst kids movie I've seen, but it's truly close. For me, I don't think it is worth one and a half hour of your time on this.
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    Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Just the name will make you cringe. From two words that rhyme in the title, spelling out a phrase so childish it begs an explanation. Alas, this is not the movie for me. It wasn't made with me in mind. Yet, I fell obligated to give my two cents about it. Because there's nothing that says I can't see it. But after reading the title a person should know if they want to see this.

    It's a kids movie. That doesn't mean it has to stoop to the level of utter immaturity. It basks in the same light Nickelodeon's dreadful Television series iCarly does. It relies on repetitive, goofy phrases and dopey antics to keep the plot moving. My question is very simple and bloomed from around the hour mark; why is this summer so film worthy? Why couldn't this summer be contained to a Disney Channel project. It would've saved a lot of innocent parents a wretched trip to the theater.

    To revisit my point, kid films don't have to be so immature. They choose to be since we all know it's easier to be immature than be clever. Rather than telling a sweet parable, Judy Moody relies on unfunny antics and a sickening, rambunctious color scheme to carry itself past the eighty minute mark. By thirty minutes we've had enough. At least when this airs on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel in a year or so parents will be blessed with commercial breaks to give them a break from the absolute chaotic camaraderie that just unfolded on screen.

    Judy Moody is portrayed by Jordana Beatty. She is not the kind of actress one views as the cute movie girl that makes people go "aww" when something adorable happens. She's more the kind where one small facial expression on her face could bring an unpleasant one on yours. Judy is determined to have a "not bummer summer" and concocts a "Thrill Point" chart where her and her friends will earn useless "Thrill Points" if they complete some sort of cockamamie activity like riding on a roller-coaster or walking a tightrope.

    With the help of her annoying brother Stink (Mosteller) and her Aunt Opal (Graham) Judy sets out to have a great summer. One problem, many of her close friends will spend the summer doing strange things no kid does. One is going to Borneo. I couldn't help but think of Survivor when I heard that, and then realized I should be watching that instead.

    The biggest problem is the excessive use of mind-numbing slang words. Judy continues to drop slang words in an incoherent and maddening fashion. She says words and phrases like "mega-totally," "rare," "thrill," "thrill-a-rama," "intergalactic booger," "poop picnic," etc. All of which are harmless, but woefully unnecessary. Why does the film need so many bizarre catchphrases. Going back to iCarly, the two words that show has a love affair with are "hobo" and "nub." Why? Not sure, but all I know is neither of those words are funny. Even in the context they use them in.

    The setting look to be colored in with a crayon. It reminds me of when Technicolor first came out in 1922 and companies were forcing their films into it. One of the first huge Technicolor films was in 1939 with the beloved classic The Wizard of Oz. The colors are so vibrant and bright they almost make your eyes hurt. Judy Moody uses them a lot. The bright atmosphere is another harmless add, so that will definitely keep little kids intrigued.

    When recommending this film I have to say kids under six will appreciate it. Boys are girls I'm not sure. Probably more girls than boys. Despite its jolly disposition, Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer is for the most part dreadful and gives kids no knowledge or moral in return. Instead of taking a child to see something that will not further their decision making or behavior, I'd recommend renting something like Secondhand Lions or Shiloh. They'll learn a lot more, and parents will feel they've spent their money on something worthwhile. Not something tacky and void of any morals or amusement.

    Starring: Jordana Beatty, Parris Mosteller, and Heather Graham. Directed by: John Schultz.
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    As you probably know, this film isn't very good. There are stereotypes, the plot and dialogue are basic at best, but worst of all it is almost interminably boring. The characters are vacuums for charisma and personality, with the exception of perhaps the little brother who plays the hyperactive annoying little boy role with alarming credibility. The whole 'thrill points' storyline wasn't fun or interesting.

    The production department is the only one that comes out with any credit here: the bright, bold and colorful art direction injects the film with an energy and immediacy it hitherto would have lacked. The whole movie maintains this look, including the costumes and even the ice lollies - it is easily the most identifiable thing here.

    Otherwise, there simply isn't enough in Judy Moody to keep a viewer of any age engrossed; if a film can't hold your attention it really has nothing. Aside from the promising first ten minutes this was a letdown.
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    So I watched the film and thought that this is just garbage, I was hoping that there would be some enticing and extravagant middle or ending but there wasn't. The acting was dreadful, I thought to myself that there could have been a change but there wasn't how do kids get these jobs, they need to mature and get some acting skill. Now I will talk about Heather Graham she is unbelievably hot like Holy Crap she is beautiful in every way even her movies are good to watch but how on earth did she decide to choose this. I watched an interview on how she thought on the movie, she said it was fun to make which it probably would because it would have only took a few weeks due to the fact it looked like there was no effort put into it, any how I could see that she was thinking that she had made a large mistake. The actors were not chosen well and the storyline was terrible so I am begging to you DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE it is garbage.

    from your Down Under friend, ishotacop
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    I was going to see the new Tom Hanks film today but went and saw this one instead. I don't know, I guess sometimes its good for a middle-aged person like me to do something that brings out the inner child in him. I'm glad I did because this movie is a lot of fun. I saw a heartwarming sight in the theatre, there was a grandmother and her two grandkids watching it. Its nice that there are films you can take your children to and not have to cover their ears or their eyes at certain points. It was good to forget for a while about the problems in the world like the war on terror, my upcoming retirement from the military and the Casey Anthony verdict and just have a few good laughs at a wonderful, simple story about a cute, spunky little girl who just wants to have a "cool" summer (I had a hard time decoding some of the "kid" lingo in the film, they should have subtitles for old fogies like me). I remember the last summer I felt nostalgic about was the summer of 1980 when I was 12. As with all kid movies, they have to throw in a little gross humor like the vomiting on the roller coaster or that disgusting ingredient that gets mixed in with their lunch. A little charmer named Jordana Beatty really shines as Judy and Heather Graham also does a great job as her lovable slightly daft Aunt Opal. The most positive thing about this film SPOILER is how Judy dreaded her Aunt coming to stay at the beginning but they bonded so well and in the end she realized that meeting her and coming to love her aunt was the "coolest" thing of all. Thats a message parents who take their kids to see the film should discuss with them afterwards. The only negative thing I wanted to mention is the fact that Jaleel White is in the film. He was Steve Urkel on Family Matters as a kid. He was televisions first African American nerd! I found him utterly repulsive and annoying As a kid and feel the same way about him as an adult!
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    Don't waste your time or money! This has to be the worst movie ever produced. It was certainly the worst movie I ever watched. I almost shut it off after the first 20 minutes, but I felt it had to improve. I can't imagine any child or adult would find this movie funny or entertaining. I don't think my son or I laughed one time. We tortured ourselves by watching the entire movie thinking it had to improve. It didn't improve, it just got worse! The acting was terrible too. However, even if the movie had good actors it wouldn't have helped. The writer, producers and actors have to be embarrassed! Don't waste your time or money watching this terrible movie.
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    I should not be giving this movie a review but since I have seen it I might as well because you guys just want to torture me don't you? Well lets get started.

    The film is about Judy Moody played by a very annoying Jordana Beatty who is just so worried about not having a bummer summer by inventing a system called thrill points and whoever gets the most amount wins. She is also visited by her eccentric Aunt Opal played by the wonderful Heather Graham.

    The film is just a big fat mess. To be honest I was pretty shocked to see some people like this movie. In fact if you look at it this movie her whole summer she is so depressed until the last 5 minutes. Please do not see this movie.

    Rated PG For Some Mild Rude Humor And Language.

    1hr 31min/91min.

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    When I was younger I really liked the books and for some reason thought that this movie was good. This movie is actually creative with a somewhat interesting story. The problem falls with the execution. This movie is really cheap with bad acting and a poor script. The final product is just cringy and bad. The main problems are that the acting is terrible and the comedy falls flat for the most part. With a higher budget and a better director, this movie really could've worked.
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    I was a somewhat fan of the Judy Moody books, and the spin-off series of books about her brother. So when I heard about this movie, I was happy to see someone adapt the words in the books to a visual medium. I didn't see it in theaters but I saw it on Disney Channel with my little sister and my reaction was along the lines of "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" and "Well it could've been worse." The story is somewhat original: a girl takes up a challenge in which she must do as many strange, creative, and fun activities to score points. But meanwhile, she must handle the quirks that come from her little brother and her Aunt, who helps her in her challenge. Hijinx ensue. That is a good story for kids. The editing is all over the place. A lot of the shots are quickly done, that whenever a slower scene comes on, I feel like I'm watching another film! The acting is OK for a film like this, but they should have given the actress who plays Judy more direction. So, when all is said and done, the film is just… OK. The acting: it's OK! The editing and directing: it's OK. The story: once again, it's OK. Unless you want to watch a film for you and your kids to watch and get sucked into, I say watch it. Especially when your summer is NOT a bummer!
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    Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer (2011): Dir: John Schultz / Cast: Jordana Beatty, Heather Graham, Parris Mosteller, Jaleel White, Janet Varney: About as amateur as a family kiddie film can get. It regards appreciating the little things in life, that hopefully doesn't involve attending this film. Jordana Beatty plays Judy Moody whose summer was scheduled to be full of dares until her friends all travel elsewhere for the summer leaving her with her Bigfoot obsessed younger brother, Stink. Once her parents answer a call to go aid another family member, the kids are left with their Aunt Opal. Directed by John Schultz whose films seem to be made out of a weekly allowance. He previously made such junk as Drive Me Crazy and the idiotic Aliens in the Attic. Schultz may have the best intentions but the special effects here are about third grade level. Beatty holds her own as Moody whose enthusiasm for adventure is only temporarily sidetracked by disappointments. She upholds the theme of the film. Heather Graham as Aunt Opal is fetching and sunny but her dealings with the children are questionable especially when one handles what is claimed to be sh*t (and apparently was) at the table. Parris Mosteller plays Stink who is involved with a lot of morons out seeking Bigfoot. And who names their kid Stink anyway? Janet Varney plays his mother, so perhaps some of the blame can be direct towards her. Jaleel White plays teacher Mr. Todd whom the kids hunt for all summer. Had he been smart he would have skipped the film set and avoided another bummer film choice. Score: 3 ½ / 10
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    This is probably up there with The Garbage Pail Kids Movie or the Animated Titanics as being some of the worst family entertainment I have ever seen. To be clear, the only reason why I watched this is because I got this on a five pack DVD of movies and I wanted to see all of the movies on there.

    Okay so the story, Judy Moody is an annoying third grader who wants her friends to have the best summer of their lives by doing these "dares" and adding up points. When it's revealed that the friends are going to places like Borneo and Circus Camp Judy decides to compete for "best summer ever". Meanwhile her parents are helping her grandparents move house in California instead of, I don't know - taking your kids along too they instead leave them there and have them being taken care of by her Aunt (Heather Graham) who I swear is whatever the hell Tom Hanks was in Big.

    So this movie in short is a bunch of eight year olds running around doing whatever they want while "oh so hilarious hijinx" ensues and having no responsible adult figure whatsoever. I'm not kidding Heather Graham's character is the kind who would accidentally feed them animal feces... That's not a bad joke by the way - That happens in this movie.

    There's this subplot in the movie about the kids finding their teacher in their summer break... Um it's been a long time since I was their age but wouldn't they be trying to get away from the teacher and just have a summer break than trying to find him? I mean it would make more sense.

    Then there are these CGI animated segments which is probably some of the cheapest CG animation you will ever see in a movie, These people are this generation's Hanna Barberra. They also serve no purpose aside from just showing what Judy is thinking, it still would be pointless because it pretty much tells us a few seconds after these sequences are over.

    The sound mixing is probably some of the most obnoxious I have ever heard. There are constant points in the movie where they just have unneeded sound effects. They add nothing and just annoy more than anything else. The camera work is almost insistent on close-ups. I mean there are a lot of them in this movie.

    And there's the character of Judy herself, funny how I only remember to write this now. She is so obsessed with "Thrill Points" that it takes up half of her dialogue. This leads her and the only friend that didn't go anywhere to argue then mope and... Do we really need this? A couple of scenes later you'll know they thought they were idiots for screwing up and then they become friends again and... It's as predictable as "Will the moon spin around the Earth?".

    You know what would have made this movie a lot better? If they changed the game to some kind of Bucket List and through that they find out that the perfect summer was already there. I know it's clichéd but it's better than what we got. The moral of this movie is "A gaming system to have a thrilling summer will never backfire, it just might change a little bit". That's all I can say on this movie, my advice is if you want your kids to stay quiet for 80 minutes... Put on something else that takes 80 minutes.
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    just one girl

    Spoiler alert just for the sake of this review

    I normally don't hate or dislike a kid's movie, because, honestly, some kids' movies are incredible to watch, like, Road to El Dorado, or, Aladdin, or, some other awesome kids' movies, but this one I on't have anything except two good things to say.

    Pros: Jaleel White, incredibly talented in anything he is in, and Heather Graham, also talented. Two of my favorite actors.

    Cons: Everything else.

    The thrill point system was an interesting concept, but all in all, it just didn't play out in the end. I can make my own thrill points without even having to do a chart.

    Now, I normally don't get a headache from bright and vibrant colors, but I got a hue @$$ one when I saw how the colors were arrange in the movie. Oh my GOSH!

    One thing I thing I didn't get was how the Bigfoot storyline came into play! That is just the weirdest thing in the movie!

    I actually wanted to see this movie because of the trailers I saw and how cool it looked to see Judy Moody, a famous kid book series character, come to life on the big screen, and I had hi hopes for this, that I look back after reading other reviews, those hopes went right down the drain.

    See this movie, just because of Jaleel White or Heather Graham. They make this movie somewhat bearable!