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Where might the wind rest (2013) HD online

Where might the wind rest (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Biography / Drama
Original Title: Where might the wind rest
Director: Mohammad Ali Shirzadi
Writers: Mohammad Ali Shirzadi
Released: 2013
Duration: 1h 16min
Video type: Movie
This film is about life of Iranian refugee who has sscaped to Turkey. Story about a journalist, a fired university student, an actress, a political activist, a young man was born in the jail, a musician, and a ethnic identity seeker in Iran an actress who is a refugee follow all of them as a narrator, she go and talk to all of them about their reasons and situation in Iran that they chose a what to be a refugee and their problem in out of their country as refugee, all of them have a bitter story and at the end of film actress sit in front of the camera and describe her story.