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Por si no te vuelvo a ver (1997) HD online

Por si no te vuelvo a ver (1997) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Por si no te vuelvo a ver
Director: Juan Pablo Villaseñor
Writers: Juan Pablo Villaseñor
Released: 1997
Duration: 1h 37min
Video type: Movie
Five elderly men in a retirement home form a music group, and when a friend of theirs die, they decide to take the ashes to Tijuana, but the nursing home staff and the police pursue them, the band only have one more dream to fulfill, perform a concert on a stage.
Credited cast:
Alfredo Alfonso Alfredo Alfonso - Vinicio
Óscar Castañeda Óscar Castañeda - Miranda
Aurora Cortés Aurora Cortés - Ofelia
José Diaz Estévez José Diaz Estévez - Pollo
Ana Bertha Espín Ana Bertha Espín - Directora del asilo
Jorge Galván Jorge Galván - Bruno
Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez - Silvia
Leticia Huijara Leticia Huijara - Margarita
Max Kerlow Max Kerlow - Gonzalo
Miguel Lavandeira Miguel Lavandeira - Federico
Justo Martínez Justo Martínez - Oscar
Angelina Peláez Angelina Peláez - Diana
Ignacio Retes Ignacio Retes - Poncho
José Carlos Rodríguez José Carlos Rodríguez - Eduardo
Melquiades Sánchez Orozco Melquiades Sánchez Orozco - Locutor

Reviews: [3]

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    If I Never See You Again is a true GEM, for anyone who likes movies foreign films, unusual characters, and humor. All of the actors give a first class performance, the directing is first class, and the music is first rate.

    You can't help but root for all the old guys who want to get away from the retirement home and play music in public. In between the humor, and the zany situations, is the inevitable truth we all must face one day.

    If you enjoyed "Central Station", "The King of Masks", "Children of Heaven", or "Chocolat", you will certainly also enjoy this movie.

    Highly recommended -a real GEM.
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    The plot is fun with a loving view on life, true Mexican with light yet fine sensibility. Natural acting, fun and with feeling, never overdone. It is delicious to watch the mixture. Something true comes across through the music, Mexican boleros (and places such as Los Infiernos) deliciously interpreted.
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    This film proved to be a real surprise. Director Juan Jose Villasenor, who also wrote it, did a wonderful job with the resources he had. The movie shows how hard it is to break down the human spirit, even at the end of one's life.

    We are invited for a trip to a seniors' residence in Mexico. Bruno, the leader of a small band that plays for the folks at the place, is shaken by the death of Rosita, a woman who was a celebrity in her youth. All she wanted from Bruno is for him to give Margarita, a niece, her ashes, so she can take them to Tijuana. When he meets the young woman, she doesn't want to be involved, she'd rather give him money so he can take them himself.

    Bruno, who had problems with the director of the residence, decides to stay with Margarita, a woman of easy virtue that works in a seedy night club. The others in the band decide to come looking for Bruno, and when they find him, they don't want to go back. Bruno and the guys decide to try to get themselves hired for Margarita's place. The owner of the club has his own ideas in mind. Without knowing, they have been tapped for taking drugs in their instrument cases, something that Margarita discovers and she is able to fool the traffickers.

    "If I Never See You Again" is an enjoyable film because it doesn't pretend to be otherwise. The older men suddenly discover the joys of being on their own. The seniors' center robbed them of their will to live as they discover how much they love their freedom and each other. The ensemble cast do a wonderful job, especially Jorge Galvan, who brings Bruno to life. Leticia Huijara is perfect as Margarita. Angelica Pelaez surprises as Diana, the lonely woman that discovers love at last.