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Here, I Grew Up (1968) HD online

Here, I Grew Up (1968) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: Here, I Grew Up
Director: Clark Prangle
Writers: Osmond Molarsky
Released: 1968
Video type: Movie
A look at President Abraham Lincoln's years in Indiana, his home from the ages of 7 to 21.
Credited cast:
Everett Dirksen Everett Dirksen - Himself - Narrator

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    I love the website and many of their public domain films are linked to the films' pages on IMDb. There isn't a link to this one...but it's just as well, as "Here, I Grew Up" is incredibly dry and uninteresting. I have no idea where this half hour films was shown--perhaps on television, perhaps at a Lincoln museum or perhaps just distributed to schools. I just know it's one of the few films from I just didn't enjoy.

    This film is about the early life of Abraham Lincoln and is narrated by Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen...shortly before his death. The reason it's so dull is that most of the time you just hear Dirksen narrating and the camera focuses on objects or places instead of people. And, when you do see characters, they don't talk to the camera--someone talks for them and you never see the characters actually speaking. This is an incredibly dull way to do this and a traditional dramatization would have been MUCH more interesting. Overall, I honestly can't see much reason to see this unless you are in love with Lincoln or Dirksen and just cannot get enough of them.