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The Latin Legends of Comedy (2006) HD online

The Latin Legends of Comedy (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Comedy
Original Title: The Latin Legends of Comedy
Director: Ray Ellin
Released: 2006
Duration: 1h 32min
Video type: Movie
THE LATIN LEGENDS OF COMEDY is a concert/documentary filmed at the club the three comedians started their careers in New York City. Filmmaker Ray Ellin captures stellar performances and commentary from the country's top Latin comics.
Credited cast:
J.J. Ramirez J.J. Ramirez
Ángel Salazar Ángel Salazar
Joe Vega Joe Vega

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    These guys should be called The Latin Princes of Comedy. That's how good these guys are. First of all I have much respect for these talented comedians. they all had lost a loved one yet they were still able to film or allow to be filmed doing their funny sketches. Unbelievable and very inspiring that they can produce so much laughter but they carry so much pain and sadness in their hearts because of their losses. Admirable.

    All three dedicate this film to their loved ones: JJ Ramirez to his mother, Maria Rosa Ramirez. Angel Salazar to his loved one Francisco Salazar. Joe Vega to his mother Adelina Gutierrez De Vega.

    A must see film. Highly recommended.
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    Just rented this and thought it was great. It was unexpectedly hilarious and I was surprised at how good it was. Hopefully it gets watched and accepted by many people. The actor's backgrounds make for interesting theater , and the director's storyline and sense of timing make for good production value. The world of stand-up comedy is harder than most of us think , and to see the day to day toil and vigor of these people is inspiring and captivating . I would like to see more movies such as this - - - -

    • - - it is an eye opener , very entertaining and extremely funny

    Bravo !!!

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    I saw this movie over the weekend. Absolutely incredible. So funny, and also touching at times. Almost didn't go to this film (someone else wanted to check out something else) but we were all so glad we did. The difference between this and, say, The Kings Of Comedy (Spike Lee) is that 1) the comedians in this movie are Latino (they all speak English) 2) it takes place in a much more intimate setting, which I liked - felt like you were right there in the room with them 3) you learn more about the personal lives of the comedians than in Spike's film. It's UNREAL that these Latin comedians are not more famous than some other Latin comedians. They are so much funnier, and each one of them was unique. Everyone can relate to the jokes. A must-see.