» » Neighbours Episode #1.6947 (1985– )

Neighbours Episode #1.6947 (1985– ) HD online

Neighbours Episode #1.6947 (1985– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.6947
Director: Scott Major
Writers: Margaret Wilson,Reg Watson
Released: 1985–
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Josh's mood swings from elated after his elevator sex with Naomi to bitterness after hearing it has no future. After Mark's pep-talk, Paige faces her new family, where doubts abound, and especially Kathy, who decides to give her a chance.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Jackie Woodburne Jackie Woodburne - Susan Kennedy (credit only)
Alan Fletcher Alan Fletcher - Dr. Karl Kennedy (credit only)
Tom Oliver Tom Oliver - Lou Carpenter (credit only)
Stefan Dennis Stefan Dennis - Paul Robinson (credit only)
Tim Phillipps Tim Phillipps - Daniel Robinson (credit only)
Chris Milligan Chris Milligan - Kyle Canning (credit only)
James Mason James Mason - Chris Pappas (credit only)
Scott McGregor Scott McGregor - Mark Brennan
Colette Mann Colette Mann - Sheila Canning
Morgana O'Reilly Morgana O'Reilly - Naomi Canning
Josef Brown Josef Brown - Matt Turner
Kate Kendall Kate Kendall - Lauren Turner
Calen MacKenzie Calen MacKenzie - Bailey Turner (credit only)
Kip Gamblin Kip Gamblin - Brad Willis
Rebekah Elmaloglou Rebekah Elmaloglou - Terese Willis

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    No-one really comes out of Paige's storyline looking particularly good. You've got Terese trying to get rid of her stepdaughter by any means necessary, with Matt reluctantly going along with her.You've got Lauren doing crazy things like giving Paige a bunch of lilies because that's her name, really.You've got Paige and Kathy in what's less of a family bonding moment and more a mutual cover-up of each other's wrongdoings. And you've got Brad and Mark in the middle of scenes where they've really got no right being.Paige being accused of the vandalism is long overdue but it's hard not to get the feeling it's going to be an anti-climax.

    So it's a good thing we've got Josh and Naomi's shenanigans to keep us entertained.Pitched on the level of a French farce it kind of works but then Terese gets involved with an incredible speech about Josh being a vulnerable little lamb and gets Naomi to back off like a scalded cat. Still, it looks like Josh might not leave it at that...