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The Early Worm Gets the Bird (1940) HD online

The Early Worm Gets the Bird (1940) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Family / Animation / Short / Comedy
Original Title: The Early Worm Gets the Bird
Director: Tex Avery
Writers: Jack Miller
Released: 1940
Duration: 8min
Video type: Movie
Mammy blackbird puts her three little ones to bed, but one of them stays up reading "The Early Bird Catches the Worm." Mammy throws the book out the window and warns the little ones about the fox, which will surely get them if they try to be an early bird. The reader pays no heed, and gets up at 5 AM. Alas, the worm has seen the book, so is alerted and evades the bird. And sure enough, before long, the fox shows up and soon has the bird in his grasp. The worm takes pity, though, and lures a bee into stinging the fox so he'll release the bird. The bird heads home to safety, but unlike his brothers, he's not interested when mammy asks if he wants worms for breakfast (and the worm pops up to say, "neither does I, mammy.")
Credited cast:
Margaret Hill-Talbot Margaret Hill-Talbot - Bird in Bed

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    Mustard Forgotten

    Just watched this Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon on YouTube. In this one, one of three kid blackbirds is trying to wake up early to catch a worm despite his mammy (yes, they're caricatured African-American stereotypes though it's not too obvious here) warning him of foxes. Anyway, the book gets thrown out the window and the worm gets a heads up...This was one of Tex Avery's cartoons for Termite Terrace before his more productive output at M-G-M. As such there isn't too much of his trademark wackiness. Still, there are still touches that seem unique to him at the time such as the fox's reaction when he thinks he sees blood. So on that note, I highly recommend The Early Worm Gets the Bird.
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    Yes, "The Early Worm Gets the Bird" is one of the many creative cartoons that unfortunately is now hard to laugh at due to racial stereotypes. In this case, the blackbirds are caricatures of African-Americans. But as long as we understand that, it's not a bad cartoon, as a baby bird wakes up early to catch a worm, but the worm is ahead of him (and there are warnings about the hungry fox). The truth is, although Tex Avery directed this, it comes out a little bit flatter than most of his cartoons. But make no mistake, it does elicit a few laughs, especially with the surprise ending. I guess that it's worth seeing maybe once. Available on YouTube.
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    "The Early Worm Gets the Bird " is short animated movie from the "Merry Melodies" series. It is a story about one small blackbird inspired by the proverb in the title. One morning he wakes up early and he starts the "worm-chase". But there's another early creature - a weasel who wants to eat the blackbird. This classic is full of funny raids and scrambles where the worm appears more clever than little bird. Blackbirds are stylized as colored men, their faces have Negroid features and their cloth is similar to the mode of blacks in the South. There are many witty moments in this film like in the others from this famous series. But it lacks playful atmosphere which is characteristic for them.
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    . . . for contemporary tykes when it was released in the 1940s. However, entertaining these Depression-Era toddlers was NOT Warner Bros. primary objective with an offering such as THE EARLY WORM GETS THE BIRD. Rather, the final scene in which the protagonist blackbird youth and his green worm nemesis-turned-ally wind up sleeping side-by-side is intended to show Today's Americans of (The Then) Far Future that successfully fighting "The Villain" of this piece--drawn as a RED fox--will make strange bedfellows among We True Blue Loyal Normal Patriotic Average 99 Per Center Silent Majority Progressive Union Label Citizens. Warner Bros.' always prophetic Animated Shorts Seers division (aka, The Looney Tuners) clearly mean this nefarious fox to stand in for current U.S. strongman Red Commie KGB Chief Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin. Now that the Rump/Kushner Crime Syndicate has let this Deplorable Putin Fox into America's hen-house, it will take every ounce of strength and gram of ingenuity to expel him and his 62 million treasonous enabling traitors from our shores forever, Warner is warning us here.