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CHIKARA: Hour of Power #2 (2016) HD online

CHIKARA: Hour of Power #2 (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Action / Sport
Original Title: CHIKARA: Hour of Power #2
Director: Mike Spillane
Writers: Mike Spillane
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h
Video type: Creative Work
Ophidian faces his student Hermit Crab, Princess Kimberlee looks for her second point toward contention for the CHIKARA Grand Championship, the Colony face the young upstart team of Cornelius Crummels and Sonny DeFarge, and more.
Credited cast:
Argus Argus - Himself
Warren Barksdale Warren Barksdale - Officer Warren Barksdale
Sean Burke Sean Burke - Flex Rumblecrunch- The Devastation Corporation
Cornelius Crummels Cornelius Crummels - Himself
Sonny DeFarge Sonny DeFarge - Himself
Joey Eastman Joey Eastman - Sidney Bakabella
Kimberly Frankele Kimberly Frankele - Princess Kimberlee
Ronald Grams Ronald Grams - Icarus- The heXed Men
Green Ant Green Ant - Silver Ant- The Colony
Hermit Crab Hermit Crab - Himself
Scott Holladay Scott Holladay - Himself - interviewer
Travis Huckabee Travis Huckabee - Travis- Referee
Kobald Kobald - Himself - The heXed Men
Ophidian Ophidian - Himself
Nelson Ortiz Nelson Ortiz - Worker Ant- The Colony

Princess Kimberlee's opponent was "Suplex Steven," a trainee being used as a jobber to help him gain experience. The name ended up being very accurate, as the majority of the very short match was in fact Kimberlee German Suplexing him all over the ring.

Sidney Bakabella mentions having "a fat wife and 8 kids to feed," which is taken from an old Stan Hansen promo from his time in the American Wrestling Association.