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In Life I Was a Liar (2014) HD online

In Life I Was a Liar (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: In Life I Was a Liar
Director: Kristofer Walker
Writers: Jonny Blackburn,Zane Jungman
Released: 2014
Budget: $2,200
Duration: 6min
Video type: Movie
Tristan Clark, a young millionaire and world traveler, passes away during his 25th birthday party. As three of his closest friends deal with the untimely tragedy, he makes posthumous remarks to the audience. His brother, Kevin, finds him overdosed on heroine in a bathtub. As Kevin gets a grip, he cleans Tristan up and flushes the drugs; he doesn't want Tristan to be remembered this way. He carries Tristan to the bedroom, where Tristan's best friend cleans up Tristan's room and rifles through his mail. She discovers that Tristan had outstanding debts. Finally, Tristan's girlfriend comes in to give her final goodbye. She clips Tristan's fingernails, combs his hair, and gives him one last kiss. She finds an engagement ring in Tristan's top drawer. Tristan reflects on the words he wished he would have said to each of them. His final words, "I love you too", ring out hollowly and silently to his friends who will never hear them.
Cast overview:
Jon Michael Simpson Jon Michael Simpson - Tristan Clark
Chad Werner Chad Werner - Kevin Clark
Allison Huston Allison Huston - Karen Hussman
Zeena Querbach Zeena Querbach - Danielle Beaulieu (as Zeena Osmany)