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Hearts United (1915) HD online

Hearts United (1915) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Hearts United
Released: 1915
Video type: Movie
Mrs. Windom gives a farewell party before leaving to visit her mother. Her husband is very much devoted to their child. He is informed by Mrs. Hearns that Howard Jameson, a young clubman, is in love with his wife. Mr. Windom discovers the truth of what Mrs. Hearns has told him as he enters the conservatory. They quarrel. The next day she and Howard Jameson leave on the same train and Mrs. Hearns notifies Mr. Windom of this, although Mrs. Windom doesn't know that Jameson is on the same train. Later, Jameson presents himself, and Mrs. Windom becomes very angry at him for following her. She gets off at the next station and decides to wait for the next train. While going through the tunnel the train Jameson is on meets with an accident and there is an explosion. Mr. Windom reads of this and thinks his wife was on the same train and tells his little girl that her mother is dead. Mrs. Windom arrives at her mother's home and learns that her parent is at her country home in New Hampshire and ...
Cast overview:
William Lowery William Lowery - Arthur Windom (as W.E. Lowery)
Billie West Billie West - Lilah Windom
Violet Wilkey Violet Wilkey - Elsie Windom
Frank Bennett Frank Bennett - Howard Jameson
Lucille Young Lucille Young - Mrs. Hearns
Mildred Marsh Mildred Marsh