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Grimm Eve of Destruction (2011–2017) HD online

Grimm Eve of Destruction (2011–2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery
Original Title: Eve of Destruction
Director: John Behring
Writers: Stephen Carpenter,David Greenwalt
Released: 2011–2017
Duration: 42min
Video type: TV Episode
After surviving a wesen ambush from a terrorist cell known as the Black Claw, Nick discovers "Juliette" is still alive, but learns what Chavez and Meisner were doing to her. The group interrogate Xavier. The group soon learns these attacks go beyond Portland. An attack occurs at the Wesen Council.
Episode credited cast:
David Giuntoli David Giuntoli - Nick Burkhardt
Russell Hornsby Russell Hornsby - Hank Griffin
Elizabeth Tulloch Elizabeth Tulloch - Eve (as Bitsie Tulloch)
Silas Weir Mitchell Silas Weir Mitchell - Monroe
Sasha Roiz Sasha Roiz - Captain Sean Renard
Reggie Lee Reggie Lee - Sgt. Wu
Bree Turner Bree Turner - Rosalee Calvert
Claire Coffee Claire Coffee - Adalind Schade
Jacqueline Toboni Jacqueline Toboni - Trubel
Bailey Chase Bailey Chase - Lucien Petrovitch
Madeline Brewer Madeline Brewer - Billie Trump
Damien Puckler Damien Puckler - Meisner
Bob Clendenin Bob Clendenin - Xavier (as Robert Clendenin)
Gabriel Salvador Gabriel Salvador - Dallas
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Matthew Bellows Matthew Bellows - Jed Baim

The opening quote, "I have been bent and broken, but, I hope, into a better shape" is from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

Monroe mentions the Germanic ambush in Teutorburg Forest where "three Roman legions were decimated". Here language gets tricky. Today 'decimation' means devastation. At the time of ancient Rome "decimation" was a military punishment for large groups of soldiers wherein the individual soldiers drew lots and one in ten of them had to be executed by his team-mates. At the time of Teutorburg this had gone out of fashion, but a hundred years earlier such an inexcusable defeat might have been punished by decimation of the survivors.

The "Wessen Council Meeting The Hague" room is actually the Renaissance Room at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland, Oregon. It is a favorite local venue for very expensive weddings.

The title of the episode is the same as the protest song written in 1964.

Nick and Adalind share their first knowing and intentional kiss.

Reviews: [4]

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    I have been a fan of Grimm since series 1 and looked forward to series 5 resuming in the UK this month. As soon as it started, it was apparent that something had gone horribly wrong. The sets looked like a school play, bare and unconvincing. The filming was jerky and irritating. the background music was quiet and seemed inappropriate. All in all it seemed like the rehearsal of a cheap daytime soap opera. It was truly difficult to watch.

    The script seemed to be of the usual standard but I honestly don't remember it as i was too distracted by the changes to the production. I'm sure that the acting was as good as ever, but the editing and camera work made the whole show seem unconvincing and difficult to engage with.

    I'm sure that it was a good experiment, but please revert back to the previous format.
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    After finding out that Juliet is very much alive, Nick's first instinct is to question Trubel, As she was the last person to see her alive, Learning that Meisner might know where she is, He quickly contacts him. I'm assuming that Meisner has been waiting for this call, As he puts Nicks skills to the test, Pairing him with Eve to create a deadly pair, If anyone has any chance of stopping this "Black Claw", My money would be on this duo.

    Not sure where the writers are going with the Eve angle, I mean did she really change? I thought that they would have wiped her mind, But she claims to have her memory intact, Which leads me to question her loyalties. I hope she doesn't relapse. Nick and her make one hell of a team.
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    Very disappointed in this episode. The camera work was literally distracting, the acting and script were not only sub-par but bordering on terrible... If this were a pilot, I'd never watch the show again.

    I don't know what happened over the 'mid-season' but Grimm has taken a turn for the worse, I hope the next episode can redeem it. I've invested a lot of time liking the show, watching the characters grow & the story evolve, but this episode was horrid and left me with a very bitter taste.

    I think what surprised me most was that actors which by now have generated a genuine chemistry between them appeared to be acting as though it were a first night and they'd never met before. I can almost here the director yelling "add more ham! really cheese it up!".
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    Words escape me, but I shall try. What the hell is happening, I could not believe my eyes after five minutes of viewing this episode, it was like watching a parody. I honestly thought it was a hoax. That maybe one of the characters was dreaming, and they'll wake up, and all will be well, no dodgy sound, no shaky camera, no zooming in and out with amateur camera angles. The filming even looked fast as in a Benny hill sketch. Alas no character woke up, there was no dream, just a nightmare, I am utterly devastated. This has been a show I always looked forward to, I've been watching from day one and it has never disappointed. Why has this occurred. Budget cuts,change of director, or producer, whatever the reason I truly hope it's corrected and back to its usual high standards, if not I'm afraid a viewer will be lost, because basically, this was painful to watch, you could say this episode was GRIM in every way.