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Freaks and Geeks Chokin' and Tokin' (1999–2000) HD online

Freaks and Geeks Chokin' and Tokin' (1999–2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Chokinu0027 and Tokinu0027
Director: Miguel Arteta
Writers: Paul Feig,Judd Apatow
Released: 1999–2000
Duration: 44min
Video type: TV Episode
Ingesting. A new teacher draws Bill out: he admits to a peanut allergy, so Alan sneaks a few into Bill's sandwich to see if Bill's lying. Will he die? Bill's mother blames herself, Alan's father is furious, Sam and Neal find humor and romance beneath the tragedy. Meanwhile, Lindsay calls Nick out on his constant marijuana use, so he challenges her to get high. Experimentation, a babysitting job, and Millie's friendship teach a life lesson that Lindsay may or may not remember in the morning. And what about the weekend sci-fi convention?
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Linda Cardellini Linda Cardellini - Lindsay Weir
John Francis Daley John Francis Daley - Sam Weir
James Franco James Franco - Daniel Desario
Samm Levine Samm Levine - Neal Schweiber
Seth Rogen Seth Rogen - Ken Miller
Jason Segel Jason Segel - Nick Andopolis
Martin Starr Martin Starr - Bill Haverchuck
Becky Ann Baker Becky Ann Baker - Jean Weir
Joe Flaherty Joe Flaherty - Harold Weir
Busy Philipps Busy Philipps - Kim Kelly (credit only)
Leslie Mann Leslie Mann - Miss Foote
Dave Allen Dave Allen - Jeff Rosso (as Dave 'Gruber' Allen)
Claudia Christian Claudia Christian - Gloria Haverchuck
Chauncey Leopardi Chauncey Leopardi - Alan White
Doug Spinuzza Doug Spinuzza - Frank

After this episode it was decided that the show would be canceled.

The series won the 2000 Emmy for Outstanding Casting for a Comedy.

Leslie Mann stars in this episode as Miss Foote. John Francis Daley (who plays Sam Weir) would direct Mann as Audrey Griswald in the continuation of the National Lampoon series, Vive les vacances (2015)

This episode opened with the Weir family watching Charlie's Angels. Coincidentally, time-slot competitor That '70s Show aired a scene (at nearly the exact same time) with characters watching that program. Suffice it to say, Sam's choice of Bosley as the highlight of Charlie's Angels was not shared by the characters on the other show.

The Charlie's Angels episode shown is "Winning Is For Losers" which aired on October 17, 1978 and guest starred Jamie Lee Curtis. One week later her debut feature film, Halloween, premiered.

After Sam takes a bite of food in the cafeteria scene, Neal asks Bill in a snarky/sarcastic way if he wants go to get Ms. Foote so they can discuss Bill's allergic reaction to the peanut sandwich. Sam laughs off screen with his mouth full, but you don't see it because John Francis Daley started laughing so hard he almost choked on his food. Samm Levine said the line in a way that made John laugh.

When you see Sam in the shot when it's revealed Alan put the peanuts in the sandwich, you can see his face is red and he is a little out of breath from the laugh mentioned in the item above,

Reviews: [5]

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    Hidden Winter

    In my opinion, this is the best episode of F&G. It may not be the funniest episode all around, and unfortunately it didn't have a lot of Franco, Philips, Rogen, or Segel. However, two great main stories following Lindsey's drug trip, and Bill's allergic reaction provided for some great television.

    Lindsey's story was the funnier one, but it still had the perfect mix of serious and light moments. Linda Cardellini and Sarah Hagan had great on screen chemistry, it's a shame that Millie is a minor character, rather than main cast. The way that they can be hilarious at one moment, and then turn on a dime and be serious was great. Each actress was perfect in every scene. The best scene was when a very high Lindsey started freaking out about how she thought the whole world took place in a dog's dream, and Millie hilariously went along with it and then the entire scene turned when she woke up the dog, and the conversation turned into Millie preaching to Lindsey. This was a great scene because it totally empowered Millie, and showed that she actually wasn't as dumb as we thought, knowing that Lindsey had moved on from her. Overall, this story line had great dramatic elements, and was hilarious at the same time.

    The geek's story was all about Bill this episode, which was great because who doesn't love Bill? Well, I guess Alan doesn't. After sending him to the hospital in what was the most despicable act by the most despicable character, hate for this guy was at an all-time high. However, his monologue did shed some light on this guy. It wasn't the best monologue, but it was pretty decent, and well acted. The end of the episode surprisingly made you feel for Alan's character, which is really saying something for someone who's only had about one minute of redeeming screen time. I also really loved the emotional back story of Bill's mother, and how Jean supported her with a story (or lie?) about how she once dropped Sam. I like to think that she was lying here, because it would just make her that much better of a person. While Bill easily could have ruined Alan's life by tearing him apart for, you know, almost killing him, Bill showed compassion by extending an invite to the scifi convention that the geeks were going to. I also loved how Sam and Neal handled the situation. After knowing that their best friend was okay, they instantly learned how to take advantage of the situation by using it to get girls. Also, about time we see Maureen again.

    Overall, this was the best dramatic episode of the series, and no one could complain about a lack of humour, because the funny moments were higher quality, although lower quantity than usual. Also, Leslie Mann and Alex Gould (the kid who voiced Nemo) were in this episode, which is awesome
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    This episode and the next ('Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers') are two of my very favorites. And I know that I'm always talking about Bill on this show, but on the other hand, the writers seem to know that he's the heart and soul of "Freak and Geeks". That's the way I see it, at least. And what better way to hit home both his importance and vulnerability than very nearly killing him? Peanut allergies are nothing to take lightly, kids.

    But more than just making you feel sorry for this kid, it goes a long way in sympathizing Alan, the show's hot-headed antagonist. You want to wring the guy's neck for pulling such an idiotic stunt, but in the end, you also realize that he's also just a kid. A very fallible, dumb kid. You end up feeling just as sorry for him as you do the endlessly unfortunate Bill.

    Balancing things out humor-wise, is the subplot with Lindsay trying weed . . . and freaking right the hell out. It's another example of Millie being there when she needs support, and also a good vehicle for loads of pot humor. Along with Leslie Mann (at her sweetest) as guest star, it's an episode that balances the light and dark, and still hits you right in the chest while offering a ray of hope in the end.

    It's why I think Judd Apatow did his best work on this show.

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    This is an episode with irritations, but still a great script.

    The geek's storyline was about Bill, Bill is always a delight but the fact that he was in a coma most of the episode was a bit of a disappointment. At least we got to see his sexy mom. Allen annoys the crap out of me, though. He almost killed Bill by stuffing his sandwich with peanuts and after Bill wakes up even threatens to beat him up. Even though he actually wants to be friends. Allen is a douchebag, a scardicat and a failure.

    The freaks storyline has a similar Allen; Nick. Nick is just a pathetic junkie. I have nothing against drugs, but Nick is just an airheaded ignorant fool. Listening to his arguments is like listening to a 5 year old argue. The freaks story has Lindsay trying out pod for the first time, and having a horrible experience resulting into her thinking that life is all a dog's dream. Kind of humorous and I love her friendship with Mellie. Lindsay is in many ways similar to me, only a lot brighter. I find it amazing how much I can relate to her.

    Anyway, this episode is one of the least humorous ones, but deeper and handles more serious issues very well. I give it four stars.
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    Lindsay is worried that Nick is addicted to weed. Then she gets high for the first time herself and has to go baby sitting. She brings Millie with her because she can't handle it. Bill tells about his peanut allergy Alan wants to prove that he is lying and puts peanuts into his sandwich so Bill is in hospital in critical condition.

    Bill's story was so good. He is my favorite character so his life being in danger was very sad to watch. They made this story so well. We are both sad and yet we get to laugh. Especially when Bill tells his friends they can tell the girls he is still dying to get dates. And it is amazing how they did it with Alan. We dislike this character from the start, after he puts Bill's life in danger we like him even less. But they still manage us to feel sympathy for him after hearing what he says when Bill is in coma. I loved his conversation with Bill. Bill is like the kindest guy ever, telling him that he heard what he said and inviting Alan to sci fi convention. Too bad he couldn't make himself to join them.

    What I liked about Lindsay's story is how realistic they made that bad trip. Especially in the beginning when one isn't used to being high yet and smokes strong weed. That baby sitting would sure be a nightmare. Millie is a great friend who helps Lindsay out. Their talk was so well written. I just knocked off one point from this episode because they tried to make it look as if Nick has some drugs problem. Please, it is weed, nothing to worry about.
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    Mitars Riders

    Overall this was a pretty good show aside from this episode. It didn't even seem like it was directed or written by the same people. It was such a painfully cliché episode... it felt like a 1980's sitcom where they want to cover an "important" subject matter and it plays out like a public service announcement. For a show that was typically so original, they completely bent over on this episode. All I could figure is; this was an episode made specifically to please the network. Maybe the network was upset about there being too much anti authority going on... perhaps they were getting heat from people who interpreted the show as belittling drug use and underage drinking, so they went to the other extreme on this episode, which was so bad that it would even make an anti drug public service announcement cringe. Essentially, Lindsey smokes weed then finds out that she previously made arrangements to babysit. As a result of smoking weed Lindsey acts as though she's on a very deep acid trip. It's embarrassing to watch.

    I figured it would be unanimous that this was a hated episode, but anytime you have an emotional episode where one of your main characters dies/almost dies you're naturally going to receive inflated ratings as a result, even if it is a bad episode, which this was. Parts of the episode were good. I did like the Bill story-line, but the rest of the episode was extremely corny.