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Cedar Cove Pilot (2013–2015) HD online

Cedar Cove Pilot (2013–2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Pilot
Director: Michael Scott
Writers: Debbie Macomber,Bruce Graham
Released: 2013–2015
Duration: 1h 16min
Video type: TV Episode
Family court judge Olivia Lockhart is a single mother and respected town leader in the small, coastal town of Cedar Cove, Washington. She makes news when she denies the divorce petition of Cecilia and Ian Randall, attracting the attention of local newspaper editor and newcomer to town Jack Griffin.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Andie MacDowell Andie MacDowell - Olivia Lockhart
Dylan Neal Dylan Neal - Jack Griffith
Sarah Smyth Sarah Smyth - Justine Lockhart
Wanda Cannon Wanda Cannon - Mayor
Katharine Isabelle Katharine Isabelle - Cecilia Rendall
Paula Shaw Paula Shaw - Charlotte Jeffers
Greyston Holt Greyston Holt - Seth Gunderson (I)
Brennan Elliott Brennan Elliott - Warren Saget
Jesse Moss Jesse Moss - Ian Rendall
Garry Chalk Garry Chalk - Sheriff Troy Davis
Timothy Webber Timothy Webber - Moon
Ian Tracey Ian Tracey - Bobby
Barclay Hope Barclay Hope - Senator Pete Raymond
Eric Keenleyside Eric Keenleyside - Dan
Kurt Evans Kurt Evans - Allen

Author Debbie Macomber set her books in Port Orchard, Washington and tried to have the series filmed there, but costs were less in Canada.

Reviews: [5]

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    I don't normally watch the Hallmark channel but was curious about their first TV series, which is based on a book series of the same name.

    Cedar Cove is set in a fictitious small Washington State coastal town. In the first episode we meet the small town judge who is ethical. wise, unpretentious, and who is offered a federal judgeship by her Washington State U.S. Senator. They knew each other from law school, but he chose to nominate her for the federal position because only one of some 20 decisions of hers that had been appealed was overturned by the higher court. Other characters in the story are the town's newspaper editor who is a newcomer to small town life, her daughter who is dating a wealthy older man, a younger man who wants to renew a relationship with her, and a young couple who are in her court for a divorce.

    The plot of the episode, which mostly dealt with problems couples had in their relationships but also involved political and legal issues, kept me interested. For the most part the acting was good, particularly Andie MacDowell's. I thought the actor playing the reporter was a trifle hammy. My impression of Hallmark is that it is akin to the Harlequin Romance novels, but I didn't feel that way about this pilot episode. Hopefully the future episodes will continue in this same manner.

    It's nice to have at least one dramatic series that doesn't involve criminal investigations or vampires.
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    Just watched the Cedar Cove pilot. I always forget that movies move the story along faster than the actual books, but I loved the pilot. The cast of actors fit the characters very well. I always enjoy Andie and Dylan's work. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I have read 7 of the books so far and plan to read the rest of them. I have read some of the other Debbie Macomber books and plan to read more. I enjoy her work very much. Cedar Cove seems like a lovely place to live or visit. The scenery is beautiful and the town seems to be very quaint, not too big but close the a big city if you would desire. I spent quite a lot of time this after looking on line at information on Port Orchard and checking flight and hotel cost. I would love to visit it some day.
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    I agree with what someone else mentioned earlier. It's nice to watch drama programming without all of the criminal intentions and brutality, though I sometimes find myself watching those programs because not much else is on these days (unless you're into reality television). I'll be quick. I've watched every episode of Cedar Cove so far and I often find myself wanting to jump into the other side of the television set to visit that remarkable looking place. I mean, the backyard of the house belonging to "Olivia Lockhart" (Judge on the show) is something else. The story lines are believable and every day life events are carefully addressed, but not in an overly obsessed or clumsy way. It's a modern day Little house on the Prairie on Martha's Vineyard. Good characters + strong values = comfortable television in my opinion. Hope it continues to get good reviews.
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    I love the hometown setting. This is one of the things I liked about Murder She Wrote. This show has the potential of being just as popular as Murder She Wrote. Audie is great in her role. This will be one of my favorite shows. I will hate to miss one episode. We need more of these shows on other channels. I love all the Hallmark programs. Thank you and keep up the good work. The story line so far is very believable. It makes me want to look forward to the next episode. It touches on problems that all families have in their daily lives. That makes it is so believable. If it goes off this theme I think it will hurt it and people will lose interest, I know I will.
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    So Andie McDowell ends up on the small screen where all older actresses of a certain age end up and with cosmetic surgery very similar to Rene Zellweger's. The only thing different about Andie from the other Cedar Cove cast members is she can really act. She's subtle, smart and entirely believable. She's never done any bad work that I can recall. Not the same can be said about the other cast members who are all caricatures as usual; I try not to watch television but sometimes it happens. Most of the actors are Canadian and the show is shot in Vancouver but the set design looks like someone lifted the town right out of the Hamptons and everyone is forced to wear the entire LL Bean catalogue. But that's okay. I won't be back to Cedar Cove.