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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy
Original Title: ethanpaisley
Duration: 8min
Video type: TV Series
Ethan Paisley creates short comedy sketches that discuss pop culture through his comic, original characters and skits. Also on the series, occasional short film projects appear that Paisley creates as well.
Credited cast:
Hayley Briggs Hayley Briggs - Madame Sullombone, Mother
Alex Foreman Alex Foreman - Elephantisha, Fruit Queen, Producer, Rose, Colonel Brady
Chloe Helton Chloe Helton - Herself
Chynna Hess Chynna Hess - Fangirl
Olivia Newbold Olivia Newbold - Nicole, Ursula Vligenthart
Ethan Paisley Ethan Paisley - Himself
Grace Reid Grace Reid - White Girl, Mrs. Lysek
Jordyn Rinsky Jordyn Rinsky - Child, Young Snooki
Zachary Rinsky Zachary Rinsky - Child, Young Pauly D, Ryan Seacrest
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Miles Paisley Miles Paisley - Midget, Child, Young Situation, Little Kid

Ethan Paisley was born in Austin, TX.

Ethan Paisley had 2 YouTube Channels prior to his current one, each with over 100 subscribers.

Etna Paisley started out doing comedy sketches on his YouTube channel, but now does more serious work.

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    crazy mashine

    Let me just say right off the bat it's pretty obvious this show is a Shane Dawson ripoff. It meets all the guidelines: vulgar language, bad taste rape and masturbation jokes, and the star talking about a topic for each episode and doing random sketches based around that topic. It's not to say Ethan doesn't have talent, his later videos show that. He's a natural director and actor. The problem is he tries so hard to be Shane Dawson he loses sight in the fact that even though Shane retired from his original sketch format people want to see SHANE do these type of videos again, not some Dawson wannabe. This is why you should ignore Ethan's channel and his channel is a cautionary tale about what happens when you try too hard to be someone else.