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Paradox (2018) HD online

Paradox (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Fantasy / Music
Original Title: Paradox
Director: Daryl Hannah
Writers: Daryl Hannah
Released: 2018
Duration: 1h 13min
Video type: Movie
A group of outlaws search for a mountain treasure and experience the supernatural powers of a full moon.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Neil Young Neil Young - The Man in the Black Hat
Lukas Nelson Lukas Nelson - Jailtime
Micah Nelson Micah Nelson - The Particle Kid
Corey McCormick Corey McCormick - Cookie McCormick
Anthony LoGerfo Anthony LoGerfo - Happy
Tato Melgar Tato Melgar - Tato (as Tato)
Willie Nelson Willie Nelson - Red
Elliot Roberts Elliot Roberts - Cowboy Elliot
Dave Snowbear Toms Dave Snowbear Toms - Snowbear
Charris Ford Charris Ford - Weed
Robert Schmoo Schmid Robert Schmoo Schmid - Schmoo
Tim Gooch Lougee Tim Gooch Lougee - Gooch
Dulcie Clarkson Ford Dulcie Clarkson Ford - Lady
Alexandra Alexandra - Lady
Dascala Dascala - Lady

The first feature length film directed by Daryl Hannah.

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    3/26/18. Not for everybody. I like Neil Young, so the music part was great, not so much the disparity between the music and the background scenery (that had very little to do with the music). Watch this (or, maybe just listen to it) for Neil Young.
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    Ten minutes in and so far HUGELY disappointed. Awful directing and cinematography awful acting (apparently they're Young's band so they're not actors) the soundtrack from Young sounds great but I think maybe it could have just been an album and we could have imagined the movie ourselves.

    It doesn't improve. Feed like a student film... and not a great one.
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    You really have to know what to expect with this one. If you're not already a fan, this is not going to make you one, so just walk on. Otherwise, crack open a cold one and roll another number - you're still definitely gonna need it if you want to make it all the way through this ride. Chances are you'll fall asleep halfway through and won't wake up till the morning comes.

    Neil Young wanted to make a movie with his band buddies where they all hang out on Neil's ranch dressed up in old-timey clothes, spouting all sorts of cryptic nonsense. Sometimes they take dumps, stylishly filmed with a super-8 or some other analog film camera. On occasion, they rock out. Neil mostly sits in a chair, remarking on the moon, playing a lick here and there, generally looking old. He does this with the usual poise and dignity inherent in his loner persona. He is at his most aged and lonesome when he's singing a solo rendition of Pocahontas, backing himself with a big pipe organ.

    The camerawork is terrible (they clearly had tripods and all that stuff, they just chose not to use them). The acting doesn't really qualify as acting, since these dudes are not really pretending to be or do anything other than what you'd imagine them to be doing on any given weekend. The writing? I guess they had some ideas...

    The soundtrack has cool moments, except the part where they overdrive the hell out of the harmonica track. Horrible production choice!

    Honestly though, I'd still much rather waste an hour of my life hanging out with Neil over here in ranchland than waste even a minute of my life looking at a TV screen. And no, I'm not talking about motion know what I mean.
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    My advice : watch it between the 34th an the 53rd minute (cool live part) the rest is just random editing (no real story no cinematography, bad acting) with no particular interest... sometimes there is a good tune for a minute... globally disapointing
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    I kept waiting for some plot in this thing and there is none. The only thing it has is amateurish camera work trying to look artistic such as faded camera and other techniques that just don't work in the movie. The acting is amateurish. I didn't even like the guitar music. The camera was shaky and blurry at times and really more aimed at catching scenery that would be a more appropriate for National Geographic. An absolute snoozer unless you like the music and for action you have a guy peeing on a rock or two guys sitting in an outhouse talking to each other. Even the beginning fails by using dialogue between two of them to explain each of the characters. I found myself fast-forwarding to try and find something other than scenery or bad guitar music and I failed. If they wanted to make a bad music video, they may have succeeded. Don't waste your time.
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    digytal soul

    Self described "auteur" Darryl Hannah stumbles around some mighty pretty territory while her cinematographer Adam Vollick fumbles to get acquainted and haphazardly experiment with his camera in this disjointed slacked jawed oater that features legendary rocker Neil Young and his band playing cowboys. With only snippets of jarring visual interest and the ambiguity of the early moments dissolving into heavy handed pretense it takes a full half hour for Paradox to pull out of its scattered torpor as Neil and the boys come to the rescue with a stirring rendition of his Peace Trail. The respite remains brief however as Young takes one of his most beautiful acoustical works Pocohantes and turns it into a dirge with a portable pipe organ. The rest of his score simply provides intrusive bombast to enigmatic skies, glorious aspens and grazing animals (deservedly noted in the credits since they give the best performances) while cowgirl in the sand Hannah incoherently presents her surreal vision with an 8 1/2 version of two cowpokes tethered to the ground flying kite like above the tent where Neil and the boys perform.

    Paradox is similar in many ways to Young's wandering Journey Through the Past made in the 1970s. After the massive success of the documentary Woodstock Hollywood was eager to tap into the hippie phenomena and sought out Young who enlisted fellow pop troubadours that he would use and lose according to his needs over the years Crosby, Stills and Nash to make the same rambling self satisfied stream of conscious mess that Paradox is. This time around he's footing the bill and got a new band but the thrust remains the same, his presentation the nostalgic turn today that Lawrence Welk was offering his graying audience back in the 70s. Only the uniforms have been changed to protect the cool.
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    I so wanted to love this. Willy Nelson. Neil Young? How could it not be fabulous.The intro is more interesting than the actual story. Even if it were just an album. You would have to edit out the annoying screeches. Great idea always it's in the details.
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    This is a really fun movie that delights so many of the senses, especially sight and sound. The filming is gorgeous and the music is as good as it gets. Weave both together with a cast that doesn't take themselves too seriously and you have one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time. Ignore the stuffy reviewers that miss the entire point of this delightful movie. The time went by quickly and I only wish there was more. There was some symbolism with regard to the teepees, seeds, and farming that anyone that follows Neil and his recordings would understand. If you like Neil and support many of the causes he is so passionate about, you'll really enjoy this.
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    Really enjoyed this movie I'd like to see more! Only wish Neil would invite me to tag along and play a few tunes. If you take it for what it is you'll love it. Very laid back and good!
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    Cinematography and directing were awesome. Music was great. Acting ranged from amateur-hour to not bad. As a musician and film fan, I enjoyed it most after the 23 minute mark.
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    Neil Young only for fans and nerds. Great live performance!
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    If you're looking for standard movies, big budgets etc.: go elsewhere! This film is not for you. If you can suspend standard expectations, you might enjoy this film. You'd have to know Neil's other films to see this and enjoy it. It's humorous and insightful (love is like a fart...) The filmstock is excellent, as is the cinematography. Viewers that expect standard formulas in films should stick to Hollywood-produced efforts. Do not go out beyond your comfort level! Reviewers that apply standard formulas to Neil's movies will just scratch their heads and wonder.
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    It was slow getting started ... if it ever did ... and the story (if there was one) made no sense to me. I liked some of the songs, I liked Willie Nelson and his sons. Neil ... well, it was an ego-trip, wasn't it? But we did watch the whole movie and when it was done, I asked my son, what was that about? He said you'd have to be stoned to find out, I guess. Rock on, Neil.
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    Land level cowboy space travel at its best.The brilliance of many brilliant artists are brilliantly patched together in a dusty dream. There is no way to properly describe Paradox to anyone. Either you will love it and be part of it or you just won't get it at all.If you are too trapped in lifelock at the moment then maybe,just maybe this film will nudge you to the side just enough to break free to make time for yourself to do something you love. If you are already freely traveling,this film will send a starlit night breeze to lift you a little more. Great job Daryl! And the rest of you hooligan outlaws,I'm quite sure you gave Ms Hannah exactly what she was hoping to tap into.
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    Think of this as a creative and offbeat film, rather than a traditional movie with a "normal" plot. If you can do this, you'll find Paradox is an entertaining blend of great music, humor, and a passion for the environment. (Daryl Hannah, Neil Young and Willie Nelson are all strong environmentalists.) The scenery and the cinematography are beautiful, the cast and band look like they had a good time making the film, and the music is, of course, excellent. When I was scanning for something to watch, I wasn't sure about this, but I'm glad I gave it a try. It was great.
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    Daryl Hanna is an incredible film maker and director. Neil Young is so cool. I dropped and watched this.
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    Watched this on a wim, with no idea what to expect. First 15 minutes, I had no idea what was going on, but as it progressed it was oddly satisfying and enjoyable, music throughout was great. Shot beautifully, definitely a film to watch more than once!
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    It's listed as 'Music' but the the description sounds more like Fantasy/Horror. Please remove this after checking.
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    Neal Young plays the guitar like he was born with it. Willie Nelson has his own brand of cannabis. Farm Out - Keep On Trucking!! Happy Trails