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Shaolin Handlock (1979) HD online

Shaolin Handlock (1979) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Drama
Original Title: Da jiao tou yu sao niang zi
Director: Lu Po Tu
Released: 1979
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
Tough cop Bruce Li arrives back in town in time to investigate a series of odd murders. Victims have two pierce marks on their necks. The killer is an expert in the Iron Finger strike. The fights are fantastic with the two Bruce's and Ku Feng going at it and all are excellent.
Credited cast:
Bruce Li Bruce Li - (as Bruce Li Shao Lung)
Siu-Lung Leung Siu-Lung Leung - (as Bruce Liang)
Feng Ku Feng Ku - (as Phong Ku)
Nami Misaki Nami Misaki
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chiang Chou Chiang Chou
Yeh Fang Yeh Fang
Kim Hung Lai Kim Hung Lai
Shou-Chieh Lai Shou-Chieh Lai
Hoi Sang Lee Hoi Sang Lee
Hsueh-Ming Liao Hsueh-Ming Liao - Student
Ke Ming Lin Ke Ming Lin
Ying Hong Luk Ying Hong Luk - (as Ying Kang Lu)
Kei Mai Kei Mai
Yukio Someno Yukio Someno
Chin-Lai Sung Chin-Lai Sung - (as Dai Sai Ngan)

This film marks one of the rare occurrences where more than one "Bruceploitation" actor starred together in one film. In this case Bruce Li and Siu-Lung Leung (aka Bruce Liang)

The film was released in Spain in Sevilla (April/81). Later, was released in Barcelona (August/81) and Madrid (October/82).

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    First warning: when the bad guy Hu Pao chases the guy cheating with LuLu and flies off the balcony into the "backyard", I can imagine any guy cringing in pain watching this guy in nothing but black briefs and rolling around on the lawn with blades of grass sticking to him. And the CLOSEUPS of him!! That's the only bad thing in this really fun "who's the killer?" kung fu flick.

    Bruce Li in an original role as a cop. His fighting seems more natural and there's a lot of battles in this one. There's some humor to help balance it out, but there's lots of action and the hits have decent power. The kung fu instructor who helps Bruce Li later on really looks like he can fight and almost matches (if not for limited screen time) Bruce in the movie. However, Bruce Li is my fave and these types of movies where he doesn't have to pay 'homage' to Bruce Lee are a blast to watch. Definitely see it for LuLu!!!
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    It starts with "Who are these two guys and why are they fighting?" plus it is in the dark. After the opening titles, Bruce Li enters a night club and chats with the owner about the recent murders. Next is a martial arts demonstration. Someno Yukio takes a shower with an Asian chick then gets murdered by a masked man who explains that he just felt like killing today. Bruce Li investigates and explains iron finger kung fu was the cause of death. He questions Yuan Man-Tzu who plays SuSu in her last movie role as a fine set of boobs. Ku Feng also enjoys the view next.

    The fights have to be good with the two Bruces and Ku Feng going at it and they are excellent. Bruce Leung seems to enjoy showing off with some ridiculous moves but his straight forward acrobatic skills are more impressive.

    My copy is English dubbed and widescreen with good enough resolution for a modern high definition television. I wish all my movie files were that good at least.

    I rate this one above average and recommend it for all fans of the genre.