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Maid of the Mountains (1913) HD online

Maid of the Mountains (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Short
Original Title: Maid of the Mountains
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Kentucky, Jim Rutland, a moonshiner, his wife and their daughter, Mary, live a happy and unrestricted life, A young mining engineer, Harvey Bryce, whose interests have carried him into the mountains, happens upon the home of Rutland, where he is received in a courteous, although suspicious manner. Mary, the daughter, is naturally attracted by Bryce, and a certain alliance is effected between the house of Rutland and the stranger from the outer world. One day, while in search of a trout stream, Bryce accidentally discovers a whiskey still, and is immediately endangered through the suspicions of the moonshiners, which now seems confirmed. One of their men, who had been detailed to watch Bryce, reports the discovery and the moonshiners set out to affect their customary reception to revenue officers. Upon arrival at the house, they find the young engineer making an honorable proposal for the hand of Mary. His errand to the mountains is made ...
Cast overview:
Henry Stanley Henry Stanley - Jim Rutland, a Moonshiner
Lorena Foster Lorena Foster - Mary, Jim's Daughter
Douglas Gerrard Douglas Gerrard - Harvey Bryce, the Stranger

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    The old familiar story of the Southern mountains, in which the hero is suspected of being a revenue officer. He wins the girl in spite of obstacles, and induces her father to give up "moonshining." The dinner scene at the close, while perhaps characteristic, is too ridiculous to help the story much. The mother drinks out of her saucer and eats with her knife, and to cap the climax, the father removes his shoes at the table. - The Moving Picture World, August 23, 1913