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Starship Exeter: The Savage Empire (2002) HD online

Starship Exeter: The Savage Empire (2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Starship Exeter: The Savage Empire
Director: Joshua Caleb,Jimm Johnson
Writers: Jimm Johnson,Joshua Caleb
Released: 2002
Budget: $500,000
Duration: 35min
Video type: Creative Work
On a mission of peace, the Starship Exeter is drawn into a battle of political intrigue and espionage. Who will survive? Can even Caption Garrovick's own crew be trusted?
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jimm Johnson Jimm Johnson - Captain Garrovick (as James Culhane)
Joshua Caleb Joshua Caleb - Lt. B'fuselek
Michael Buford Michael Buford - Cutty
Holly Guess Holly Guess - Harris
Patrick Scullin Patrick Scullin - D'Agosta
Keith St. Louis Keith St. Louis - Kinthmus
Nathan Wolf Nathan Wolf - Captain Chang
Brian Peter Brian Peter - Andorian Spy
Ben Hazen Ben Hazen - Ensign Haley
Mark Svara Mark Svara - Junior Communications Officer
Ian McLean Ian McLean - Andorian Senator Therin
Mr. Lamanchikafka Mr. Lamanchikafka - Commodore Jennings
Kegan Bader Kegan Bader - Klingon Lieutenant
Jeff Lynx Jeff Lynx - Klingon Spy (aka Agent Six)
Jesse Johnson Jesse Johnson - Klingon Guard

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    Anybody who hated this Internet video missed the point. This is a fun little homage to American 60's culture, TOS Star Trek. That series was full of great 'cultural' themes and stories. It dared to ask the question: Should Earth's Federation culture be exported into other alien cultures? USS Exeter results are fun, as we have a group of Klingons stomping their way through the annihilation of Andoria, and the only people capable of stopping them are representatives of the Federation Way, the USS Exeter commander staff. They come to the rescue.

    I've only seen this film twice, but it still makes me smile and I enjoy it and provides me with the satisfying entertainment. Exeter's decent production elements do not interfer with it's watch-ability, as with lesser Star Trek Fan videos out there on the Internet. I can suspend 'my belief' with ease! It's worth the download time! In short, say what you want about USS Exeter! If you don't enjoy it, that's not my problem.
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    Error parents

    The original Star Trek series may be outdated, may even look corny by today's standards, but I still love it!

    This first episode of Starship Exeter has exactly that, a compelling story, acting that isn't all that bad, and an overall feel that honors the original Star Trek series in every way. In some ways Exeter looks better than New Voyages, some of the computerized special effects (in New Voyages) look like they'd be more at home in a computer game than a TV show. And what about the really badly done green-screening that fills Hidden Frontier (do they actually use any sets???). Yuk.

    Who needs all those computer-game style special effects anyway??? There's nothing like some real sets for the actors to be positioned in, and a good quality model for the external shots. Sometimes the good old fashioned methods are still the best!

    Good on you guys, a great effort.

    Can't wait to see more...