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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama
Original Title: The Flying Doctors
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Series
This series chronicles the events surrounding the activities of the Royal Flying Doctors Service, which operates its own aircraft -in this case from the base at Coopers Crossing, an otherwise hardly notable town- to fly its medical staff throughout the Australian outback, where roads are too scarce and distances too immense to reach patients for medical care or get them to hospital by car in time. Doctors, nurses, pilots and base staff change throughout the seasons, often coming from the city and finding it difficult to adapt to life in the godforsaken countryside and be accepted by the isolated local community; there are of course the usual colleague stories. In most episodes they make one or more flights for routine medical examination sessions and/or emergency help, sometimes continued on board and/or in the hospital. Furthermore there are various sidelines, mainly concerning the local characters such as bar-owners Vic and Nancy, who also provide the only rooms, and some of their ...
Series cast summary:
Lenore Smith Lenore Smith - Kate Wellings / - 220 episodes, 1986-1992
Robert Grubb Robert Grubb - Dr. Geoff Standish / - 203 episodes, 1986-1992
Maurie Fields Maurie Fields - Vic Buckley 203 episodes, 1986-1992
Val Jellay Val Jellay - Nancy Buckley 169 episodes, 1986-1992
Liz Burch Liz Burch - Dr. Chris Randall / - 143 episodes, 1986-1991
George Kapiniaris George Kapiniaris - Dimitrios 'D.J.' Lonniadis 108 episodes, 1987-1991
Rebecca Gibney Rebecca Gibney - Emma Plimpton / - 107 episodes, 1986-1991
Peter O'Brien Peter O'Brien - Sam Patterson 92 episodes, 1987-1991

The show was a huge success in Scandinavia and the Netherlands and re-runs are still shown on networks in Sweden, Finland and Holland.

The show is running again in Denmark 28/01 2015

Lewis Fitz-Gerald started out as a pilot in the original series and returned as a doctor in the spin-off R.F.D.S. (1993).

Maurie Fields and Val Jellay played husband and wife in this show. They were married in real life.

Ben Mendlesohn appears uncredited in the original mini series as a child actor and returns grown up playing a bank teller in the second season.

Robert Grubb made a comical cameo as Doctor Geoff Standish in an episode of All Together Now starring Rebecca Gibney who'd previously starred in The Flying Doctors.

George Kapiniaris who starred in Acropolis Now about a Greek cafe, is in the one Where a Greek family opens up A Cafe called Acropolis Cafe.

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    Especially the first few years of this series provides really good viewing. You cannot help but love the warm personalities appearing in it. When visiting the real R.F.D.S. in Broken Hill in 1994, I was told that the series realistically presents the work carried out by the devoted doctors and nurses covering 80% of the Australian continent. In brief, this series has it all: multi-dimensional characters with great actors, rich story lines (romance, adventure, how to cope in the outback etc.) and nice footage of a grand landscape.
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    Recent reruns of this well-acted and well-written drama from the mid-eighties have reminded me just how good 'The Flying Doctors' was. The key word for me is realism, maybe because the plotlines were based on actual RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) cases, and checked for accuracy by the real Flying Docs. The acting was very believable, and the characters became like old friends. The publicans' wisdom of Vic, the pub landlord in Cooper's Crossing, still makes me laugh - true blue Australian humour. And I still cry every time I see the last episode from the first series, where the pilot dies, because he was one of my favourites. But each series had its bonuses - this show is very easy to dip into, as well as follow as a soap.
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    I wish the complete series would come out in Season boxes. I used to sit at home in my room every Sunday evening just before 7. Needing to watch this show. The UST between Kate and Geoff was mainly what kept me going, they are one of the best matched TV-couples I have ever seen. I liked the show less at the end when all the focus turned on 'what was happening in Coopers Crossing' in stead of the 'accident of the week'. Other than that I liked the series from start to end and whenever possible I watch every re-run there is on any channel I can get it... I think it's called an addiction :) I just bought the DVD with 8 episodes (the episodes around Geoff and Kate's wedding and of course the wedding itself) I can't get enough, I hope they bring out more episodes... PLEASE CRAWFORD PRODUCTIONS....
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    Nice to see quite a few people enjoyed this series as much as I did (and I'd never really been a fan of Australian TV even though I live here). I particularly thought Rebecca Gibney was appealing (did she play the part of a mechanic?), and about the only fault I can think of was where they were loading a patient into the aircraft and the "fuselage" wobbled a bit! Sadly, after creating many successful TV series, the head of Crawford Productions, Hector Crawford, died in about 1991 (prob got the date wrong - sorry). The studios were actually demolished in about 2006, but the organisation still exists - now owned by WIN TV, and had produced series such as "The Saddle Club" which was apparently based on a US series made many years prior. I'll try and put the link for Crawford's here: - don't know if it will work or not.

    So, if you'd really like another series made, I suggest you try to email Crawford's - they're on the web, of course - and get as many friends as possible to do the same!
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    I think that The Flying Doctors are one of the best TV-Series to date. I'm only 17 years old, but I've seen the series twice already. They are showing re-runs here in Sweden now again, and I can't be happier! It's a fantastic series, Kate and Geoff are really wonderful, and all the personalities in the show's just amazing! I really love this! I just wish that Crawford Productions, or whatever it is, would distribute DVD, or VHS of the complete series. I've looked everywhere on the internet, but I haven't found anything! Anyone who knows where I can purchase anything? Anyway, the series is awesome and I hope they'll never stop showing it!
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    A few weeks ago they started to show reruns of the flying doctors here on TV and I couldn't be happier about that. Every Saturday-evening I'm hooked again. I used to watch this show as a young teenager every week and now I'm watching it every week as a young adult and I'm still loving it.

    It's very exciting and has some great acting. It's a kind of show where you really start to care about the major characters. The pacing sometimes is a bit slow, but I don't mind at all. This way you can really get sucked into the story and start to know and care about the people involved. Something which doesn't happen in most shows nowadays. I really hope that the reruns are going to last a long time, because The flying doctors is really a one-of-a-kind great show.
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    I accidentally started watched the Flying Doctors here in Denmark maybe 6-7 years ago? Got addicted very quickly! It was very refreshing to watch a series from Australia for a change.Interesting to learn about the RFDS - never knew how that worked. The main characters are 'real' people - they can be annoying, angry, tired,funny, stupid and so on - but you like them anyway - even George Baxter, who is often 'the bad guy'! - but he too, does good deeds once in a while. The side stories might be fun, cute, or deal with the major issues of life: life, death, God. Also other serious matters are dealt with - always in a fair and decent way: pollution, the aborigines, anorexia nervosa, problems in the family a.s.o Fun and serious matters are mixed - so nothing ever gets too stern or ridiculous. There isn't always a happy end to all the stories, but watching the series always leaves you in a good mood.

    it's a great idea to center the plot about the RFDS base but also in the pub - being the center of the social life of the town.

    It's a bit funny that they all are sooooo virtuous about sex - even having decided to marry! Not very realistic - but OK.......? But drinking is apparently OK. A LOT of beers are handed over the bar!

    Anyway - a great series - interesting, entertaining and pleasant.

    I was happy finding out that it is recently being shown on Danish TV: DR2 in the morning.
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    hi i run a lot of flying doctors related groups i became hooked on the show in 1986 and all over again when it was shown in the gold television only thing is we got shorter episodes because of the commercials so missed a lot of good scenes . my favourite couple like everyone else was geoffrey and kate followed by tom and chris and sam and emma . the most romantic moments were with geoff and kate especially the lead up to their wedding . i wish they would have a reunion of the flying doctors or bring back the series in england for all the British viewers. or bring back geoff and kate standish at least .
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    Nothing personal

    I really love the flying doctors. I've watched it when i was a child and now as a young adult again. And i know i will still love it after 10 or 20 years. It will always be my favorite TV series. It's well written and easy to follow. I like all the story lines. But especially the romance between Geoff and Kate. It's so beautiful to watch them get close. They are all great actors. You really believe what they say. You can feel there pain and there happiness. I'm so glad that they are now playing the series back on Belgium television. But what i really want is that they make DVD's of all the episodes so i can watch whenever i want to. So please make the DVD boxes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I used to watch this TV series by satellite out of Hong Kong. It is fantastic and wonder why it was never shown in the states. The cast and the story are first rate. It is better than at least 95 percent of what is shown on nightly TV now. I am sure that viewers in the states would enjoy it as much as I did.
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    I think I'd become dependent...psychologically....and physically. What a show, and all the romantic between Geoff and Kate. And what a great actor Robert Grubb is. This says it all I think.
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    I love "The Flying Doctors". I used to watch it every week until we moved to Canada a few months ago.

    Between a scale 1-10, I'll give "The Flying Doctors" 11! It's true, it's a great TV series
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    I thought it was the best series around i live about 3quarters of an our away i use to go with mum after School every 2nd Wednesday and meet quite a lot even the 2 old cogers :) one who lived in Minyip nice chap :) herb Krause very nice to have a chat with the old Emma Garage is now a Internet Cafe , the 2 milk bars have now closed down. they only just recently opened a new one across from the Public toilets, the old bank

    they only got Bendigo bank now , the Pub that they used has now Been Reopened was closed for a while, they only had one pub for awile down near Primary school end great people there nice lunches the emppty Bakery still there, the supermarkets still there, the chemists still there, most hasn't changed they still use the football Ground minyip-Murtoa alternate games between Minyip & Murtoa got a lot of friends both places

    i remember going into the Milk Bar where i met Viki Blanch she was nice some talk to you for a while especially when their between shots
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    whats on TV now, is pretty I decided to see if any of my favourite TV series were now on DVD and discovered 'The Flying Doctors' was!! I bought this from the Crawfords store, the whole series also comes with as a bonus, the mini series!!! and the whole set looks fantastic!!! have started watching it..and its fantastic!!! some dodgy acting at times, but the heart and soul and the true Aussie characters and the scenery and music, cant be beaten!!! I'm soo glad I bought it, its a welcome change to whats on TV...brings back the innocence of TV again... its as good as I remembered all those years ago..and along with MASH, The Nanny, The Young Riders, its in my top 5 of all time TV series...My addiction to this series has been re awakenend..and cant wait to watch some every night!! Can understand, why people from other countries want to be involved in the flying doctors or visit the outback.. as the RFDS plane soars, so do you!!!! magnificent!!!!