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A Time Out of War (1954) HD online

A Time Out of War (1954) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama / War
Original Title: A Time Out of War
Director: Denis Sanders
Writers: Robert W. Chambers,Denis Sanders
Released: 1954
Duration: 20min
Video type: Movie
Two Union soldiers maintaining a position on a riverbank negotiate a one-hour truce with the Confederate soldier manning the opposite bank. During the hour, they gain respect for one another as they trade tobacco, enjoy some fishing and make an unsettling discovery.
Cast overview:
Barry Atwater Barry Atwater - Craig
Robert Sherry Robert Sherry - Alden
Corey Allen Corey Allen - Connor (as Alan Cohen)

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    "A Time Out of War" is based on the short story "The Pickets" and takes place during the Civil War. The emphasis of the story is on the personalities of the two Union pickets who are across a stream from two Confederate pickets. Realizing the futility of their situation, the soldiers decide to call a cease-fire for a few hours--a time out of war.

    The film is tightly written and edited--every scene is necessary. I highly recommend this film.