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Teen Titans How Long Is Forever? (2003–2006) HD online

Teen Titans How Long Is Forever? (2003–2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: How Long Is Forever?
Director: Alex Soto
Writers: David Slack
Released: 2003–2006
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Starfire fears the Titans will drift apart, and tries get the others to celebrate their friendship, but the party self-destructs as the Titans argue. A criminal from the future steals a clock, the Titans try to stop him; in the battle, Starfire is sent 20 years into the future, where the Titans HAVE drifted apart. Now she desperately tries to find a way to get back to her own time, and keep the Titans together.
Episode credited cast:
Scott Menville Scott Menville - Robin / Nightwing (voice)
Greg Cipes Greg Cipes - Beast Boy (voice)
Khary Payton Khary Payton - Cyborg (voice)
Hynden Walch Hynden Walch - Starfire (voice)
Tara Strong Tara Strong - Raven (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Xander Berkeley Xander Berkeley - Warp (voice)
Luisa Palomanes Luisa Palomanes - Starfire (voice)

This episode has the first appearance of Nightwing. Dick Grayson, the first Robin, later uses this identity to become a hero in his own right in the pages of "Tales of the Teen Titans" #44. The creative team wanted to use Nightwing to subtly clear up the "Who's Robin" controversy and let viewers know that this Robin is in fact Dick Grayson and that this series takes place in the same universe as The Batman (2004).

The original working title for this episode was "Best Friends Forever". However, the title was changed to "How Long Is Forever?" - which is a reference to a story by sci-fi author Philip K. Dick.

When Raven is cleansed of her father's evil she wears a white cloak, just as the future Raven does in this episode.

The two people who throw snowballs at Beast Boy are modeled after members of the mutant gang from Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns".

Warp is a villain from the comic book series. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, a group of international terrorists. He first appeared in "The New Teen Titans" (vol. 1) #14. The French villain is able to create dimensional warps from one place to another. However, he is not a time traveler, as he is in this series.

The future Starfire arrives in has several changes to the Titans: Robin's Nightwing; Cyborg's broken; Raven's crazy; and Beast Boy is just terrified.