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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama / Sport
Original Title: Inside Edge
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Series
Inside Edge is a fictional series that follows the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the Mumbai Mavericks, a T20 cricket franchise playing in the PowerPlay League. With enough twists and turns to cause whiplash, Inside Edge is your window into the world of the powerful men and women who run the game behind the game, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Their ambition is an all-consuming force, a vortex of deceit, lust, greed, manipulation and betrayal that threatens to destroy the very sport they swore to protect.


Series cast summary:
Vivek Oberoi Vivek Oberoi - Vikrant Dhawan 10 episodes, 2017
Richa Chadha Richa Chadha - Zarina Malik 10 episodes, 2017
Angad Bedi Angad Bedi - Arvind Vashishth 10 episodes, 2017
Tanuj Virwani Tanuj Virwani - Vayu Raghavan 10 episodes, 2017
Siddhant Chaturvedi Siddhant Chaturvedi - Prashant Kanaujia 10 episodes, 2017
Sarah-Jane Dias Sarah-Jane Dias - Meera Nagpal 10 episodes, 2017
Jitin Gulati Jitin Gulati - Pritish / - 10 episodes, 2017
Sayani Gupta Sayani Gupta - Rohini Raghavan 10 episodes, 2017
Alexx O'Nell Alexx O'Nell - Craig Litner 10 episodes, 2017
Chirag Sethi Chirag Sethi - Anees Iqbal / - 10 episodes, 2017
Amit Sial Amit Sial - Devender Mishra 10 episodes, 2017
Edward Sonnenblick Edward Sonnenblick - Hamish McCall 10 episodes, 2017
Sanjay Suri Sanjay Suri - Niranjan Suri / - 10 episodes, 2017
Lucas Ogunro Lucas Ogunro - Dwight Johnson 9 episodes, 2017
Manuj Sharma Manuj Sharma - K R Raghunath / - 9 episodes, 2017
Amit Chaudhary Amit Chaudhary - Ankit John 8 episodes, 2017
Manu Rishi Chadha Manu Rishi Chadha - Manohar Lal Handa / - 7 episodes, 2017
Akashdeep Arora Akashdeep Arora - Tanay 6 episodes, 2017
Flora Saini Flora Saini - Ayesha Dewan 6 episodes, 2017
Natasha Suri Natasha Suri - Mystery Woman / - 6 episodes, 2017
Aahana Kumra Aahana Kumra - Shahana Vashishth 5 episodes, 2017

It is India's first Amazon Original web series.

Angad Bedi who plays Captain Arvind Vashisth is the son of a very famous Indian cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi, who was part of India's 1983 World Cup triumph.

On team player's jersey there's a centrally placed logo and advertisement of dreamscape which is originally a startup by director Karan Anshuman.

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    LOved this attempt and we should all welcome this kind of efforts. The best thing of this series is performances by all actors. We can link many scenes , dialogues to current situations. Few scenes look filmy off course but then we have president candidate killing people in house of cards so...

    I liked it.. Thanks Amazon.. Indian TV-series needed this..
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    Done with all the 10 episodes and no doubt its one of best Indian Series till date.. Its high time to end all the stupid Indian soaps on television which is full of stupidity.. Good work by Excel Entertainment and Amazon Prime.. Waiting for few more Indian series from Prime and Netflix both..
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    Well something worth watching and spending your time on is finally here. The era of pathetic Indian daily soaps seems to be nearing its end. Congratulations to the makers,Director and the Actors for making a master piece on the realities of the sport. I find this series to be inspired by events that actually happened in the last 10 years of the IPL.

    If u have read this review just go and watch the series, you will be engrossed and highly entertained.

    A huge Thank you to the team of Inside Edge. You guys are amazing!!

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    Its definitely not the best show in the world, but the fact that a series like this was made in India, released in India (the land of Saas-Bahu daily soaps) is fascinating. Lots of interesting characters, plot-twists will be welcoming you. I've watched only like 3 episodes and I am already hooked to it. Totally recommend watching this.
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    Excel's foray into online content is mediocre, which is the best word I could find for the series. Why Amazon Prime chose to make this production its Indian original debut is a mystery. The plot seems inspired by Tuhin Sinha's The Captain. Underwritten characters, terrible dialogue and sloppy sub plots bog down even the slightly well-scripted stuff in Inside Edge. The technical qualities of the production, save perhaps the title credits, are also below par in comparison to the likes of TVF Tripling. The cricket is poorly shot, with unnecessary close-ups. It would've been better had it been filmed more like an actual match. Richa Chadha as the fading star (stereotype) and Vivek Oberoi as the snarky, BDSM-loving, OCD-striken, single malt-downing antagonist both seem to have let their acting ability set out for this one. Angad Bedi, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Amit Sial and Tanuj Virwani, along with Sayani Gupta, walk away with the acting accolades here, proving to be the few saving graces in this production. They are joined by the ever-dependable Sanjay Suri but none of them can drag this out of the waters.
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    No, just no. Everything feels off, the mannerisms and expressions are way over-the-top. Gratuitous expletives and sex scenes with no rhyme or reason. Colloquialism takes a backseat to strained foreign overtones. Sexual harassment overtures you could see coming from a mile away, but for some reason, blindsides this actress who probably been subjected to it more than once in her career. And a businessman who sports a leery grin and a drink in -every single shot-. The only character I cared about was the "replacement fast bowler," many others were difficult to relate to. Looks like producers mixed up Mumbai and the Hamptons. This series is a disservice to Cricket and to authenticity.
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    Any lovers of cricket and IPL should watch this excellent series from Amazon. The production values are of the highest order. Episode 6 is the best one .. It is high time that Indian TV should stop the Saas Bahu serials and get something new and different like this. Overall a must watch !!
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    It is a movie which is splitted into 10 parts and each part contains Glamour and Thrill. It shows the INSIDE reality of Film stars, Politicians and Crickets,

    All the casts were chosen distinctively and played their role Outstandingly, magnificently, admirably and flawlessly.

    Direction was Superb and the most amazing thing about the story was that when you start watching it, it creates an addiction to watching it till the end. Climax was awesome.

    Keep it up.

    I loved these series and waiting desperately for Season 2 to be released soon.
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    The first thought that ran through my mind when I heard about Inside Edge was that it was going to be a Disaster. But I am glad to admit that this show completely took me by surprise. Taking inspirations from some real life incidents and also some real life people, Farhan Akhtar and his team have come up with a MASTERPIECE.

    Right from the word go the series would catch your attention. Show was so Crisp that I finished it in just one go.

    Vivek Oberoi, Richa Chadha, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Sanjay Suri were excellent and fitted their role perfectly.

    But a Special mention for Angad Bedi and Tanuj Virwani... Both of them were excellent and Vivek Oberoi was as usual at his Villainous Best, Nobody can beat Vivek in a Negative role.

    The only issue with the show and the reason for giving this show 9 and not an absolute 10 that it deserves is because how much ever I may have loved watching it, I would not be able to show this Series to my parents who also are also a die hard Cricket Fans and would have enjoyed it if there was a censored version available too.
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    I expected a lot after watching teaser but after seeing first two episode it seems like Vivek Oberoi is the producer of this series and he just wants to showcase larger than life image. Abusive language and sex scene alone can't make something good to watch, tight script and acting also needed. So, right now this series disappointed me. I would try to watch some more episode, hope that would change my opinion.
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    Predictible story line, poor direction, poor acting..
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    Wont waste my time in writing a detailed analysis as our CREDIBLE CRITICS in India will do the job of praising it for days. Anyways this entire season had not one moment where you could relate to the characters, the situations are so unbelievable that you stop caring after a point of time. This entire crap was made with the single intention to impress people with its outlandishness. the writer just wants to show India's progressiveness in the art of making movies, he does this by going overboard with unnecessary use of expletives, all the characters try so hard to look their parts, the characters here use their body language in the name of acting, the acting here is at an all time low. the worst part is none of the actors even look their parts, stopped caring after the first few episodes. Hope amazon India comes up with something better than this kind of junk next time, People living around the world will have a good laugh while watching this because it will give them a good look at India's standard in movie making.
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    If you want to some exciting characters, some interesting plot lines as the trailer promises, then this show is NOT what you are looking for. The much hyped first Indian Amazon Original just fails to attract you at so many levels.

    Vivek Oberoi is given the least amount of characterization of all. He is just present in various scenes, to sip his drink and give the audience a "evil smile". Richa Chadha does a decent job by playing the character Zarina Mallik. Female roles, though few, were given some amount of characterization, which makes them a l'll bit interesting.

    Producers and directors were of the idea that cussing too much and adding a lot if sex scenes would save the series from its plot holes, but they don't. After first episode, the cussing became tiresome for me to hear. Plus they don't have a cliffhanger so that they can make us stay for the next season, if there would be any. There is just so much to say about this first misfire by the Indian filmmakers but 1000+ words is very less to even describe them properly.
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    I just completed watching the season 1. i start with the best part. 1. production values are excellent, Nothing looking shabby or over the top. The cricket ground, the matches and the euphoria is very well captured. 2. The characters are very well written. The captain played by Angad bedi is in good form. Richa chadda looks little clumsy as aging actress, but does her part well. Tanuj virwani as Vayu is a revelation. Sayani Looks charming as an analyst. Sarah jane as TV host/love interest, Sanjay suri as Coach and Siddhant as a rookie is excellent. Vivek oberoi overdoes in some parts. 3. None of the episodes drag you to boredom and tension is always on your nerves. 4. the behind the scenes in Cricket premier league are portrayed with finesse and gives deep insight to what goes in the dressing and the board room.

    All in All this a welcome relief from the soap operas of TV and the birth of new Era of Webseries. great work...waiting for season 2
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    I really wanted to like this. But I could only make it till the end of Episode 3 before I had to give up.

    The problem with Inside Edge is that almost nothing looks or feels real. From the opening shot of the cricket match to the cricketers and their lives, to their homes and their problems. Even someone like Richa Chadda (of Masaan fame) ended up looking weak and fake. The attempts to show reality by using drugs, sex and cuss words backfired. It just felt like the writers were trying to be edgy for the sake of it. These served no purpose in the story.

    The opening shot of the stadium especially feels off. There is an attempt to mimic a live cricket telecast for the first minute or so with quick cuts to various characters. The cricket telecast portions of the opening makes it feel like whoever shot and edited it has never actually sit and seen a cricket match. The angles were all wrong. the zoom was wrong. The camera framerate was wrong.

    It does have some redeeming qualities. The time lapse shots of the Mumbai skyline from the first two episodes were quite good. Vivek Oberoi was entirely believable as the bad guy. He came off creepy and slimy. He over enunciated a bit but that's just me nit picking. The women were suitably hot. Tanuj Virwani (as Vayu) and Saraj-Jane Dias (as Meera Nagpal) had good chemistry.

    In the end these were not enough to keep me going. I could not relate to the characters, the story was boring and everything looked fake and plastic-y.
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    A surprisingly well made series. Its always tricky to pick up Cricket as a subject because people expect a lot of originality when it Comes to delivery. can go horribly wrong.but it surprises.

    The only Misfit was Vivek oberoi. the larger than life, extravagant billionaire outfit didn't suit. Would've loved to see Ronit Roy probably.

    A good series and a good start to Amazon prime originals in India.
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    "Inside Edge" is India's first Amazon web series and it is a fresh breeze. It defies the strictures of decayed Indian daily soap opera and creates a new template for original and gritty content lovers. The production value is high with an ensemble cast. Thanks to Amazon and Essel Entertainment (Farhan Akhtar & Ritesh Sidhwani).

    The content is edgy and niche, it shows us the ugliness and prettiness of showbiz and cricket, the two most loved industries of this generation. The deceit, crime, vendetta, and manipulation are the main ingredients of this excellent served dish. Some of the actors did a phenomenal job like Amit Sial, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virvani & Siddhant Chaturvedi. Richa Chaddha as waning actress needs a better dialogue delivery and Vivek Oberoi as a shrewd magnate goes over the top sometimes.

    However, being an Indian show, it occasionally becomes too dramatic with some larger than life characters and instances, which seems pretentious. Having seen TVF's Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Tripling, Humorously Yours etc. are not equipped with rich production but the acting & content are more relevant and inventive.

    Overall, Amazon and Netflix are giving the prospect to the Indian creative pool to come at par with Narcos, House of Cards, Ozark, Breaking Bad etc. It is good to see "Inside Edge" making a mark here.

    7.5/10. Waiting for Season 2.
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    Previously i watched many Indian Internet Series, mostly they are based on School and College life. But this one breaks the barrier and give a Indian Internet Series a different zone. Wow Brilliantly crafted, once u watch one episode you cant wait for next. Till now it has 10 Episodes so far and each episode is around 40 mins. Which wont allow u to leave your seat. I wont say Vivek acted well, i will say each and every character acted brilliant. The Season is about Cricket team named Mumbai Maverick. There owners got bankrupt so they are searching for new owners. Then Vivek comes into picture and own the team and whole series with suspense revolves around it which is interesting. Atlast we nee to appreciate effort from Amazon and directors and keeps encouraging them so that in future will get more Internet series like this. atlast Brilliant
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    This series was one of the worst of all time. Do not watch it. This series doesn't make any sense. I wanted to give 0 stars but the minimum is 1. The story is fictional to its height. Plot is not at all eye catchy and it will waste all of your time. Each episode is more than 40 minutes and it does not deserve your precious time watching the series. Disappointed with this series. Please do not watch this pathetic series.
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    Mysterious Wrench

    I love cricket and I love movies based on sports so naturally I went in on a binge watch journey of Inside Edge with high expectations- but boy was I wrong.

    To be fair, the series starts off well, with a good dose of high quality vfx and production standards which can be expected of an amazon prime sponsored series. The first few episodes are entertaining and set the mood in the right direction but soon you realize that this series really does not know what it wants to be.

    *********SPOILERS AHEAD **********

    THE SCREENPLAY: Poor would be an understatement. The plot ignores the game of cricket most of the time and focuses more on badly written characters, some really bad acting (more on that later) , and no sense of direction. What starts off as a cricket series is soon transformed into a script where you witness murder, cricketers going undercover to solve a crime, a half baked love story which leads nowhere and a world where characters either cuss, get high or cuss...again. Also, you have a scene where a character is shot in the team dressing room and another character ( the villain) is smacked in the face with the team cricket bat ....need I say more....

    THE CHARACTERS: This probably is the series weakest point. Apart from a few excellent performances from Amit Sial, Sayani Gupta and Sanjay Suri most of the other characters suffer from poor writing, one dimensional characterization and week dialogues which sound more like punch lines than actual conversations.

    Vivek Oberoi is a notch below terrible here. He hams it up in every scene with the same expression, desperately trying to be and look evil, but in turn looking like an actor who has been told to hold just one expression throughout the movie. Richa Chadha does is good but suffers due to a badly written character who fails to garner audience sympathy.

    Most of the other characters are forgettable.

    THE PRODUCTION: This is where Inside Edge shines. The production value is off the charts creating a great atmosphere during cricket matches but the same production value becomes overbearing when the focus moves away from cricket.

    I understand that they were trying to show the lifestyle of the super wealthy but in doing so they went so far away from realism that the whole series looks like a bunch of disjointed ideas.

    Inside Edge could have been an authentic look at the nations obsession with cricket and the shenanigans which go on behind the scene, but unfortunately, it ends up becoming an overblown melodramatic train wreck.

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    Super P

    One of the best series so far. It's dramatic, thriller with suspense and keeps you occupied. Finished watching all episodes on Prime and feel that each and every character has justified his/her role.

    Vivek Oberoi is sensationally good just the way his father used to be. Mr. Suri, gem of a person with a simple role justifies his role.

    Not forgetting Richa Chaddha of her bold character

    Angad Bedi is overwhelming to watch with his role of a leader

    Tanuj Virwani has done a good job, though his facial expressions tend to be similar which was the need of the character.

    Other actors like Jitin/Sarah/Sayani/Siddhant have played a nice supporting role.

    Amit Sial with his exceptional voice quality has added cherry to the cake.

    Coming to the story. No spoilers here, all I can say is the story is 5-6 hours of pure entertainment which is much better than several daily soaps or short web series. With this series, they have also tried to raise issues such as caste-ism, female harassment etc.

    I give them 9 for the overall performance. :-)
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    Really liked the series.. it is very gripping . Vivek Oberoi has given his best performance till date.very matured and elegant.story line is also very good .Great effort by the team. I have watched the entire series in just 1 day post it's release.Truly marvelous piece of acting , direction and cinematography
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    A very few of the Indian web series will look the way this series has managed to. If you are a cricket fan, This is a must watch as it dives deep into the game as the name suggests "Inside Edge". Vivek oberoi is very elegant in a negative role as he takes all the attention of the camera when he's on screen.
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    Watched all episodes and must say a great strive by all the actors. It's high time daily soaps should be replaced by these shows on television. A perfect entertainer and keeps your stick to watch every episode after the other one. Superb direction and a wonderful show have been launched on the web. Do watch it and experience the Inside Edge.
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    I was really excited about this particular show when announced and boy it hasn't let me down. It's a delicious cocktail of cricket scandals, fading Bollywood stars and broken hearts. There are some great performances especially from Amit Sial, Tanuj Virwani, Angad Bedi, Manu Rishi and Siddharth. First episode is slightly sluggish but boy it picks up pace starting third episode and hits crescendo in sixth episode. Special mention to the scene in final episode where there is confrontation between Amit Sial and Siddharth's character. That scene alone makes this a special series. Vivek Oberoi tries hard and even impresses in few scenes. I felt Richa Chadha performance was inconsistent. She is a great actor though.

    Karan Anshuman has made probably the second best Indian TV series of our times(after TVF Pitchers). I really hope they do second season. Caution: Please do not start comparing Inside Edge with the international shows right away.