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Nip/Tuck Joan Rivers (2003–2010) HD online

Nip/Tuck Joan Rivers (2003–2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: Joan Rivers
Director: Ryan Murphy
Writers: Ryan Murphy,Ryan Murphy
Released: 2003–2010
Duration: 56min
Video type: TV Episode
Joan Alexandra Molinsky asks the surgeons to undo all the plastic surgery she ever had as actress Joan Rivers. She's ashamed that she started the fad for plastic surgery, especially as it influenced her grandson Cooper, and points out that it's a superb publicity stunt for her and the surgery firm. Ava says that she'll never be happy again as long as people judge her. Matt proposes to start again in Paris and promises her some anti-depression drugs. Christian surprises Matt while he's stealing them and sees through his pretense that the drugs are for him. When Christian confronts Ava, she dares him into sexual a power play game, but he suddenly walks out during the antics tells Sean that Ava is a male transsexual. Julia tries threatening Ava to back off, and learns her price is the last operation to complete the sex-change. Afterwards she refuses to go to Paris with Matt. Joan doesn't even like the idea of seeing what she would look like if the plastic surgery was reversed, the ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Dylan Walsh Dylan Walsh - Dr. Sean McNamara
Julian McMahon Julian McMahon - Dr. Christian Troy
John Hensley John Hensley - Matt McNamara
Roma Maffia Roma Maffia - Dr. Liz Cruz
Joely Richardson Joely Richardson - Julia McNamara
Famke Janssen Famke Janssen - Ava Moore
Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin - Dr. Barrett Moore
Seth Gabel Seth Gabel - Adrian Moore
Robert LaSardo Robert LaSardo - Escobar Gallardo
Conor O'Farrell Conor O'Farrell - Detective Fischman
Tasha Smith Tasha Smith - Carol Nelson
Kelsey Batelaan Kelsey Batelaan - Annie McNamara (as Kelsey Lynn Batelaan)
Todd Cattell Todd Cattell - J.T.
Mario Schugel Mario Schugel - Joe
Linda Klein Linda Klein - Nurse Linda

Julia refers to Ava as a 'phoenix'. Famke Jansen, who plays Ava, also played Jean Grey/Phoenix in the X-Men film series.

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    This episode truly is one of the best hours of television, and it is definitely the best episode of Nip/Tuck as of Season 4. This episode is powerful, revealing, shocking, and depressing in so many ways, and the final few minutes are just jaw-droppingly perfect. Famke Janssen gives her best performance yet as Ava, and Adrian finally confronts his mother about everything. The horrible truth about Ava is also finally revealed, and there is so much build up to the final few minutes. This is one of the best season finales ever, and it is no surprise that Nip/Tuck got so much attention during this time. Sean also finally confronts his fears, and he sets things up to face the Carver once and for all. Overall, this episode is just magnificent and just proves why Nip/Tuck is so addictive and amazing.
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    This is one of my favorite episode because it has all the high qualities that this series put up from the first episode.It's also a great way to end second season and great start for the third one.We are all wondering what happened to Christian.In this episode lots of secrets are reveled to us and there are few amazing turn overs.Brilliant job by people who are writing the plot.As usual actors did amazing job,from Dylan Walsh,Julian McMahon,Joely Richardson,John Hensley to Roma Maffia.They are all standard and excellent.But in this series we've also got some very good appearances.Especially Famke Janssen.She's very good in her role.In this episode you can see well known and established actor Alec Baldwin.Also the episode is named by Joan Rivers and she has a role too.I would recommend this episode only to those people who watched previous episodes.Only people who are watching the show can understand what is happening and that that what's happening makes sense.To all of you who didn't watch the show from the beginning do that now.You won't regret if you have strong stomach.10/10