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The Package II: Redherring (2010) HD online

The Package II: Redherring (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Short / Action / Crime
Original Title: The Package II: Redherring
Director: Sam Richardson
Writers: Jonathan Cooke,Sam Richardson
Released: 2010
Budget: £400
Duration: 35min
Video type: Movie
Moments after their failed mission, Lucas and Mike flee the scene from the wreckage of the pub in order to avoid capture. They quickly flee the country and arrive in New York to receive a new assignment, though not without a few obstacles. However, this new Package is not quite what it seems...
Cast overview:
Sam Richardson Sam Richardson - Lucas Broughton / Smith 2 (voice)
Jonathan Cooke Jonathan Cooke - Michael Carlson / Good Friend (voice)
Gareth Pugh Gareth Pugh - James (voice)
Michael Inglis Michael Inglis - Smith 1 (voice)
Fancy Pants Fancy Pants - Smith 3 / Mr Baker (voice)
Mommy Monkey Mommy Monkey - Receptionist (voice)
Big Monkey Big Monkey - 43rd Floor Agent / John (voice)
Thomas Fyfe Thomas Fyfe - Reporter (voice)
Joshua Clements Joshua Clements - Policeman (voice)
Peter Coakes Peter Coakes - Contact (voice)