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I'm Not a Feminist But... (2005) HD online

I'm Not a Feminist But... (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Iu0027m Not a Feminist But...
Director: Fiona Reid
Released: 2005
Duration: 11min
Video type: Movie

48 participants are credited for this short film, many of whom are just heard in voice, or seen in pictures or artworks.

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    It is something that nobody has ever accused me of, but this film made me think that perhaps I was too open-minded because I didn't think that the word feminist was taboo to the degree that the voiceovers said it was. This bothered me for the first few minutes of this short documentary because I couldn't relate to it at all but luckily the move to modern times is more interesting. In the second half it is much more about the difficulties facing women today – the continuing wage gap, the promotion of a sexual ideal of the supermodel and the pressure on girls growing up.

    It is interesting because it doesn't have answers and is more of a debate than it is about shouting at you. The talk about what feminism is today is still a bit dull but the thought over the issues is engaging and fairly discussed by the women. The footage is not that well attached to the dialogue but it is only occasionally arty or annoying and mostly fills the screen without distracting from the words. The cards are a nice touch but mostly this is a film you could listen to as easily as watch. Interesting; imperfect and limited, but still interesting.