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Swen (2012) HD online

Swen (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Swen
Director: Ajitesh Sharma,Johnny Baweja
Writers: Ajitesh Sharma,Ajitesh Sharma
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 42min
Video type: Movie
SWEN is an abbreviation for four directions, South West East North. Four women from four parts of India. Little do they know that their lives would be connected together in a way one could never expect, the connecting link being a man, Abhay.
Cast overview:
Johnny Baweja Johnny Baweja - Abhay
Reeth Mazumder Reeth Mazumder - Sally
Francesca Dutton Francesca Dutton - Sarah
Auritra Ghosh Auritra Ghosh - Riya
Manisha Pradhan Manisha Pradhan - Afia
Vatsaal Raja Vatsaal Raja - Joseph
Jignesh Mehta Jignesh Mehta - Biren

Reeth Mazumder wanted to become an archaeologist in real life but she played an archaeologist in her reel life in SWEN.

Johnny Baweja is Harman Baweja's Cousin.

Reeth Mazumder replaced Bollywood actress Zarine khan in the Bengali film Porobashinee.