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Bad Day for the Cut (2017) HD online

Bad Day for the Cut (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Bad Day for the Cut
Director: Chris Baugh
Writers: Chris Baugh,Brendan Mullin
Released: 2017
Duration: 1h 39min
Video type: Movie
A middle-aged Irish farmer, who still lives at home with his mother, sets off on a mission of revenge when the old lady is murdered.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Nigel O'Neill Nigel O'Neill - Donal
Susan Lynch Susan Lynch - Frankie Pierce
Józef Pawlowski Józef Pawlowski - Bartosz
Stuart Graham Stuart Graham - Trevor Ballantine
David Pearse David Pearse - Gavigan
Brian Milligan Brian Milligan - Jerome
Anna Próchniak Anna Próchniak - Kaja
Stella McCusker Stella McCusker - Florence
Ian McElhinney Ian McElhinney - Eamon
Lalor Roddy Lalor Roddy - Leo McMahon
Frankie McCafferty Frankie McCafferty - Bernard
Ryan McParland Ryan McParland - Ossie
Shashi Rami Shashi Rami - Vivian
Andrew Porter Andrew Porter - Damien
Fo Cullen Fo Cullen - Liz

Nigel O'Neill, Ian McElhinney and Lalor Roddy all previously acted in Игра престолов (2011)

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    A black comedy thriller that works on multiple levels. Chris Baugh's feature debut very violent and dark yet never loses the comical touch which keeps the viewer close to the protagonist Donel, the middle-aged farmer whose revenge for the murder of his mom serves as an unravelling of the whole film. With such a premise the direction of the story could have gone to many places yet it stayed through the simple Donel all the while keeping it interesting. Without relying on too much character exposition scenes or monologues the film lets the events describe the characters yet retaining enough background for them to be effective.
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    This exceeded all my expectations and really delivers a punch to the guts that leaves the viewer reeling in many scenes!

    Good acting , unexpected moments and a real engaging story for once. Quite frustrating as you just wanted the bad guys to get it but the film treads a more true to life and unexpected line which keeps the viewer frustrated and wanting to see more...Great storytelling as the backstory slowly evolves.

    If you are looking for something more without the frills and spills of unlimited CGI and dross story-line and remakes we see delivered to Netflix and Amazon seemingly weekly then this will surely satisfy, its a masterful performance from the main character and a really unexpected set of quite nasty characters and events all mixed into a really satisfying Irish thrill-soup!
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    Revenge thrillers are fairly common, so much so that when going into a new one the tendency is to lower your expectations given that most are pretty generic and samey. Well, I have to say that this Northern Irish effort is a cut above most of them. Its story is one that sounds pretty familiar. A farmer seeks bloody revenge against the criminals who murdered his mother one dark night. It's essentially a plot line that on the face of it sounds fairly typical but the way it is delivered to screen ensures that this is a film which stands out.

    First off, the Northern Irish setting is a bonus right from the get-go. There aren't too many films made in this part of the world, so it gives things a fresher feel. Plus, the undercurrents of the Troubles are interwoven into the story as a background which ultimately informs the events in the present day. You could also find the tit-for-tat violence between the two parties here an analogy for the violence of the past in which one murder led to another and another. It is a film which combines its bloody thriller moments with a healthy dose of black comedy though. It's a balance it gets just right without ever sacrificing the seriousness of the main plot-line. Of additional benefit here is the acting performances of both Nigel O'Neill as the vigilante farmer and Susan Lynch as the unhinged crime boss. The former puts in a thoroughly engaging and sometimes funny performance as the sympathetic farmer out for retribution and answers, while the latter is very convincing as the dangerous psychotic behind events, it is also a nice change to have the crime boss a woman. The story has enough twists and turns to ensure it is always compelling and it ends very effectively also. In other words, this is an extremely good thriller which must be seen by more people.
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    One of my greatest accidental finds of the year, Bad Day is delightfully humorous, action-filled and, it goes without saying, violent. Not gratuitously so, however, which I appreciate. It isn't necessary since the passion for revenge is powerfully displayed and that therein is the foundation of any good revenge film.

    I was surprised to find myself touched and a bit saddened by the end, though. It's the type of film where it's easy to get caught up in the fantasy of revenge, to tap into the protagonist's thirst as if it were your own, and just when you think that the bad guys are going to get theirs, reality comes and slaps you in the face. But I suppose that too was something I appreciated since it's a reminder of how cyclical life is. Violence begets violence and more often than not, innocents wind up being collateral damage in other people's wars.

    Overall, an entertaining, thought-provoking action film.
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    Nothing revolutionary about the story...but we'll acted, well executed, and not bloated with filler like most modern films. I had a good time.
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    Found on Netflix and wasn't expecting much but more than pleasantly surprised. Fine acting from the leads,especially Donal. Unfolding back story that makes the film,well worth a look
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    This is a quirky action comedy thriller. A middle aged irish farmer, Donal still lives with his mum. One night assassins turns up at the farm and kill his mum. Donal is in the garage at the time and sees one of the assassins as he leaves but only before discovering what happened to mum in the house. Donal goes on a journey of revenge with a van and a 12 bore shotgun. The reason for the assassin unfolds as the movie progresses and it isn't fully revealed until very near the end. This adds to the suspense but it does bring with it some confusion. The inclusion of the comedy allows some, what would otherwise be implausible situations to arise and so lead to a more eventful and entertaining film. The movie is quite tense in parts and the bits of comedy don't spoil that. I was going to rate it at 6.5 but I'll round up to 7 for it's refreshing change to the usual Hollywood take on this genre. My rating 7/10 Recommended
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    Good to see an Irish setting movie first time in my life...If my memory is not centers around a revenge story which is complicated..A bit of western wind in it...reminded me my one of the favourite western Django unchained...Although much difference can be made from this classic movie but not too much i i watched the movie i felt the same electrical potential through my nerve that were felt while i watched Once upon a time in the west and also 70- 80% of the best i have watched The good,the Bad and the ugly..I know some of u will not believe me...but Neither i am exaggareting my feelings nor my datas are insane..the movie will generate same to u...

    Irish farmers and their home.I have never seen it.But i have experienced through this film. A loyal farmer and his quite peaceful home..mother in the home..but suddenly life becomes difficult at one night as mother of the house is killed by some notorious assassins..The farmer steps out from the home...his cold comfort of home.He seeks the revenge of his mother..Not in a conventional style rather he does it in a such a style that it makes the core of the movie. This is why the movie makes u satisfied.

    The background behind the plot also reveals the success of it.It is not just a simple revenge movie.It overpowers the Thrill of cheap revenge actions.It digs far more deeper..There are much much more turning blocks in it.Besides that actions are quite exhibitionary for someone like me.Action movies always attracts me.So I was attracted..but for gods sake there is much shakes than actions.

    Many many things can be written about the movie. Oh, I forgot to tell one thing.Apart from all this good things the movie has a drawback.It is a bit slow to start.But when it starts it will be a total enjoy and fun for u.But don't worry it will not bother u too much.It has the power to override the slow start and it can quickly change its gear..u will not be least I was not.

    So My rating is 9/10 for this movie.I am satisfied with 90% aspects of the movie.100% is only a dream. Isn't it????????
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    Bad Day For The Cut: An Irish Film about revenge, quelle surprise! Starting off in Tyrone and moving around the Six counties this is a tale of vengeance rooted in "The Troubles" but most of the narrative relates to present day events. Donal (Nigel O'Neill) lives on an Isolated Tyrone farm with his mother, he is middle-aged and lonely, repairs vehicles on the side. One night strangers come and murder his murder. A follow up attempt is made to kill Donal and make it look like suicide but Tyrone farmers are a hardy lot and one of the assailants ends up dead and the other is Donal's prisoner.

    There follows a story of human-trafficking, sexual slavery and gangsterism in contemporary Northern Ireland. A quest which runs from the border through Belfast to the North Antrim coast as Donal seeks answers, about the death of his mother, his mother's past and the true story about what happened decades before. A violence you would think unlikely in an ordinary man is roused in Donal as he becomes a champion not just for himself but others who are oppressed. His violence pales though in comparison to that casually used by the traffickers to keep their slaves and underlings in line.

    Superb direction by Chris Baugh and a great script veined with dark humour by Baugh and Brendan Mullin. This is a rural Cardboard Gangsters! 9/10. On Netflix

    Brendan Mullin was at a Q&A after the screening and his next film will be about the accidental unearthing (during a motorway construction) of the vampire that Bram Stoker based Dracula on! It's working title is The Boys From The County Hell.
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    The story of a simple farmer, always referred to as "The Farmer" by the baddies, who seeks to avenge his mother's murder. Along the way, he picks up an awkward and naive accomplice in an unusual fashion. Some flashes of humour, but basically a dark and violent story about dark and violent people who's tentacles reach far and deep into the underworld of Northern Ireland.

    Good acting by the leads, suspenseful and interesting. Some moments where suspension of belief is required, but on the whole a good movie.

    Subtitles recommended due to some very thick accents.
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    Bad Day for the Cut is a gem hiding beneath the bottom of the sea for the fans of revenge thrillers. It is a great example of why there should be more indie films out there. Fairly good acting - astounding performances by Nigel O'Neill and Susan Lynch especially -a steady storyline and a decent plot twist, this film has it all.
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    Very underrated film. Very entertaining, & brilliant acting
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    The story starts slowly, but like the ride up that first big hill on a roller coster , it reaches and inflection point then changes for the more thrilling, and takes us on a wild ride through a gaggle of gangsters, hookers, IRA ers and long lost relatives run amok.

    In the beginning we see a fairly boring looking farmer , middle aged guy who lives with his mother , enough said, or is it?.... There are hints that he is less dorky than he appears, but nothing solid. Then, his almost saccharine sweet moms gets brutally murdered, and the story picks up steam as he tries to solve the crime.

    There is good acting and some black comedy early on , and the violence and thrills shortly follow. The picture seems great, but like meeting an interested perfect ten in a bar, you suspect something will be wrong and figure the situation will devolve into disappointment, usually membership in a cult in the former and PC predictability in the ladder,. but in the films case at least it never does.

    Other the the protagonist farmer guy, its tough to figure out just who the good and bad guys are. Most films today show a villain insult a women or a child early on , and we know he will be punished later in the piece. None of that here, you have no idea who to trust, which is great, and thus no idea what will happen until a good twist at the end. It had been so long since I had seen suspense, I almost forgot what it looked like.

    Bravo to the writers, they didn't chicken out. As the story unfolds we are treated to one surprise after another, and there is a nice pre-PC code twist at the end. It is almost perfect , but I don't give 10s.
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    Another excellent film by the Irish. Seems the Irish, Aussies, kiwis and brits have supplanted the U.S. when it comes to quality films. A quiet Irish farmer living with his mother finds his life overturned by thugs who kill his mother. Just an old woman living a quiet life in the country, but was that all she was? A ruthless female psychopath and pump kills her. Her son, the middle aged farmer finds her. Now he finds himself attacked by two more thugs that try to hang him in his barn. What follows is this quiet, unassuming man pursuing his mother's killers. He leaves a trail of bodies trying to get answers. Aided by a bungling Polish man who seeks his sister's freedom from the clutches of a prostitution ring Donal seeks the answers. Well written and directed. Susan Lynch gives a performance which had me hating her by film's end. Good actress accompanied by other strong performances. Nice to watch a film without Hollywood crap in it.
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    Nigel O'Neill is Donal. a fifty something man living with his ma on a farm in Ireland. After a wee bit of violence, Donal seeks revenge upon some really nasty men running a prostitution ring. With the assistance of a Polish immigrant, We soon learn that the leader of this pack of meanies, is a young lady named Frankie. She reminded of Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest, a purely evil, foul mouthed bitch. The story becomes somewhat convoluted, with skeletons in the family closet involving the IRA. The cast is fine and there are some funny moments, but overall, this is only a 5/10.
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    The story isn't good. The incidents are not so shocking. The story moves slowly in a not interesting, typical way.
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    Off the top; I think I would move to Northern Ireland just for the cell (mobile phone) service. On an isolated beach, miles from nowhere, or deep in the thick woods - full service!! There were some links in the plot chain I missed. Who was the guy dying in he hospital and why did Frankie wait until his hospitalization to exact revenge from him? How did the farmer Donal know to stake out the ice cream shop to follow the bad guy Trevor to Frankie's house? Where did Donal get the number to call to order Kaja (the Polish sex slave)? There was nothing specifically Northern Irish - except for the deep mistrust of everyone. We didn't learn anything about the Troubles or Irish daily life. The movie could of easily been Australian. To me what made the movie was the work of Nigel O'Neill as Donal. He was so real and his transformation was so gradual and believable that the movie was worth watching.
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    Nigel O'Neill is a new name to me but he's the quietly impressive heart of this film as a middle aged Irish farmer who's mother is murdered in a house invasion for which he seeks revenge. In a odd couple teaming with a young Polish man who's seeking his sister, abducted and put to work in the sex trade by the same villains responsible for the death of O'Neill's mother, gritty drama and subtle black comedy combine effectively. What's refreshing about this piece is, though the villains are formidable, they are also human and vulnerable as are the heroes of the piece- O'Neill is not presented as a one man army a la Eastwood or Neeson, he gets beaten up, he needs help but crucially he still makes us believe that an aging, slightly overweight man is capable of the actions presented. There is good support from Jozef Pawlowski as O'Neill's faintly hapless sidekick and from Anna Prochniak who is more than just a damsel in distress. Principal among the bad guys are Susan Lynch and Stuart Graham and as O'Neill's uncle, Ian McElhinney, all better known and all turning in fine performances but this film belongs, rightly to O'Neill. Kudos too to director/writer Chris Baugh for this rare 'British' crime thriller set outside of the smoke.
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    In the style of the English dramadies (think Lock, Stick and Two Smoking Barrels, albeit slower paced) this slow burn about an Everyman who goes on a mission of revenge when his mother is killed and he is almost hanged to death in his garage. Well filmed, mostly logical, and ultimately satisfying.
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    This film is about a man wanting answers and revenge after his mother is murdered.

    I enjoyed this film. It was well acted, filmed and the story was maybe a bit shaky here and there but worked. My disappointments were the ending, the pace and I felt that it needed a bit more character development. Overall, it was a decent film. Glad I came across it.
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    Nearly 2 hours of action, intrigue, dark humour, and great acting.

    All of it sadly diminished by a poor ending. By poor ending, I mean, no ending.
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    Nice revenge movie. Shows rural Ireland off, bleak and beautiful. Likeable characters. But and its a big but. What a pony ending.
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    A simple, middle-aged farmer living with his elederly mother in the Northern Ireland countryside discovers he has been in the dark about her past life. When things take a turn for the worst for her he has to piece together why. With attack the best form of defence the truth emerges. This is a taut vengeance thriller with a distinct Ulster dialogue. It's stylish and effective and has a distinct flavour in its character development which at times is quite humorous and quaint.
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    Acting was very good but the plotline is so slow the film gets boring until the last 10 minutes. Donald was a very interesting character but I found it hard to understand him at times because it sounded like he was mumbling. I had to finish the filom to see what happens. The ending could have been better, kind of just cut off,.
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    Not a bad film about vengeance. Some very subtle dark humor. My one question is that does anyone live in Northern Ireland? In all the violent scenes in apartment and office buildings and outside where the main character is digging a grave, walking around with a full size over and under shotgun, being dragged all beat up into his van or dragging someone into his van, there is no one around, ever. No other people on the street. No passing cars. No other occupants in the buildings.