» » Герои Хогана Psychic Kommandant (1965–1971)

Герои Хогана Psychic Kommandant (1965–1971) HD online

Герои Хогана Psychic Kommandant (1965–1971) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / War
Original Title: Psychic Kommandant
Director: Gene Reynolds
Writers: Phil Sharp,Bernard Fein
Released: 1965–1971
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
In a plot to get to an airplane with a silent engine, Hogan gets Klink to believe that he is psychic.
Episode complete credited cast:
Bob Crane Bob Crane - Col. Hogan
Werner Klemperer Werner Klemperer - Col. Klink
John Banner John Banner - Sgt. Schultz
Robert Clary Robert Clary - LeBeau
Richard Dawson Richard Dawson - Newkirk
Ivan Dixon Ivan Dixon - Kinchloe
Larry Hovis Larry Hovis - Carter
Cynthia Lynn Cynthia Lynn - Helga
Leon Askin Leon Askin - General Burkhalter
Joseph Mell Joseph Mell - Kintzler

Colonel Hogan (Bob Crane) discovers the secret to the "noise less engine" is that the gas is vaporized in a series of baffle chambers. He explains this works like stuffing your ears with cotton (to dampen/reduce sound).

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    In most 'Hogan Heroes" episodes you may have two situations but both relate to the main story by the end of the show. But in this episode we seem to have two different stories that are not combined. We have a story about Klink believing that he has ESP and also a story about a silent aircraft. The writer had to stretch to get at least one written part where the two stories overlapped.

    The main part of the story is about a new aircraft that could change the winds of war. The Germans, or should I say a German named Kintzler, has developed a silent aircraft that he intends to show off to the Luftwaffe Generals. If the Generals approve, the aircraft could be bought and then mass produced into the air force. Hogan has got to come up with a plan where he can send over the blueprints of the plane to the Allies. It will not be easy as all the prisoner are confined to the barracks until further notice.

    The part where Klink believes he has ESP is there for comic relief as most of the funny lines come from that situation. But less not forget the Burkhalter/Klink combination. Anytime the two get together you know that Burkhalter is going to have some good replies to Klink's comments. So overall we have a good story in the aircraft and a comedy in the ESP. The results is a good show.