» » Vampyr: The Origins The Red Blood Amulet (2018– )

Vampyr: The Origins The Red Blood Amulet (2018– ) HD online

Vampyr: The Origins The Red Blood Amulet (2018– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Horror / Mystery / Romance
Original Title: The Red Blood Amulet
Director: Tommy Hans,Anna Perez Menendez
Writers: Jonathan Hokins
Released: 2018–
Video type: TV Episode
The Chief of Tatiana's bodyguards discovers that there is a powerful amulet, created with pure vampiric blood. He has the power to subdue or destroy any powerful vampire, but he can never destroy a pureblood by submitting and controlling him.
Episode cast overview:
Noah Cuoren Noah Cuoren - Tatiana
Javier Rodríguez Macpherson Javier Rodríguez Macpherson - Andrew (Heir Brother of the Pure Blood Vampiric)
Laura Súper Laura Súper - Vampire Bodyguard
George Smith George Smith - Cesar (Important Investigator Contributor)
Lucy Wollobix Lucy Wollobix - Vampire (Converted by Andrew) (as Wollobix Lucy)
Raul Sajarez Raul Sajarez - Vampire (Converted by Andrew) (as Sajarez Raul)
Alonso Pablo Alonso Pablo - Vampire (Converted by Andrew)
Isabel Yeisha Isabel Yeisha - Vampire (Converted by Andrew) (as Yeisha Isabel)
Joaquin Maradiaga Joaquin Maradiaga - Vampire (Converted by Andrew)
Elsa Montanuy Hernandez Elsa Montanuy Hernandez - Vampire (Converted by Andrew)
Petri Ortiz Petri Ortiz - Vampire (Converted by Andrew)
John Linch John Linch - Vampire (Converted by Andrew)
Evalasky Fortuny Evalasky Fortuny - Vampire (Converted by Andrew)
Sandra Rodríguez Sandra Rodríguez - Vampire (Converted by Andrew)
Pabullow Pabullow - Police