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Without a Father (2010) HD online

Without a Father (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Family
Original Title: Without a Father
Director: LeRoy McDonald
Writers: LeRoy McDonald
Released: 2010
Budget: $80,000
Duration: 1h 41min
Video type: Movie
Joshua Taylor and Christopher Bauman are two young boys from separate worlds whose lives are thrust together and forever altered when Joshua's father suddenly dies. Lucille Bauman, mother of young Christopher raises them with love, compassion, and The Truth. In vain, and as the boys grow older they begin seeking to fill the empty, fatherless void in their lives through a world wind of events that is sure to keep you on edge of your seat. Can the prayers of a praying mother help this family now? Will the anger and resentment overtake Christopher? Will there be enough time for forgive, or will it be to late? This heartfelt suspenseful movie will touch everyone who watches it. Impacted with a powerful message of reconciliation, faith, family and perseverance, "Without A Father" is a must see film.


Credited cast:
Pieter Sypesteyn Pieter Sypesteyn - Joshua Taylor
Jacob O'Neal Jacob O'Neal - Christopher Bauman
Cynthia Cannon Cynthia Cannon - Lucille Bauman
Vicki O'Neal Vicki O'Neal - Sarah Bauman
Brayden Whisenhunt Brayden Whisenhunt - Young Joshua Taylor
Xavier O'Neal Xavier O'Neal - Young Christopher Bauman
Michael Paterka Michael Paterka - Phillip Taylor
Katy Fulkerson Katy Fulkerson - Kelly Marie Rose
Taron Glover Taron Glover - Brandon
James Mcewen James Mcewen - Henery Bauman
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
David Amos David Amos - Divorce Lawyer
Ryan Anstett Ryan Anstett - Car Salesman
Richard Britz Richard Britz - Medic
Alan Brown Alan Brown - Pastor on TV
Byron Brown Byron Brown - Pablo

Reviews: [3]

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    Two young boys grow up and grow apart as hate and frustration sets in as one fathers death and another father leaving forces them to travel different direction in life. This movie shows how a life filled with Christ years later can change and impact other peoples life. This movie is about love, hate, destruction and then family reconciliation that is both sad and wonderful because of the twist in the movie plot. It is a must see for the whole family. The story is fantastic with twist and turns that will catch you off guard and in some cases bring tears to your eyes. This movie could be a true story of many peoples life today. The young boy actors did a great job expressing the way the kids grew up and showing how tribulation can change the direction a child has started out in life and when the movie flashes 25 years later the total cast of actors did a fine job of showing families torn apart by hate and frustration and how reconciliation can occur when the right path for life is chosen.
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    This is a great story about life changing experiences in the life of two young boys from different worlds. This story takes the boys from youth to adults over about 25 years and the ups and downs of life that makes us who we are in todays world. The story shows what the love of Christ in our life can do to influence the way we are treated and the way we should treat others because of that love in our lives. This film should be watched by the whole family to feel and know how the impact of love in our family of Christ brings us together for the improvement of family relationships. The story is great and the film quality is good and the mostly unknown actors put on a fine performance.
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    This show was worthless. It goes from children around age 9 to 25 years later. Their voices are hollow, sound the same & all seem emotionless. When something horrible happens, one of the little boys was smiling. I guess that was his lame excuse at showing grief. The show was horrible & seemed poorly created! I understand that it is difficult to have a child show great emotion in a show, but seriously? This was your best effort? The men in the show also seem emotionless. There seemed to be no true plot. I cannot recommend this show. There are many better shows out there & this simply is not one of them. Now the elderly woman in the show seemed really good, but she was about the only person in the entire show. The children when they are young look nothing like the adults they play years later. To go from a red head with a lot of freckles to looking Hispanic 25 years later, what is that all about? That's the best you can do?