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Alaloum (1982) HD online

Alaloum (1982) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Alaloum
Director: Yorgos Apostolidis,Yannis Smaragdis
Writers: Yannis Kakoulidis,Harry Klynn
Released: 1982
Duration: 1h 56min
Video type: Movie
This film consists of three hilarious parts. In the first one we see a great police detective entering a house to solve a crime and destroying everything and everyone inside it, the second part is a "high quality" melodrama and the third is a bucolic story taking place at a small village somewhere in Greece.
Credited cast:
Harry Klynn Harry Klynn - Detective Bekas / Artemis / Golfo / Haralabos Trabakoulas / Avraam (as Vasilis Triandafyllidis)
Dimitris Piatas Dimitris Piatas - Tasos
Joly Garbi Joly Garbi - Thimokleia
Manos Destounis Manos Destounis - (as Manolis Destounis)
Konstantinos Tzoumas Konstantinos Tzoumas - (as Kostas Tzoumas)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tzeni Aroni Tzeni Aroni - (as Julie Aroni)
Kostas Baladimas Kostas Baladimas
Tasos Dareios Tasos Dareios - (as Tasos Dariotis)
Dora Hatzigianni Dora Hatzigianni
Christy Keenan Christy Keenan
Korina Klynn Korina Klynn
Paris Labrakos Paris Labrakos
Katerina Manteli Katerina Manteli
Giorgos Mylonas Giorgos Mylonas
Giorgos Nezos Giorgos Nezos

Reviews: [3]

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    Alaloum is the first television work of Harry Klynn and his best to date. In this movie Harry deploys his rich talent and proves why he is considered one of the best Greek comedians. His lines are witty, he knows exactly what he wants from everyone involved (from directors to actors) and he both creates and brings to life some great comic personas. The influence of Harry's stand-up comedy years in the States is everywhere.

    Alaloum emits freshness all along. It resonated immediately with the Greek audiences and established Harry as the leading comedian to make fun of the Greek society and folklore.

    This movie has now a cult status and is even liked by younger people who did not live in this era. It is a dark and very poignant comedy. The only flaw I can find is purely technical: The sound is amateurish at best.

    It is a shame that the quality of Harry's work progressively downgraded to a very low level.
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    This is Klynn's first and best attempt at cinema, and is actually more like 3 short films put together, or, more accurately, three short plays put together (Klynn is clearly influenced from live theatre; light-hearted review productions combining social and political commentary come to mind).

    The characters Klynn plays in all his films, not just here, are caricatures he derives from the people around him; everyday and not-so-everyday people in modern society. His performances in this film are very good, and the film as a whole is hysterically funny. The inept detective who literally destroys a house and the lives of every person inside while trying to solve a crime that actually happened next door is my favourite.

    Strongly recommended!
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    Ok maybe being greek is important to understand SOME of the laughs in this movie (due to some word playing and a few political reference scenes), but it's a unique piece of film making and acting. Especially the part with police officer Beka made laugh with tears! It's the greek version of Pink Panther, but even more hilarious if you ask me (and I line Pink Panther movies)! It'd be unnecessary to say anything more about the plot (it'd be a spoiler too), so I just conclude by recommending this to anyone (Greek or not) who's in a mood for a funny movie.