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Jesus Cooks Me Breakfast (2007) HD online

Jesus Cooks Me Breakfast (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Jesus Cooks Me Breakfast
Director: Jason Antoon
Writers: Jason Antoon
Released: 2007
Budget: $30,000
Duration: 25min
Video type: Movie
JESUS COOKS ME BREAKFAST is a surreal comedy that questions the existence of God and man's eternal task in finding him. Jules Berlandt is a depressed man who stuffs envelopes for a living and stays with his young innocent girlfriend who decorates her apartment with children's figurines. With a broken relationship hanging over his head and a life heading comfortably nowhere, Jules life is turned upside down when Jesus Christ unexpectedly knocks on his front door and wants to cook him breakfast. After learning from Jesus that his second coming came and went unnoticed, Jules is told the real reason behind the son of God's visit. Jesus tells him that "God is missing" and he wants Jules to activate his life and find his dad. The only thing separating Jules from his new task is an omelet. Jules must either eat the omelet or reject it. Both choices have heavy consequences for his life and mankind as we know it. What will Jules do? Will he eat the omelet?
Cast overview:
Joey Slotnick Joey Slotnick - Jules
Yul Vazquez Yul Vazquez - Jesus - as Young Man
Jason Robards III Jason Robards III - Jesus - as Middle Aged Man
Daniella Van Graas Daniella Van Graas - Jesus - as Young Woman
Audra Blaser Audra Blaser - Lily
Marquis Rodriguez Marquis Rodriguez - Jesus - as Ten-Year-Old
Kent Abbett Kent Abbett - Tracker
Alexander Scheitinger Alexander Scheitinger - Pre-teen Jules
Amanda Jones Amanda Jones - Passerby (as Amanda Fairchild)