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Adam Sangala  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Action / History / Romance
Original Title: Adam Sangala
Duration: 2h 51min
Video type: TV Series
Three part television series from Jege's novel about young Slovak serf boy living in 17th century. After father's execution for poaching, Adam decides to go and see the world. However during his travel he gets involved in defending poor serf girl who is being abused by the land owner Graf Markos. Adam beats the Graf and is then pursued by the Graf's enforcers. While running Adam meets beautiful daughter of a tradesman Betty and falls in love with her. However he can't stay long and must continue running because the enforcers are getting close.As a last resort Adam decides to enlist in Graf Palfy army...

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    this miniseries rocks !!! back in the good ole days when slovak TV original programming produced once in a while s.t. good(not like nowadays when it is together with Canadian the worst in the world!!!),adam sangala delivered. u can see it again and again and never be bored-just fascinated... camera,script,sets,music,dialogues,performances-everything is superb. and only by watching it last time i discovered who's the guy playing kapral malger-no one else than director spisak-fine work karol !! all in all-a must see for everyone interested in slovak TV dramas and at least "2 big thumbs up !!!".