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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Bomui walcheu
Video type: TV Series
On a remote island, two young children forge a deep and lasting bond of friendship. One day the girl falls ill, and the boy mysteriously disappears. Fifteen years later, Jae-Ha, a cold and stern but brilliant pianist, crosses paths with warm and beautiful Eun-Young who reminds him of his childhood sweetheart. Meanwhile, Phillip, Jae-Ha's manager, is also interested in Eun-Young, and businesswoman, Yi-Na, seeks to reunite with a childhood sweetheart of her own. Set in Austria and South Korea, the path to love is strewn with complications, misunderstandings, and secret identities.
Series cast summary:
Ha Jae-Young Ha Jae-Young 1 episode, 2006

Yu-ri Sung was originally cast for the role of Park Eun-young but dropped out and replaced by Hyo-Joo Han.

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    Like all of Seok-ho Yun seasonal dramas, Spring Waltz doesn't fail to impress viewer's eyes with the beautiful scenery. And like the endless love dramas, Spring Waltz tells the story of one's first love based on a childhood memory. Thumbs up for the beautiful musical pieces presented in the drama. The music truly captures the essence of a spring love story. The story itself is well brought out, however you begin to notice that certain themes used in Spring Waltz have been used in previous the seasonal dramas. Thus, the originality tends to lack in that department. Considering that Seok-ho Yun casted two new faces for the leading roles, both Seo Do Young and Han Hyo Joo portrayed their respective characters quite well. For a drama that is 20 episodes long, this could've been cut to 16 episodes or less. A lot of issues presented itself, and appeared to really drag the storyline. Being the final seasonal drama, Spring Waltz could've been better. At the same time, Spring Waltz has a good storyline that many k-drama fans would love!
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    An excellent korean classic. Out of all the seasons series, this has the most heart-break scenes. The actors played a very convincing roles and took me on an emotional roller-coaster. Although not realistic, there are a lot of elements included that we experience on a daily basis.

    I would always recommend this to my friends. 10/10
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    Spring Waltz remains my favorite of the "Four Seasons" K-dramas. I love the cast and find the story very powerful, the main theme is forgiveness. The young man Jae Ha has many demons related to being abandoned by his alcoholic father as a child. He carries these personal demons deep within himself until as an adult he meets a girl Eun-young who somehow reminds him of a girl he lost in childhood whom he deeply cared about.

    How Jae Ha comes to forgive those who wronged him, and how he comes to a place where he can trust and love again, is often a painful journey to watch, but inspiring all the same.

    The romance is hard to beat in Spring Waltz. I totally disagree with the other reviewers here in that I think the two leads have VERY strong chemistry between them! The way they look at each other is breathtaking! Very few American shows ever show this deep level of spiritual combined with physical passion between the leads.

    There's also American actor of Korean descent Daniel Henney as eye candy, many great character actors, and an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack with lots of genius composer Yiruma romantic pieces.

    Don't miss Spring Waltz! It's a classic for a reason.
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    Spring Waltz has a great sweet story about childhood memories,love and sentiment.

    What if you could never forget that one person? The person you shared that spring with? In order to escape debts, Jaeha and his father runaway to the family's home town, a small island isolated from the rest of the world. While Jaeha's father goes on a short trip, he leaves his son under a friend's care. Scared his father would not come back, Jaeha begins collecting money to buy his own boat ticket. However, his plans change after befriending Eunyoung, the father's friend's daughter. Eunyoung was born with a sickness and spent most of her childhood at home. She constantly prays to make a friend, and she finds this friendship in Jaeha. However, after a tragic accident, the two are split and only to meet again after 15 years.

    The Korean drama was a good one from beginning to end. I love the locations that was set in both South Korea and Austria. The story was a lot better than Summer Scent,which made up for better acting by the lead stars,Son Ye-jin and Song Seung Hun. The lead characters were namely Seo Do Young as Jae-Ha/Su Ho and Han Hyo Joo as Eun-Hyong were decent in the drama despite of their lack of experience in acting. Although they looked together as a couple, they lack passion required to become realistic as a couple. Both lacked chemistry needed to look credible as childhood friends and lovers.One would feel that friendship existed between them. While the supporting cast were quite okay. Daniel Henney as Philip was credible despite the fact that his switch of language from Korean,German and English can be annoying at times.Lee So Yeon was alright as Lee-Na.

    It may not be an exceptional Korean drama but it is definitely worthy your time.