» » Campus 12 Episode #1.40 (2018– )

Campus 12 Episode #1.40 (2018– ) HD online

Campus 12 Episode #1.40 (2018– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Mystery
Original Title: Episode #1.40
Director: Samir Devedzic
Released: 2018–
Duration: 12min
Video type: TV Episode
(Zangmoed) Noah panics, as Levi warned against using the dust, but Sam triumphs having apparently mastered the key alchemist technique. Despite the party profits, Ward sees no other alternative then putting the family's Campus B gym for sale, which shatters Noah and Dante too, being would be-boxers. Dante grows suspicious of Louise hanging around his brother. Choir director Dimitri finds the choir hopelessly listless now Noah has withdrawn at home, so he decides to rehearse in the gym, but that's not to ward's liking.
Episode cast overview:
Jasper Heyman Jasper Heyman - Noah De Smidt
Lennart Lemmens Lennart Lemmens - Sam Hendrickx
Bünyamin Yürük Bünyamin Yürük - Dante De Smidt
Mathias Sercu Mathias Sercu - Ward De Smidt
Pieter Casteleyn Pieter Casteleyn - Frederik Vincke