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Genderbende (2017) HD online

Genderbende (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Genderbende
Director: Sophie Dros
Writers: Sophie Dros
Released: 2017
Budget: €178
Duration: 1h 8min
Video type: Movie
A story of seven young people that neither feel male nor female, but something in between. The film plays with the curiosity, interest and incomprehension of anything outside of the gender norm. Is everyone's gender not actually 'fluid'? Would it liberate us if we could break the narrow-mindedness about gender?

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    Thumbs Up! Excellent documentary, i loved every single piece and the opening scene is marvellous! Highly recommended. I saw the movie in a LGTBI festival in Madrid, and I wish for many people more to see it. Its highly emotional and you can empathise very quickly with the characters, very brave and sweet all of them.
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    Today I saw this film at Lesgaicinemad, LGBTQI film festival in Madrid, Spain. Really powerful and emotional. It follows the very personal stories of Dutch individuals who are not comfortable with standard gender "binarism". Brave people who are not afraid to tell us their feelings or open their hearts to us as we follow them on their daily lives. Specifically 5 extraordinary examples of them. Transgender or queer, it doesn't matter, we just feel what they feel as society are harsh on them as they don't comply to mainstream heteronormative standards. A must-see documentary film made for empathetic human beings.