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That Girl of Dixon's (1910) HD online

That Girl of Dixon's (1910) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: That Girl of Dixonu0027s
Director: Ashley Miller
Released: 1910
Video type: Movie
The little heroine is the daughter of Dixon, a foreman in one of the big cotton compresses, the mighty workings of which are shown in the picture. We see her, early in the picture, showing her fear and repulsion for the black bottle, which spells so much tragedy these days. A child in years, she takes a child's way of ridding herself of the object of her dislike by surreptitiously removing the bottle when her father seems to be taking too much of its contents. Then follows a scene in which the father recovers the bottle. In his drunken fury he forgets himself, and would abuse the child who is trying her very hardest to save him from himself. Here the young hero of the story comes upon the scene. In passing Dixon's home he sees the small tragedy which is taking place at the gateway and interferes. He is successful in protecting the little girl, but arouses the sullen anger of the chronically inebriated father. When he reports the occurrence to his own father, Dixon is sent for and ...

Released as a split reel along with Lost and Regained (1910).

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    A melodrama which contains most of the qualities that go to make such dramas popular. The operation of the huge cotton compress is cleverly reproduced and introduces a new feature into a motion picture. It adds a picturesque and somewhat novel phase of scenic interest and gives a new viewpoint to those fortunate enough to see it. The acting is quite up to the standard of such dramas and the photographer has performed his part of the work well. The love story which runs through gives the necessary touch of heart interest and adds the essential human touch. It is a good story, well told in an attractive picture. - The Moving Picture World, March 12, 1910