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The Feast of JazZ- (2018) HD online

The Feast of JazZ- (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Adventure / Fantasy
Original Title: The Feast of JazZ-
Director: Rauno Kaldmaa
Writers: Rauno Kaldmaa
Released: 2018
Duration: 3min
Video type: Movie
The spin-off from the critically hyper-criticized "Üksindusfilm" and the long-awaited beloved sequel "Üksindusfilm 2". Discover the truth behind a mysterious burger which had been destined to rule them all, who poured the cruelty into this burger and how it found its way to the elf only to corrupt her heart.
Credited cast:
Marit Asula Marit Asula - JazZ-

"The Feast of JazZ-" received a disclaimer "No burgers were harmed in the making of this video" which is being displayed at the end of movie. However, the burger was in fact burned and grilled alive above the blazing crimson coals and then devoured by the main actress.

First "Üksindusfilm" spin-off film not to be directed by Sten Leesmann.

First movie in "Üksindusfilm" series to include other members of Filmiveeb community.

Various theories started to circulate after the premiere that Wolle might be the burger lord Bauron since he can be briefly seen creating the master burger which is destined to rule them all. In addition, his red attire gives off the ominous presence. It's also important to notice that the swing was also red-colored which had brought calamity upon Sten Leesmann's character in "Üksindusfilm 2." Thus, correlation can be found that red color is often symbolized as a harbinger of disaster and calamity. However, the scheduled Q&A for "The Feast of JazZ-" after the premiere was cancelled since the main actress could not attend the event so the director has not confirmed any of these theories and it will remain as a mystery.

Premiered on 18th August, 2018 in Raatsi talu at annual Filmiveeb convention. It earned standing ovation and positive reactions after the world premiere.

The film was delivered to theaters under the false name "The Hot-Dog Movie" in order to prevent leakings before the premiere. The movie was archived and password-protected. The false title is ironic since the main symbol of this movie is a burger. The password for an archive was "burks" which is Estonian slang word for a burger.