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Hilot (2009) HD online

Hilot (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Hilot
Director: Neal 'Buboy' Tan
Released: 2009
Video type: Movie
Credited cast:
Ricardo Cepeda Ricardo Cepeda
Glenda Garcia Glenda Garcia
Maria Isabel Lopez Maria Isabel Lopez
Melissa Mendez Melissa Mendez
Beejay Morales Beejay Morales
Iya San Agustin Iya San Agustin
Empress Schuck Empress Schuck

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    It doesn't mean that if a film advocates the principle of righteous judgment, that it will mechanically be tagged as 'a-must-see' film. Many religious groups have already recommended Hilot. It is apparent because it advocates the stop of abortion. On a moral level, yes of course, something that is opposed to sin will perhaps get the endorsement from the scrupulous and conscientious sects of society. The bible says "Let who is without sin, cast the first stone." and it must also be a lesson for all writers. Hilot is not a very good advocacy film. It gives an impression that if you're a bad person, you will suffer 'big time'.

    Hilot is a film written and directed by Neal Tan. The story revolves around the mother and daughter relationship of Amparo and Carmen. Amparo (Melissa Mendez) is a midwife who practices the illegal procedure of abortion. While her diffident daughter Carmen (Empress Schuck) is the subject of animosity of her peers because of the mysteries revolving their family's exclusiveness. One of Amparo's daily chores is taking care of his bedridden husband. She really loathes him so much probably a take on the importance of sacrifice. Meanwhile, Amparo's friend Claudia (Glenda Garcia) visits her and seeks another abortion. While she stays for her recovery, grisly events suddenly happen which make her decide to have a new life.

    Hilot has good intentions with the film's strive towards the eradication of abortion. But with the confines of film as a whole, it lacks polishing. The script makes too much effort in building up confrontations and moral arguments which is hypocritical in its manner. There is too much campaigning on how horrendous abortion is to the point wherein the characters have to suffer so much to the peak of being pointless. As a fellow writer, it is best to embrace the characters no matter how flawed they are. That is the best way to enlighten the viewers of their plight. I am not entirely saying that it is prohibited to make the characters suffer for their cruelty, but it has to be justly done without being too contrived. The problem is not that the film took a stand, but the way it presented its argument.

    I am also concerned with Schuck's performance. She looks distressed in all aspects but has managed to be a school achiever. It is a bit confusing especially with how she acts out the life of a daughter who lived in a house full of misery. She could have been used to it. I think she does not anymore require looking more sympathetic. She intrinsically has those qualities already. Mendez' character could have been polished more. I like the angelic look on her face. It gives contrast to her character as the abortionist.

    I am a religious person but I will not proffer my stance on this matter. Films are made to enlighten us. But I am sure that Hilot gives a confusing enlightenment for me to doubt its advocacy. Films do not need encouragement from the Church for it to be watched. We too are the Church. I love films. We critics love films. We love life. We are inclined to love characters even if they are iniquitous. We are pro-good films.

    Rating: 2/5