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Dead Connection (1994) HD online

Dead Connection (1994) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Dead Connection
Director: Nigel Dick
Writers: Jonathan Tydor,Larry Golin
Released: 1994
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
After a series of murders in motel rooms are connected, a cop, Dickson, heads out on the trail to find a serial killer. He discovers that he signs the motel guest-books with the names of boxers, and hence gets a lead on him. However, when he just fails to catch up arrest him, the chase becomes personal.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Michael Madsen Michael Madsen - Det. Matt Dickson
Lisa Sinclair Lisa Sinclair - Doreen
Paul Leslie Disley Paul Leslie Disley - 2 Die 4
Simon Kenny Simon Kenny - 2 Die 4
Nicholas Kenny Nicholas Kenny - 2 Die 4
Andrew Shaw Andrew Shaw - 2 Die 4
Parker Posey Parker Posey - Denise
Connie Blankenship Connie Blankenship - Terry
John Clayton Schafer John Clayton Schafer - Jeff
Jimmy Ortega Jimmy Ortega - Vince
Gary Stretch Gary Stretch - Richard Welton
Eric DaRe Eric DaRe - Anthony the Bouncer
Alex Desir Alex Desir - Bald Guy
Julio Oscar Mechoso Julio Oscar Mechoso - Linen Suit
Brenda Swanson Brenda Swanson - Susan

Was originally titled "Lights Out".

Was intended to be released in theaters in the US but ended up going straight to VHS.

Michael Madsen was cast as the lead after his breakout performance in "Reservoir Dogs".

Retitled "Dead Connection" for the U.S.

Titled "Final Combination" in the UK and Australia.

Reviews: [6]

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    Who doesn't like Michael Madsen? Surely he is this generations' Robert Mitchum. His breakout role in "Reservoir Dogs" was followed by "The Getaway", "Wyatt Earp", "Species", "Frankie the Fly", etc. and then the two "Kill Bill" films. He's one of Hollywood's busiest actors and even in this terrible film he's worth watching. So what can go wrong when he plays a detective in this film?

    Lisa Bonet plays a reporter and she does a good job too. Bonet was the oldest child of the Huxtables and went on to be a serious actress in films like "Angel Heart" and "High Fidelity" and TV series "Life on Mars" and "Ray Donovan".

    Cheap production values and a poor script make this film almost unwatchable, but Madsen and Bonet do some decent work.
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    If you share my opinion that Michael Madsen is just about the epitome of "cool", and that he can be interesting to watch even when HE isn't very interested in a project, then you have at least one good reason to sit through this watchable but predictable and formulaic thriller (he also has a nice, easy chemistry with co-star Lisa Bonet). The film doesn't become actively bad until the ridiculous turn of events that leads to the climax. (**)
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    The last minutes of "Dead Connection" would make us laugh to death (not the ultimate aim for a cop movie), if they did not make us feel so sick. In the final moments the hero, Matt (Michael Madsen), fights a former Marine´s boxing champion who beats him easily and savagely. But as usual, a divine healing restores his power and allows Matt to strike back just enough for his recent female companion (also classic) to shoot his opponent. And guess what, Matt´s face does not show the slightest trace of a punch (Oh! He does have a tiny cut over his eye!).

    The whole situation is so ridiculous that it makes us forget that the rest is not bad. Nothing fancy, but O.K., specially thanks to a very good performance from Madsen.
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    Mediocre thriller about an asthmatic detective(Michael Madsen)and a young reporter(Lisa Bonet)trying to get a line on a serial killer(Gary Stretch) who makes obscene phone calls and leaves most of his victims in motel rooms. Brutality and a glimpse of sex. Just not enough to even be a mild winner. Also in the cast:Lisa Sinclair, Jimmy Ortega, John Clayton Schafer and Parker Posey.
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    Here's a cute entertaining little SK thriller. Of course, not up there, with the mainstream ones, we've come to know and love, this one can be adored for it's slick, snappy cuteness. Another reason, the film is headlined by one of the coolest new, and busiest actors, who mostly plays bad guy roles. Here, Madsen, is in top form, with a different hair color, and shades lighter, real good looking in the day. Here he's a detective/former quarterback, on the trail of a handsome sex killer, Pommy accent and all. Here our maniac, who can pack of a punch, which had me reminiscing with the killer in Fear City, is slashing up young girls, in some bloody scenes. One of the first victims, appearing in this is a prime example of how women can be bitches. Madsen also likes chasing young skirts, half his age, and, a touch I liked, is he's asthmatic, so he's got his work cut out for him. It's good to see him in a role like this, and forgetting Mr Blonde, this is one of my most enjoyable performances from him. Lisa Bonet, as a reporter, and a romantic interest of Mdsen's puts in a good performance, where the interesting and cool casting playoff, does gel. It's good to see her back on screen. Nick Stretch (Business For Pleasure) is too cool for school as the sex killer, where the mutual hatred shared between the two increases the likeness for this movie, which is very entertaining, with a couple of twists, but like I said, it's not in the league of the Manhunters, Lams, Sevens, but as a B grade one, it's very good. Check out this Madsen, definite pic.
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    Lame low budget thriller cashes in on the notoriety Michael Madsen earned from his performance as Mr. Blond in "Reservoir Dogs" and cast him in a rare heroic role (although casting him as the kind stepdad in "Free Willy" was even more far astray). Madsen plays a detective trying to track down a serial killer and also falls for Bill Cosby's TV daughter, Lisa Bonet., who as you might have guessed becomes a target of the killer It's all pretty boring and feels more like an old USA channel made-for-TV movie (back when USA only made "Silk Stockings" and Baywatch ripoffs featuring bicycle pants-wearing beach cops). On the plus side, Parker Posey has a small supporting role, but there's really no reason to recommend this film. FUN FACT! This film was an early score by composer Rolfe Kent, before he went on to more respectable of films like "Election," "Up in the Air," and "Sideways."