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Electric Dreams Impossible Planet (2017– ) HD online

Electric Dreams Impossible Planet (2017– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Impossible Planet
Director: David Farr
Writers: Philip K. Dick,David Farr
Released: 2017–
Duration: 48min
Video type: TV Episode
Two jaded space tourism employees (Jack Reynor, Benedict Wong) take up an elderly woman's (Geraldine Chaplin) request for a trip back to Earth - a planet which has lost all life due to a catastrophic "solar fire". She's easily confused but very rich, so what's the harm in indulging her fantasies? As the journey unfolds, their scam begins to eat away at them and they ultimately find themselves dealt a bittersweet surprise.
Episode cast overview:
Geraldine Chaplin Geraldine Chaplin - Irma
Benedict Wong Benedict Wong - Andrews
Jack Reynor Jack Reynor - Norton
Bekka Bowling Bekka Bowling - Synth Female Attendant
Justin Butcher Justin Butcher - Linus Primo
Georgina Campbell Georgina Campbell - Barbara
Annes Elwy Annes Elwy - Young Irma
Malik Ibheis Malik Ibheis - RB29
Christopher Staines Christopher Staines - RB29 (voice)

The Philip K. Dick sorry story this was based on ("The Impossible Planet") was first published in Imagination in October 1953 and later collected in We Can Remember It For You Wholesale: The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick: Volume 2

During the scene while Andrews is putting the ship into autopilot he's singing a song under his breath: "You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys; you've got to pick a pocket or twooo...." This is a tune from the musical Oliver. It was also sampled on "Friends" when Joey is auditioning for A Tale of Two Cities: The Musical.

First broadcast 9pm-10:05pm on Channel 4 in the UK on Sunday, 24th September 2017 attracting an audience of 1,350,000 viewers, ranking Impossible Planet as the 16th most watched programme on the channel for the period 18th September 2017 - 24th September 2017.

Reviews: [17]

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    If you read, what the original is about, you wouldn't say that Dick is a weak sci-fi-writer. This episode has changed much and made it much worse. First of, in the original earth is a myth, not a burned planet. It makes no sense to visit it a toxic planet, but not a burned one. Makes no difference. Second: there was no wacky, not plausible at all connection between Mrs. Gordon and Norton. Why the heck should he look like her grandpa, or even weirder: have memories of her grandma? And why would they suddenly be on earth for no reason? In the book, Mrs. Gordon and her robot go to the planet and die. Norton is disgusted by Andrews and gives him his fair share. They find a penny and know this really was earth, after all. So please, Luki, don't say Dick is a weak writer when the series producers team just messed this one up.
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    I liked the looks of this episode a lot. First, it was actual sci-fi, which is what I tuned in for. The world-building was solid and very reminiscent of Blade Runner in good (not cheezy rip-off) ways. I liked the premise, and the plot, as it started out, was compelling. But then they just kind of gave up on the story, and it drifted off into some sort of vague, sentimental fantasy story. None of it made much sense.The clever twist you were expecting never came. Very disappointing.
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    The Impossible Planet is let down by an implausible ending. I just think the conceptual ending failed and left the viewer confused as it tried to eschew the obvious twist ending that the visitors actually arrive on Earth which would had been more faithful to the book.

    Brian Norton and Ed Andrews are space tour guides who when offered an enormous bundles of real cash decide to take a deaf, very elderly old lady Irma Louise Gordon and her robot to a trip to Earth. The problem is the planet no longer exists and they decide to configure a trip to an Earth like planet and pass it off. After all the money she is offering is 5 years salary.

    Andrews is the cynical one and happy to lead the old lady on for the money. Norton is more reluctant and makes a connection to Gordon. The robot knows that they cannot take her to the actual planet but seems to be going along with their plan.

    The story was rather straightforward, the productions values reminded me of the Eccleston/Tennant era of Doctor Who, especially with the use of purple lighting. Geraldine Chaplin was very good as the old lady longing to visit Earth once more but the ending was unsatisfying.
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    I liked this episode. It was quite a bit different the short is based on, but it is still good. Norton is much more developed compared to the story. I thought this change was well merited because he is the central character of the episode so it gives the viewer a character to gravitate towards and support. I do agree that the whole connection with Irma's grandparents is a bit to much. However I thought the ending was amazing. I interpreted the scene as Norton and Irma hallucinating because they were out of oxogen, however, i can understand why some people are confused, it is a bit open ended.
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    The screen writer should have stayed with the original is more thought provoking.
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    So it was a mildly entertaining show to watch.

    The actors were all great in their roles but they were sadly let down by the production .

    The plot and themes of the book were hardly followed at all and this show just ended up as a very confusing and surreal mess as a result.Especially the ending.

    Basically they took the premise of the book and ignored almost all of the contents and themes.

    The ending just leaves the viewer wondering what the heck is going on .

    The producers should be ashamed of themselves for wasting such a good opportunity.
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    I haven't read this story but I think I know the type. It suggests a great deal and leaves the answers to your imagination. This episode was slow at times, but as events become weirder the atmosphere brims over with strange tension that begs to be resolved. A pleasant surprise that makes me anticipate the rest of this TV series, and that has convinced me to go and read PKD's short stories sooner than later.
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    The new Channel 4 Philip K Dick anthology of programmes goes two for two in terms of quality with this second episode in its much-hyped new Sci-fi series.

    In this one, two tired and somewhat cynical employees of an outer-space tour company see the chance to make a small fortune at the end of a long week, by hoodwinking a rich, elderly old lady (Geraldine Chaplin) into believing she's being taken back to Earth for one last look at the dear old place before she dies. With her, she has for company a protective android companion but what neither she or her bot know is that Earth doesn't exist anymore and that the two guides are substituting a similar if dead planet closer to home in the hope that she doesn't notice the difference and they can pocket a nice fat fee, what with her being old and deaf and all.

    Of the two guides, one, played by Benjamin Wong just wants the old dear's money and it's him who dreams up the ruse, dragging along his younger colleague, Jack Reynor, the more personable and conscientious of the two, in his wake. But why does the younger one have flashbacks to an older time which sees him roaming around on an old bike? Just what strange attraction does the elderly lady have for him? And how are the two going to pull off their con when the lady wants to actually land on the dead planet?

    All is neatly played out and resolved by the finish even if I was reminded perhaps too much of the ending of the classic "Star Trek" pilot episode "The Cage" in so doing.

    Well acted and shot, this is starting to turn into a good, watchable series and I'll certainly be staying along for the remainder.
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    This, the second instalment is a series of unrelated stories based on the works of author Philip K Dick, is set in the distant future. Brian Norton and Ed Andrews are bored tour guides who take space tourists to see the most impressive sights in the galaxy… and if they aren't as impressive as promised they will be 'enhanced'. When a very elderly woman, Irma Louise Gordon, asks if they could take her on a trip to Earth they aren't keen… after all the location of Earth has been lost. When they realise she is offering five years pay Andrews is keen to find a planet that looks similar to Earth but Norton isn't so sure; especially after he talks to her and learns that her mother was from Earth and when shown a photograph it becomes apparent that he looks almost identical to her grandfather and they have shared similar dreams. As they approach 'Earth' he has to decide whether to tell her that the planet they are approaching isn't really Earth or let her enjoy the belief that it is.

    Having never read the short story on which this is based I'm not going to comment on the original work. I did enjoy this story although not quite as much as the previous one. The whole thing had a bit of a 'Doctor Who' feel even if there was no alien menace. The closest thing to a threat came from not knowing how Irma's personal robot will react when it learns she is being deceived. The shared dreams between Irma and Norton were a bit confusing and not really explained and felt as if it was only there to justify Norton's actions. The ending is nicely ambiguous as it leaves the viewer free to decide what actually happened. The cast do a solid job making the characters believable despite the unlikely situation. Overall I'd say this was a decent enough story even if it wasn't quite as strong as the first; I'll certainly continue watching the series.
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    I was sucked into the story. I wanted to know what was going on with Irma, and what was really bothering Norton about the whole thing.

    The ending did not work though. The toxic planet turning out to put them into a dream sequence back in time, or whatever it was, was a letdown.

    But a solid episode overall.
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    I couldn't give a rat's arse how much this does or does not resemble the story on which it is based. I do care, however, about a good, interesting, well told story. This bland guff fizzles out like a damp fart at a guff-lighting contest. Smells. Actually, I'm not sold on the fabulousness of the series overall, but this is by far the weakest to date. Still far superior to that festering toenail scraping otherwise known as The Shannara Chronicles, though. Honestly, don't get me started....
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    A couple charlatans run tours for bored people as they look at things like novas and space events. They are partly fact and partly fiction. We know immediately that if reality isn't good enough, they can tweak the thing. A very elderly woman comes on board and is willing to hand over a huge amount of money to get them to take her to earth. One of the men, a truly disgusting guy, decides to bilk her by taking her to a different planet and pretending it is earth. What happens to the young guy who is in charge is and his relationship with this 300 year old woman is the real issue here. The problem is that the first half is gripping and the conclusion is a disappointment.
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    Not sure how it goes in the short story but felt that this episode was a clear stand-out so far in that it's just beautifully told- that there will always be mystery and discovery when it comes to the human heart even when the brain has reached its limit. It may not be Earth, but the feeling you get when finding a soul mate is none greater.
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    Yes, the Script Writers deviated from the Storyline.

    This was more like the Time Paradox created by Planet of the Apes 1968.

    Considering that in Days they traveled past Alpha Centauri to get to Earth's Solar System, implies that they are traveling FTL (Faster Than Light). That just like the Planet of the Apes 1968 Icarus going FTL plus the Earth exploding sent the Icarus even faster propelling the Icarus into a Distant Future.

    There was another Science Fiction Series of Books I read, that after Humankind had expanded out beyond even Alpha Centauri, many Empires rose and fell, eventually the exact location of Earth was lost and became a Myth, Legend, Fairy Tale. This was done on purpose as the Earth's name was changed many times to prevent Rediscovery by Explorers, Earth had become Agricultural with no apparent High Technology visible while all the Colonies were High Technology Only, including creating Dyson Spheres. This was all a disguise as the "Scientists" on Earth had created a New Science, and were directing from Earth the Course of Humankind without anybody's knowledge (knowing they were being guided would mean the guidance would be hated and rejected). Only at the last Book of that Series do you realize the location of Earth. Just like the original Philip K. Dick Story, they find evidence that indeed they had landed on Earth.

    Being Three Hundred Years Old and then being 20 years Old all that knowledge doesn't go to waste.

    This brings up the little known "Genetic Memory" situation.

    If you like the bang bang shoot em up of Star Wars, this is not for you.
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    Not every pointless piece of dreck clothed in an ambiguous ending has some hidden and deeper meaning. Don't be ashamed to say you didn't get the point of the episode. You didn't get the point because there is no point. Long stares backed by nostalgic music does not automatically equal a masterpiece with the secrets of the universe embedded. I've had more enjoyable experiences taking out the trash and stepping in what the neighbor's dog left behind along the way.
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    Im not a writer, i am a reader, i am not a TV producer, i am a viewer so im not trying to disrespect the efforts of author and film crews , just trying to understand all the hype around Dick, his writing is so weak, his ideas are fantasy not sci fi, im really trying to like it but there is absolutely nothing interesting in this episode. 45min of boredom, there are tens of sci fi writers deserving way more exposure than Mr Dick. Gotta give it to visual effects team and acting which was good but apart from that there is nothing interesting there to see. Hey Amazon, can i have a TV show based on works of Al Reynolds or Peter Hamilton or Frank Herbert or A C Clarke or Dan Simmons? this is sci fi at its finest.
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    Is a contrast.

    In the beginning the future, metal, lies, a bad love, old... at the end is nature, life, young, truth...

    The plot is a twist to show that we are living a material world. But people only can be obsessed to have a exact copy of Philip K Dicks.

    But... tachan!! It's a modern adaptation!