» » Seupayi Myeong-wol Episode #1.5 (2011– )

Seupayi Myeong-wol Episode #1.5 (2011– ) HD online

Seupayi Myeong-wol Episode #1.5 (2011– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.5
Released: 2011–
Duration: 1h 3min
Video type: TV Episode
In the romantic-comedy "Spy Myeong-Wol," beautiful North Korean spy Myeong-Wol goes to South Korea in an attempt to kidnap a popular Korean male entertainer Kang Woo. Han Myeong-Wol is an agent in North Korea working to suppress the rising wave of South Korean pop culture in North Korea. She goes after people who watch South Korean dramas, movies, or pop music, but she hopes to one day move up as an agent in the special forces. Myeong-Wol then takes a test to become a special agent, but fails the test. Nevertheless, Myeong-Wol doesn't give up her hope of becoming a special agent just like her father. Myeong-Wol is then given a mission to go to Singapore as the bodyguard for a high ranking military officer's daughter. The daughter is crazy about Korean pop star Kang Woo and goes specifically to Singapore to watch his concert. The daughter is accompanied to Singapore by Myeong-Wol and the chief of special agent team Choi Ryu. After the concert, the military officer's daughter asks ...
Episode credited cast:
Ye-seul Han Ye-seul Han - Han Myeong-wol
Hie-jin Jang Hie-jin Jang - Joo In-ah
Jin-wook Lee Jin-wook Lee - Choi Ryu
Eric Moon Eric Moon - Kang Woo