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L'auvergnat et l'autobus (1969) HD online

L'auvergnat et l'autobus (1969) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Lu0027auvergnat et lu0027autobus
Director: Guy Lefranc
Writers: Maurice Chevit,Guy Lionel
Released: 1969
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
After getting an inheritance in Strasbourg, a good and naive countryman from Auvergne, decides to bring it to full fruition by buying a bus.
Complete credited cast:
Fernand Raynaud Fernand Raynaud - Julien Brulebois
Julien Guiomar Julien Guiomar - Me Valentin Chanterive
Christiane Minazzoli Christiane Minazzoli - Lisbeth
Jean Richard Jean Richard - Jean Richard
Noëlle Adam Noëlle Adam - Cécile
Pierre Tornade Pierre Tornade - Grosswiller - un homme d'affaires
Jacques Legras Jacques Legras - Le clerc
Gérard Darrieu Gérard Darrieu - Le receveur #2
Teddy Bilis Teddy Bilis
Jacques Morel Jacques Morel - Kleinfuchs
Christian Marin Christian Marin - Le reveveur escroc
Michel Galabru Michel Galabru - L'agent de police

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    Mysterious Wrench

    I have always enjoyed watching this film. It is not a cinematographic work of art but the story enthralled me. It has recently been issued on DVD with a beautifully restored image quality. I am not old enough to remember Fernand Raynaud and know little about him but he is the driving force in this film, together with Julien Guiomar, one of the French actors whom I adore ! The story basically is one about a person from the Auvergne region of central France ( auvergnats are considered as being very money-conscious, like the Scots ) who learns he has inherited a vast sum of money and has to go to Strasbourg, in North Eastern France, to collect the money. He arrives in Strasbourg rather like a country bumpkin, collects his money and becomes fascinated by the buses there and decides to invest his newly found inheritance in one of the buses ! The rest is history ! This film exudes a sort of "joie-de-vivre" which is absent from today's films. Stasbourg is extremely well filmed in a crisp winter atmosphere and there are also forays across the border to Kehl in Germany. Whether you like the film depends on whether you like the actors ( which I do ) and I enjoyed seeing both Pierre Tornade and Michel Galabru ( another adorable actor ) in minor rôles. Poor old Michel Galabru has to play the policeman again, just as he had to do in "Les Sous-doués". Or should it be the other way round ? Next time I visit Strasbourg, I will be sure to take the Number 9 bus and count the passengers ( sorry, you'll have to have seen the film to understand that one !! ). If you've never seen Strasbourg, then watch this film, it'll give you a pretty good picture of the place !!!