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Law & Order: UK Defence (2009–2014) HD online

Law & Order: UK Defence (2009–2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: Defence
Director: Mark Everest
Writers: Dick Wolf,Debbie O'Malley
Released: 2009–2014
Duration: 46min
Video type: TV Episode
Two workers and a customer in a vintage clothes shop are brutally murdered with a bayonet. The fourth,surviving,victim identifies the killer as John Smith,an educated but homeless ex-military man,who is arrested with the weapon on him. It is found out that he was previously charged with stalking a young woman but sloppy prosecution led to the case's collapse. He is also a law graduate and defends himself,despite a history of mental instability vouched for by his sister,Patricia. In court he claims that he was not himself that day and therefore not the killer. Steel brings in Patricia and uses Smith's paranoia to get his conviction.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Bradley Walsh Bradley Walsh - Ronnie Brooks
Jamie Bamber Jamie Bamber - Matt Devlin
Harriet Walter Harriet Walter - Natalie Chandler
Ben Daniels Ben Daniels - James Steel
Freema Agyeman Freema Agyeman - Alesha Phillips
Bill Paterson Bill Paterson - George Castle
Rupert Graves Rupert Graves - John Smith
Amanda Root Amanda Root - Patricia Smith
George Anton George Anton - Dr. Roddy Armitage
Nicola Sanderson Nicola Sanderson - S.O.C.O. Joy Ackroyd
Catherine Steadman Catherine Steadman - Joanne Ellis
Gary Powell Gary Powell - Frank Ellis
Paul Darrow Paul Darrow - Judge Prentice
Kelsey Brookfield Kelsey Brookfield - Paul Dean
Pierre Mascolo Pierre Mascolo - Gianni Patrone

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    After coming back from a lunch break, a sales assistant noticed that his boss, a colleague and a customer were stabbed to death. The weapon used was not the ordinary dagger, but something similar to a sword. The shop's owner had an argument before with a couple of Italian thieves, but they had strong alibi, telling the coppers that a strange, dirty man used to hang out near the shop. This fool is well-known by local precinct, being famous in the neighborhood to stalk bystanders. He used to take medication but he stopped for a while, leading him to be aggressive. After being caught by cops, he managed to defend himself in court, due to his law degree: he's insane, for sure, but he's smart when his mind is cleared. Will he manage to succeed in court?

    I feel pity for his supportive sister who wants him to be cured in hospital. Brooks risks his life in confronting the perp at the library, but Devlin comes at the right time to subdue him.