» » O Beijo da Mulher Piranha (1986)

O Beijo da Mulher Piranha (1986) HD online

O Beijo da Mulher Piranha (1986) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adult
Original Title: O Beijo da Mulher Piranha
Director: Jean Garret
Writers: Jean Garret
Released: 1986
Duration: 1h 25min
Video type: Movie
A Police inspector investigates the murder of a writer who had gotten involved with a woman who kept a pet piranha for sexual gratification.
Credited cast:
Angélica Belmont Angélica Belmont
Oswaldo Cirillo Oswaldo Cirillo
Rajá de Aragão Rajá de Aragão
Solange Dumont Solange Dumont
Mário Duque Mário Duque
Walter Gabarron Walter Gabarron
Karina Macieira Karina Macieira
Wagner Maciel Wagner Maciel
Karina Miranda Karina Miranda
Ângela Nonato Ângela Nonato
Carla Prado Carla Prado
Francisco Rezende Francisco Rezende
Flávia Sanches Flávia Sanches
Neusa Silveira Neusa Silveira
Dionísio Tardoque Dionísio Tardoque

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    This is my first porno rating ever! Damn it Mr. Bourbon.

    I really liked this flick. Great oral action, bizarre plot and finally, a really nice but unfortunately unreferenced soundtrack. I have always reluctantly appreciated the fact that porno productions didn't give a hoot about music selection - I'll keep it vague. In my own experience, I've found that films with soundtracks I like are also ones I enjoy overall.

    The rating - I have a little background in video news production which it totally different but I think in this venue, it's a pretty good production with interesting edits and nice video composition. I hope there's a good print of it somewhere, the version I saw was of a hammered VHS kind of quality.

    I'm laughing.