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Language: English
Category: Movie / Action
Original Title: Skylar
Writers: Olivia Kathleen
Budget: $60,000
Video type: Movie
Life is a secret project that everyone lives in, You dont know what the next day will bring Or the next hour, You see people but there not who you think they are..There is a system that only works in clock work, Some how everyone feels the same..You eat the same food live every day , you live under the same roof for years.The government made it that way .. Everyone wears clothing to show who they really are inside and out... We live in a society that wishes life would be better..They use children as projects and every day living is a nightmare..But Only one girl can change it all..She was destined to change a society to become a free world...Instead of hardships..To free those little kids and adults who are trapped under a chip... Her name is Adrianna SKY Stone..aka Project ...She is our Skylar
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Carlo Mendez Carlo Mendez - Aiden Bastain
Jordan Lawson Jordan Lawson - Agent William Dent
Chrystall Friedemann Chrystall Friedemann - Malerie Hope
Michael O'Neal Michael O'Neal - Ben Loran
Matt Stoner Matt Stoner - Agent Caleb Grayson
Jaseida Mojica Jaseida Mojica - Agent Riz
Jon Seminara Jon Seminara - Troy Deville
Rocio Ibarra Rocio Ibarra - Veronica Ramirez
David Murrietta Jr. David Murrietta Jr. - Agent P
Fabian Jaime Fabian Jaime - Rafe Rodriguez
James Nichols James Nichols - Michael Scott
Allie Escaffi Allie Escaffi - Scarlett Gaberiel
Olivia Kathleen Olivia Kathleen - Arianna 'Skylar' Stone (rumored)
James Nichols II James Nichols II - Elliot Stone
Michael Edward Williams Michael Edward Williams - Thomas Nicholson